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LEADER 00000cam  22000004a 4500 
001    ocn233678649 
003    OCoLC 
005    20110623134327.0 
008    080625s2009    enka     b    001 0 eng   
010      2008028323 
016 7  101478374|2DNLM 
020    9780195304787|qhardback|qalkaline paper 
020    0195304780|qhardback|qalkaline paper 
035    (OCoLC)233678649 
042    pcc 
049    STJJ 
050 00 QP356|b.O94 2009 
060 00 2009 H-937 
060 10 WL 100|bO98 2009 
082 00 612.8|222 
084    5,1|2ssgn 
084    CC 3700|2rvk 
084    CC 5400|2rvk 
084    CC 5500|2rvk 
092    612.8|bO98O 
245 04 The Oxford handbook of philosophy and neuroscience /
       |cedited by John Bickle. 
246 30 Handbook of philosophy and neuroscience 
264  1 Oxford ;|aNew York :|bOxford University Press,|c2009. 
300    xv, 635 pages :|billustrations ;|c26 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  [Oxford handbooks] 
500    Series from jacket flap. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tMolecules, systems, and behavior : another view of 
       memory consolidation /|rWilliam Bechtel --|tBiological 
       clocks : explaining with models of mechanisms /|rSarah K. 
       Robins and Carl F. Craver --|tMethodology and reduction in
       the behavioral neurosciences : object exploration as a 
       case study /|rAnthony Chemero and Charles Heyser --|gThe
       |tscience of research and the search for molecular 
       mechanisms of cognitive functions /|rAlcino J. Silva and 
       John Bickle --|gThe|tlower bounds of cognition : what do 
       spinal cords reveal? /|rColin Allen, James W. Grau, and 
       Mary W. Meagher --|tLessons for cognitive science from 
       neurogenomics /|rAlex Rosenberg --|tLearning, neuroscience,
       and the return of behaviorism /|rPeter Machamer --|tfMRI :
       a modern cerebrascope? The case of pain /|rValerie Gray 
       Hardcastle and C. Matthew Stewart --|gThe|tembedded neuron,
       the enactive field? /|rMazviita Chirimuuta and Ian Gold --
       |gThe|trole of neurobiology in differentiating the senses 
       /|rBrian L. Keeley --|tEnactivism's vision : 
       neurocognitive basis or neurocognitively baseless? /
       |rCharles Wallis and Wayne Wright --|tSpace, time, and 
       objects /|rRick Grush --|tNeurocomputational models : 
       theory, application, philosophical consequences /|rChris 
       Eliasmith --|tNeuroanantomy and cosmology /|rChristopher 
       Cherniak --|gThe|temerging theory of motivation /|rAnthony
       Landreth --|tInference to the best decision /|rPatricia 
       Smith Churchland --|tEmergentism at the crossroads of 
       philosophy, neurotechnology, and the enhancement debate /
       |rEric Racine and Judy Iles --|tWhat's "neu" in 
       neuroethics? /|rAdina L. Roskies --|tConfabulations about 
       people and their limbs, present or absent /|rWilliam 
       Hirstein --|tDelusional experience /|rJennifer Mundale and
       Shaun Gallagher --|gThe|tcase for animal emotions : 
       modeling neuropsychiatric disorders /|rKenneth Sufka, 
       Morgan Weldon, and Colin Allen --|tLevels, individual 
       variation, and massive multiple realization in 
       neurobiology /|rKenneth Aizawa and Carl Gillett --|tNeuro-
       eudiaimonics or Buddhists lead neuroscientists to the seat
       of happiness /|rOwen Flanagan --|gThe|tneurophilosophy of 
       subjectivity /|rPete Mandik. 
650  0 Neurosciences|xPhilosophy. 
650 12 Neurosciences. 
650 22 Philosophy. 
700 1  Bickle, John. 
830  0 Oxford handbooks. 
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