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100 1  Brown, Aaron,|d1956- 
245 14 The poker face of Wall Street /|cAaron Brown. 
264  1 Hoboken, N.J. :|bJohn Wiley,|c[2006] 
264  4 |c©2006 
300    xvii, 350 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 325-331) and 
505 00 |tForeword --|tPreface --|gch. 1. The|tart of uncalculated
       risk --|tRisk --|tRisk rules --|tFinance and gambling --
       |gAn|texample of the trading game --|tOpponents --|tHold 
       'em aces --|tTruth --|gch. 2.|tPoker basics --|tPoker 
       hands --|tBetting --|tLimits --|tMechanics --|tYou gotta 
       know when to --|tAnd he answers : "Omaha" --|gStud --
       |tDraw --|tBasic strategies --|tCalling --|tTaxes --|gch. 
       3.|tFinance basics --|tEconospeak --|tCommercial banks --
       |tInvestment banks --|tExchanges --|tTheory--|tFinancial 
       challenges --|tFlashback : Wall Street Poker Night --|gThe
       |tplayers --|tEconomics --|gThe|tgame --|gch. 4.  A|tbrief
       history of risk denial --|tI'm shocked - shocked - to find
       that gambling is going on in here! --|tHedging bets --|gA
       |trandom walk down Wall Street --|tForeign interest --
       |tFutures and options --|gThe|tCrash of '87 --|tFlashback 
       : Gardena and the single heterosexual male --|tNo stud-
       horse allowed --|gThe|tsubculture --|tNever ask of money 
       spent, where the spender thinks it went --|gA|tminiature 
       global economy laid out on a baize oval table --|tNor tie 
       to Earths to come, nor action new --|tYou took little 
       children away from the Sun and the dew ... for a little 
       handful of pay on a few Saturday nights -- 
505 00 |gch. 5.|tPokernomics --|tLaw and money --|tDutch treat --
       |gThe|ttrouble in  Scotland and New Orleans --|tSavage 
       money --|tNetworks --|tAdventurers and planters --
       |tPokerbank --|tFlashback : My first hand of commercial 
       poker --|tCheating --|gThe|tbetting --|gThe|tdraw --|gch. 
       6.|tSon of a soft money bank --|gThe|tstormy, husky, 
       brawling laughter of youth --|tTriage --|gA|ttall, bold 
       slugger set vivid against the little, soft cities --
       |tFlashback : The education of a poker player --|tFrank's 
       Grandma --|tMore games and the people who play them --
       |tHarvard --|tPangs of conscience --|tMeeting Mr. Dixie --
       |gThe|tbook --|gch. 7. The|tonce bold mates of Morgan --
       |gThe|tCrash of '79 --|tBridge bums, Chicago School, and 
       the pit --|tWithered these latter-days to leaf-size from 
       lack of action --|tHistory's beaten the hazard --|tAnd he 
       burned them as wastepaper --|tFlashback : The education of
       a trader --|tPit --|gThe|toptions floor --|tPlaying the 
       hand --|tParity, verticals, and calendars --|tBonds --
       |tPoker at Lepercq --|gch. 8. The|tgames people play --
       |tWhen luck has something to do with it --|tGod gave you 
       guts : don't let him down --|tGuessing games --|tMasters 
       of the bluff --|tBluffing mathematics --|tGame fact --
       |tSmall-mindedness --|tFlashback : Liar's poker --|tHow to
       succeed in trading --|tLiar's rules --|tCooperative liar's
       --|tDestroy the game -- 
505 00 |gch. 9.|tWho got game --|tThis guy says the horse needs 
       race --|tRocket scientist --|tChairman of the board --
       |tLearn by experiment what argument taught those who have 
       knowledge don't predict - those who predict don't have 
       knowledge --|tIf I have to fall, may it be from a high 
       place --|tIvory tower risk --|tDon not limp before the 
       lame --|tFierce as Bluff King Hal --|tNext time stop at 
       the ethyl pump --|tMy way is multiway --|tDo traders care?
       --|tLearning about learning --|tHammurabi's rules of poker
       --|gch. 10.|tUtility belt --|tI ponder the psychology that
       roots them in their place --|tSafer than suicide --|tFive 
       out of ten to pass --|tAplomb in the midst of irrational 
       things --|tLet's make a deal --|tMore patient than crags, 
       tides, and stars ; innumerable, patient as the darkness of
       night --|tAnnotated bibliography --|tHistory and meaning 
       of poker --|tHistory and meaning of gambling --|tFinance 
       and gambling --|tSpecific sources --|tIndex. 
650  0 Stocks. 
650  0 Finance. 
650  0 Risk. 
650  0 Poker. 
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