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130 0  Women's roles (New York Times Educational Publishing) 
245 10 Women's roles /|cedited by the New York Times editorial 
250    First edition. 
264  1 New York, NY :|bNew York Times Educational Publishing,
264  4 |c©2019 
300    223 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Changing perspectives 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tEqual by law.|tWoman's rights /|rby The New York Times -
       -|tWomen's Rights Convention /|rby The New York Times --
       |tLegislation for women /|rby The New York Times --|tJohn 
       P. Hale on women's rights /|rby The New York Times --
       |tSuffrage wins in the Senate : now goes to states /|rby 
       The New York Times --|tOn equal rights for women /|rby The
       New York Times --|tCall to action /|rby The New York Times
       --|t2 approaches to rebuilding women's movement /|rJulie 
       Johnson --|tGuiding the battles of the Women's Rights 
       Movement /|rTamar Lewin --|tHow should we respond to 
       sexual harassment? /|rAmanda Taub --|tIn the home.|tA 
       woman's opinon /|rby The New York Times --|tShall wives be
       wage earners? /|rby The New York Times --|tWoman's place 
       the home /|rby The New York Times  --|tWomen's place : 
       home or office /|rEunice Fuller Barnard --|tWhere is 
       women's place? /|rBeverly Grunwald --|tMen and housework :
       do they or don't they? /|rNadine Brozan --|tWomen who mean
       business /|rNancy Rubin --|tConsidering the place of the 
       working parent in the kitchen /|rRachel L. Swarns --|tMore
       women find room for babies and advanced degrees/|rTamar 
       Lewin --|tAt work.|tThe women and the war /|rby The New 
       York Times --|tThe question of lady doctors /|rby The New 
       York Times --|tEqual pay for women /|rby The New York 
       Times --|tAn Olympic figure skater who also made history 
       for the Times /|rVictor Mather --|tWomen fitting 
       themselves fast for skilled  job in war plants /|rAnne 
       Petersen --|tRose Gacioch, a star in women's pro baseball,
       dies at 89 /|rRichard Goldstein --|tGertrude Jeannette, 
       actor, director and cabdriver, dies at 103 /|rJonathan 
       Wolfe --|tWomen's job bill fought in Albany /|rLeonard 
       Ingalls --|tWomen's pay gap is still widening, U.S. 
       official says /|rby The New York Times --|tShe was the 
       only woman in a photo of 38 scientists, and now she's been
       identified /|rJacey Fortin --|tFemale-run venture capital 
       funds alter the status quo /|rClaire Cain Miller --|tAll 
       combat roles now open to women, Defense Secretary says /
       |rMatthew Rosenberg and Dave Philipps --|tWhen the pilot 
       is a Mom: accommodating new motherhoood at 30,000 feet /
       |rAnnalyn Kurtz --|tPush for gender equality in tech? some
       men say it's gone too far /|rNellie Bowles --|tIn 
       politics.|tWomen greet Miss Rankin /|rby The New York 
       Times --|tMrs. Chisholm defeats Farmer, is first Negro 
       woman in house /|rRichard L. Madden --|tReassessing 
       women's political role : the lasting impact of Geraldine 
       Ferraro /|rMaureen Dowd --|tTo understand Clinton's moment,
       consider that it came 32 years after Ferraro's /|rAlison 
       Mitchell --|tHillary Clinton ignited a feminist movement, 
       by losing /|rAmy Chozick --|tA man among female leaders : 
       'the risk of mansplaining is very high' /|rKatrin Bennhold
       --|tDonald trump's gift to women /|rGail Collins --|tOne 
       year after Women's March, more activism but less unity /
       |rFarah Stockman --|tSociety, sex and relationships.|tIt 
       is not a woman's right /|rby The New York Times --|tThe 
       old wife and the new /|rby The New York Times --|tMrs. 
       Sanger defies courts before 3,000 /|rby The New York Times
       --|tMore ado about the flapper /|rMargaret O'Leary -- 
       Flappers 'merely humans' /|rby The New York Times --|tAsks
       women avoid martyr complex /|rDoris Greenberg --|tNow the 
       booing is done in soprano /|rAline B. Louchheim --|tStudy 
       finds college girl weds later /|rJoan Cook --|tNational 
       survey finds the sexual harassing of students is rising /
       |rby The New York Times --|tVoices of the new generation ;
       date rape hysteria /|rKatie Roiphe --|tOn campus, 
       embracing feminism and facing the future /|rEilene 
520    Women's roles in society have changed drastically, and as 
       evidenced by the #MeToo movement and growing demands to 
       close the gender pay gap, more work remains to be done to 
       ensure full equality. Through this collection, readers may
       witness the work that has been done, from the time of the 
       women's suffrage movement through the women's liberation 
       movement and today's struggle to promote equality, all in 
       the face of staunch opponents of feminism or expanding 
       roles for women. 
546    In English. 
650  0 Women|zUnited States|xSocial conditions. 
650  0 Women's rights. 
650  0 Women|xEmployment. 
650  0 Women|xPolitical activity|zUnited States. 
650  0 Women politicians|zUnited States. 
650  7 Women|xEmployment.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01176715 
650  7 Women|xPolitical activity.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01734136 
650  7 Women politicians.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01178383 
650  7 Women|xSocial conditions.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01176947 
650  7 Women's rights.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01178818 
651  7 United States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204155 
710 2  New York Times Company,|eeditor. 
830  0 Changing perspectives (New York Times Educational 
994    C0|bCKE 
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