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001    on1083149995 
003    OCoLC 
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008    190122t20192018nyunnnne       z  n eng d 
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050  4 PR9199.3.C57|bB66 2019ab 
082 04 811/.54|223 
100 1  Cohen, Leonard,|d1934-2016,|eauthor,|enarrator. 
245 10 Book of longing /|cLeonard Cohen. 
250    Unabridged. 
264  1 [New York] :|bHarperCollins,|c[2019] 
264  4 |c℗2018 
300    3 audio discs (3 1/2 hr.) :|bCD audio, digital ;|c4 3/4 
336    spoken word|bspw|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
344    digital|2rdatr 
344    |boptical|2rdarm 
347    audio file|2rdaft 
347    |bCD audio 
500    Compact discs. 
505 00 |tBook of longing --|tMy life in robes --|tHis master's 
       voice --|tRoshi at 89 --|tOne of my letters --|tYou'd sing
       too --|tS.O.S 1995 --|tWhen I drink --|tBetter --
       |tLovesick Monk --|tTo a young nun --|tOther writers --
       |tRoshi --|tMedicine --|tTrue self --|tCollapse of Zen --
       |tEarly morning at Mt. Baldy --|tLeaving Mt. Baldy --
       |tDear Roshi --|tLuckiest man in the world --|tParty was 
       over then too --|tThis is it --|tThis isn't China -- 
       Takanawa Prince Hotel bar --|tSeisen is dancing --|tMoving
       into a period --|tI never found the girl|tJust to have 
       been one of them --|tMy consort --|tHistoric Claremont 
       Village --|tDisturbed this morning --|tBody of loneliness 
       --|tFace can be composed --|tAll my news --|tYou are right,
       Sahara --|tEarly questions --|tMoon --|tSweet time --
       |tFood tastes good --|tFun --|tWe are not convinced --
       |tBasket --|tI believe that you are standing --|tBy the 
       rivers dark --|tLove itself --|tYou have loved enough --
       |tThousand kisses deep --|tSplit --|tIf you are young --
       |tAlexandra leaving --|tThese portraits are far behind my
       |tA Puerto Rican song --|tBoogie Street --|tA limited 
       degree --|tA life of errands --|tWish me luck --|tMission 
       --|tReligious statues --|tWhat did it --|tCigarette issue 
       --|tI miss my mother --|tThousands --|tMy baby wasn't 
       there --|tDusko's Taverna 1967 --|tUnbecoming --|tOld 
       automat on 23rd St. --|tParis again --|tToo old --|tBeach 
       at Kamini --|tDuring the day --|tLaughter in the Pantheon 
       --|tDear Diary --|tCold --|tA magic cure --|tTruth of the 
       line --|tLayton's question --|tIf you knew --|tI wrote for
       love --|tLorca lives --|tMercy returns me --|tTradition --
       |tGood Germans --|tIf I could help you --|tA private gaze 
       --|tRemote --|tMist of pornography --|tPromise of a 
       youthful shirt --|tDelay --|tMontreal afternoon --
       |tReading to the Prime Minister --|tNeed the speed --|tHow
       could I have doubted --|tVoice dictating in a plane of 
       Europe --|tGreat event --|tParis sky --|tStory thus far --
       |tSweetest little song --|tThing --|tStanzas for H.M. --
       |tWhy I love France --|tOne of those days --|tInner 
       sweetness of the man --|tFalling in love with you --|tThis
       book will beging to speak --|tOn the path --|tMy redeemer 
       --|tFirst of all --|tCross --|tTired --|tSomething from 
       the early seventies --|tWe will all be airbrushed --
       |tButter dish --|tArgument --|tMuch later --|tAnother 
       Christopher --|tAngry at 11 pm --|tYou don't want to go 
       out anymore --|tSeparated --|tAngry at 11 pm --|tYou don't
       want to go out any more --|tThird invention --|tMy mother 
       asleep --|tRobert appears again --|tMy mother is not dead 
       --|tShirley --|tBest --|tClockwork --|tDrunk is gender-
       free --|tNever mind --|tThere is a moment --|tNightingale 
       --|tFaithless wife --|tTravelling light #31 --|tBackyard -
       -|tWhen I went out --|tVibrant, but dead --|tGoal --|tWork
       in progress --|tFor all my art ... --|tOpened my eyes --
       |tCorrect attitude --|tNot a Jew --|tTitles --|tPuppets --
       |tThis mood has nothing to do with you --|tNever once --
       |tWho do you really remember --|tThis is the best way to 
       do it --|tLooking away --|tEven some of my own --|tOh and 
       one more thing --|tYour heart --|tWhat baffled me --|tWind
       moves --|tSorrows of the elderly --|tBack in Montreal --
       |tAlone at last --|tStunned and still not suffering --
       |tTaxes children lost pussy --|tAnything which refers --
       |tJana thinks of John --|tMy time --|tLooking through my 
       dreams --|tSo do you --|tNow in my room --|tDarkness 
       enters --|tSuggestions --|tJikan who pretended to be a 
       poet --|tEven now --|tAnother poet --|tPardon me --|tHer 
       friend --|tI guess it's better to start a war --|tIt 
       seemed the better way --|tGreat divide --|tI am now able -
       -|tFlow --|tMy guitar --|tA note to the Chinese reader --
       |tWe will not be staying --|tFaith --|tHere it is --
       |tWorried of course --|tThere for you --|tA promise --
       |tFurthermore, you do not have --|tReport to R.S.B. --
       |tIrving and me at the hospital --|tSit still --|tStill 
       looking at the girls --|tBecause of a few songs --
       |tLetters --|tOnly one thing make him happy --|tKitchen 
       table --|tGravity --|tSun --|tSoon there will be no one --
       |tRoad is too long --|tGo little book --|tHospitality --
       |tCentre --|tYour relentless appetitie for new 
       perspectives --|tBetter to be lost --|tInside our love --
       |tI copied time --|tBut turn me on my side --|tLamp in 
       Room 3 --|tCheater --|tFlood. 
511 0  Read by the author. 
520    Leonard Cohen wrote this book of poems during his five-
       year stay at a Zen monastery on Southern California's 
       Mount Baldy, and in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Mumbai. 
648  7 1900-1999|2fast 
650  0 American poetry|y20th century. 
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650  7 MUSIC / Lyrics.|2bisacsh 
650  7 POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious.
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655  7 Poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423828 
994    C0|bCKE 
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