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245 04 The Oxford handbook of political ideologies /|cedited by 
       Michael Freeden, Lyman Tower Sargent and Marc Stears. 
246 30 Political ideologies 
264  1 New York :|bOxford University Press,|c2015. 
300    xiii, 736 pages ;|c25 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Oxford handbooks in politics & international relations 
490 1  Oxford handbooks 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 00 |gI.|tHistory of ideology and of ideology studies --
       |tIdeology and conceptual history /|rBo Stråth --|tMarxism
       and ideology: from Marx to Althusser /|rDavid Leopold --
       |tKarl Mannheim and political ideology /|rPeter Breiner --
       |tTotal and totalitarian ideologies /|rEmilio Gentile --
       |tSocial science and ideology: the case of behaviouralism 
       in American political science /|rJohn G. Gunnell --|tThe 
       end of ideology thesis /|rHoward Brick --|gII.
       |tContemporary theories of ideology --|tThe morphological 
       analysis of ideology /|rMichael Freeden --|tContemporary 
       critical theory /|rLois McNay --|tPoststructuralist 
       conceptions of ideology /|rAletta Norval --|tIdeology and 
       discourse /|rTeun A. Van Dijk --|tIdeology and political 
       rhetoric /|rAlan Finlayson --|tPolitical ideologies in the
       age of globalization /|rManfred B. Steger --|tPolitical 
       ideologies and their social psychological functions /
       |rJohn T. Jost ; Christopher M. Federico, Jaime L. Napier 
       --|tIdeology and the intellectuals /|rCraig Berry ; 
       Michael Kenny --|tPostcolonialism /|rRahul Rao --|gIII.
       |tIdeological families and traditions --|tConservatism /
       |rNoel O'Sullivan --|tChristian Democracy /|rPaolo Pombeni
       --|tLiberalism /|rMichael Freeden ; Marc Stearns --
       |tSocial democracy /|rBen Jackson --|tCommunism /|rArchie 
       Brown --|tAnarchism /|rBenjamin Franks --|tEconomic 
       libertarianism /|rAndrew Gamble --|tGreen ideology /
       |rMathew Humphrey --|tIdeology and utopia /|rLyman Tower 
       Sargent --|tNationalism /|rAndrew Vincent --|tFascism /
       |rRoger Eatwell --|tPopulism /|rCas Mudde ; Cristóbal 
       Rovira Kaltwasser --|tRepublicanism /|rCécile Laborde --
       |tIdeologies of empire /|rDuncan Bell --|tFeminism /
       |rClare Chambers --|tLatín American political ideologies /
       |rJosé Antonio Aguilar Rivera --|tModern African 
       ideologies /|rJoy Hendrickson ; Hoda Zaki --|tIslamic 
       political ideologies /|rMichaelle Browers --|tChinese 
       political ideologies /|rLeigh Jenco --|tSouth Asian and 
       Southeast Asian ideologies /|rRochana Bajpai ; Carlo 
520    This is the first comprehensive volume to offer a state of
       the art investigation both of the nature of political 
       ideologies and of their main manifestations. The diversity
       of ideology studies is represented by a mixture of the 
       range of theories that illuminate the field, combined with
       an appreciation of the changing complexity of concrete 
       ideologies and the emergence of new ones. Ideologies, 
       however, are always with us. The Handbook is divided into 
       three sections: The first reflects some of the latest 
       thinking about the development of ideology on an 
       historical dimension, from the standpoints of conceptual 
       history, Marx studies, social science theory and history, 
       and leading schools of continental philosophy. The second 
       includes some of the most recent interpretations and 
       theories of ideology, all of which are sympathetic in 
       their own ways to its exploration and close investigation,
       even when judiciously critical of its social impact. This 
       section contains many of the more salient contemporary 
       accounts of ideology. The third focuses on the leading 
       ideological families and traditions, as well as on some of
       their cultural and geographical manifestations, 
       incorporating both historical and contemporary 
       perspectives. Each chapter is written by an expert in 
       their field, bringing the latest approaches and 
       understandings to their task. The Handbook will position 
       the study of ideologies in the mainstream of political 
       theory and political analysis and will attest to its 
       indispensability both to courses on political theory and 
       to scholars who wish to take their understanding of 
       ideologies in new directions. 
650  0 Political science. 
650  0 Ideology|xPolitical aspects. 
650  0 Philosophy. 
700 1  Freeden, Michael,|eeditor. 
700 1  Sargent, Lyman Tower,|d1940-|eeditor. 
700 1  Stears, Marc,|eeditor. 
830  0 Oxford handbooks in politics & international relations. 
830  0 Oxford handbooks. 
994    C0|bSTJ 
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