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LEADER 00000ccm  2200000Ia 4500 
001    ocm00661101 
003    OCoLC 
005    20100915010012.0 
008    730724r19661932nyumuz   b     n    eng   
010       66026823 
035    (OCoLC)00661101 
035    (OCoLC)661101 
040    DLC|beng|cCIN|dOCL|dOCLCQ|dUPM|dCDS|dCPL 
043    n-cn-ns 
047    fm|abd 
049    WHPP 
050 00 M1678.C91|bS6 1966 
082  4 784.406 
245 00 Songs and ballads from Nova Scotia /|ccollected by Helen 
264  1 New York :|bDover Publications,|c1966. 
264  1 |c1932. 
300    1 score (xxiv pages, 333 pages) ;|c24 cm 
336    notated music|bntm|2rdacontent 
337    unspecified|bz|2rdamedia 
338    unspecified|bzu|2rdacarrier 
500    Unacc. melodies. 
500    "This Dover edition, first published in 1966, is an 
       unabridged and corrected republication of the work first 
       published by J.M. Dent & Sons Limited, Toronto & Vancouver,
       in 1932. The 'Postscript, 1966' to the introduction was 
       written specially for this edition by the author"--T.p. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (page xix-xx). 
505 00 |tAlphabet song --|tAmerican woods --|tAnnie --|tAs now we
       are sailing --|tBack Bay Hill --|tBad girl's lament --
       |tBanks of Newfoundland --|tBarrack Street --|tBattle of 
       Alma --|tBay of Biscay oh --|tBessie Beauty --|tBilly 
       Taylor --|tBold pedlar and Robin Hood --|tBold princess 
       royal --|tBonny bunch of roses O --|tBonny light horseman 
       --|tBoston burglar --|tBrigantine Sinorca --|tBroken ring 
       song --|tBroken ring song fragment --|tButcher boy --
       |tCanso Strait --|tCaptain Burke --|tCaptain Conrod --
       |tCaptain Glen --|tCaptain Wedderburn's courtship --
       |tCaroline and her young sailor bold --|tCasey's whiskey -
       -|tChanty song :|tSo, it's pass --|tChanty song :|tSoon 
       we'll be --|tCharles Gustavus Anderson --|tCity of 
       Baltimore --|tColoured girl from the South --|tCome, all 
       ye old comrades --|tCourtship of Willie Riley --
       |tCrocodile song --|tCruel mother --|tCumberland's crew --
       |tDark-eyed sailor --|tDiana and Sweet William --|tDonald 
       Munro --|tDoran's ass --|tDown by the tan-yard side --
       |tDrummer boy --|tDutchman's song --|tErin far away --
       |tFalse knight upon the road --|tFarmer's curst wife --
       |tFemale sailor bold --|tFlemmings of Torbay --|tFlying 
       Cloud --|tFox River line --|tGallant brigantine --|tGay 
       Spanish maid --|tGeorge Jones --|tGhostly sailors --
       |tGranite mill --|tGreen bushes --|tGreen mossy banks of 
       the lea --|tGuysboro song --|tHanstead boys --|tHomeward 
       bound --|tIndian song (1) --|tIndian song (2) --|tIn the 
       month of October --|tIrish labourer --|tIt is of a rich 
       lady --|tIt was a mouse --|tI wrote my love a letter --
       |tJack Robson --|tJack the sailor --|tJames McDonald --
       |tJessie Munroe --|tJimmie and Nancy --|tJocky said to 
       Jinnie --|tJoe Livermore --|tJolly fisherman --|tKatharine
       Jaffray --|tLily of the West --|tLion's den --|tLittle 
       Musgrave and Lady Barnard --|tLiverpool girls --|tLoakie's
       boat --|tLord Thomas and fair Ellinor --|tLoss of the 
       Philosophy --|tLouisiana lowlands --|tLumbering boy --
       |tMaggie Mac --|tMantle of green --|tMantle so green --
       |tMary L. MacKay --|tMary Nail --|tMcCarthy's song --
       |tMcNab's Island --|tMeagher's children --|tMe one man --
       |tThe miller --|tMush a doody (Jug of punch) --|tMy Irish 
       Polly --|tMy sailor lad --|tNapoleon's farewell to Paris -
       -|tOcean Queen --|tOld King Coul --|tOn the lakes of 
       Ponchartrain --|tOn this hill --|tPaddy backwards --
       |tPeter Rambelay --|tPrentice boy :|tAs down in Cupid's 
       garden --|tPrentice boy :|tTo a New York trader --|tPretty
       Polly --|tPrince Edward Island murder --|tPrisoner's song 
       :|tIt's hard to be --|tQuaker's courtship --|tRambling 
       rover --|tRambling shoemaker --|tRich counsellor --|tRobin
       Hood's progress to Nottingham --|tRose of Britain's Isle -
       -|tSable Island song (1) --|tSable Island song (2) --
       |tSailor bold --|tSailor courted --|tSaladin's crew --
       |tSeizure of the E.J. Horton --|tSilvy --|tSince love can 
       enter an iron door --|tSir Hugh, or, The Jew's daughter --
       |tSong of a soldier --|tSong of the croppy boy --|tSong of
       the Tangier gold mines --|tSweet fair Ella --|tSweet 
       Trinity, or, The Golden Vanity --|tTacking of a full-
       rigged ship off shore --|tThree gallant huntsmen --|tThree
       men went a-hunting --|tTim Finnigan's wake --|tTom O'Neil 
       --|tTurkish rover --|t'Twas in the town of Parsboro --
       |tUnicorn --|tVan Diemen's Land --|tVillikens and his 
       Dinah --|tWell sold the crow --|tWestern ocean --|tWhen I 
       was a young man --|tWhen I was in my prime --|tWhiskey in 
       the jar --|tWild rover --|tYe gentlemen of England --
       |tYoung Charlotte --|tYoung Indian lass. 
650  0 Folk songs, English|zNova Scotia. 
650  0 Folk music|zNova Scotia. 
650  0 Ballads, English|zNova Scotia. 
700 1  Creighton, Helen,|d1899-1989. 
994    02|bWHP 
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