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LEADER 00000cam  2200000 a 4500 
001    ocm70173375 
003    OCoLC 
005    20101015105500.0 
008    060607s2007    enka     b    101 0 eng   
010      2007277257 
015    GBA655710|2bnb 
016 7  013494775|2Uk 
020    9780521850292 
020    0521850290 
035    (OCoLC)70173375 
042    ukblsr 
049    STJJ 
050 00 QK600.3|b.F85 2007 
070 0  QK600.3|b.F85 2007 
082 04 579.5|222 
092    579.5|bF981F 
245 00 Fungi in the environment /|cedited by, Geoffrey Michael 
       Gadd, Sarah C. Watkinson and Paul S. Dyer. 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2007. 
300    xix, 386 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  British Mycological Society symposium series ;|vv. 25. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Imaging complex nutrient dynamics in mycelial networks / 
       Daniel P. Bebber, Monika Tlalka, Juliet Hynes, Peter R. 
       Darrah, Anne Ashford, Sarah C. Watkinson, Lynne Boddy and 
       Mark D. Fricker -- Natural history of the fungal hypha: 
       how Woronin bodies support a multicellular lifestyle / 
       Gregory Jedd -- Environmental sensing and the filamentous 
       fungal lifestyle / Nick D. Read -- Berkeley award lecture:
       mathematical modelling of the form and function of fungal 
       mycelia / Fordyce A. Davidson -- Mineral transformations 
       and biogeochemical cycles: a geomycological perspective / 
       Geoffrey M. Gadd, Euan P. Burford, Marina Fomina and 
       Karrie Melville -- Mycelial responses in heterogeneous 
       environments: parallels with macroorganism / Lynne Boddy 
       and T. Hefin Jones -- Natural abundance of 15N and 13C in 
       saprotrophic fungi: what can they tell us? / Andy F.S. 
       Taylor and Petra M.A. Fransson -- Mycorrhizas and the 
       terrestrial carbon cycle: roles in global carbon 
       sequestration and plant community composition / Jonathan 
       R. Leake -- Water relations in lichens / Rosmarie Honegger
       -- Development of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis: 
       insights from genomics / Jinyuan Liu, Melina Lopez-Meyer, 
       ignacio Maldonado-Mendoza and Maria J. Harrison -- 
       Functional genomics of plant infection by the rice blast 
       fungus Magnaporthe grisea / Joanna M. Jenkinson, Richard 
       A. Wilson, Zachary Cartwright, Darren M. Soanes, Michael 
       J. Kershaw, and Nicholas J. Talbot -- Exploring the 
       interaction between nematode-trapping fungi and nematodes 
       by using DNA microarrays / Anders Tunlid -- Role of x(1-3)
       -glucan in Aspergillus fumigatus and other human fungal 
       pathogens / Anne Beauvais, David S. Perlin and Jean Paul 
       Latge -- Plagues upon houses and cars: the unnatural 
       history of Meruliporia incrassata, Serpula lacrymans and 
       Sphaerobolus stellatus / Nicholas P. Money -- Fungal 
       species: thoughts on their recognition, maintenance and 
       selection / John W. Taylor, Elizabeth Turner, Anne Pringle,
       Jeremy Dettman and Hanna Johannesson -- Multilocus 
       sequence typing (MLST) and multilocus microsatellite 
       typing (MLMT) in fungi / Matthew C. Fisher -- Fungi in the
       hidden environment: the gut of beetles / Meredith 
       Blackwell, Sung-Oui Suh and James B. Nardi -- A saltmarsh 
       decomposition system and its ascomycetous laccase genes / 
       Steven Y. Newell, Justine I. Lyons and Mary Anne Moran. 
650  0 Fungi|vCongresses. 
650  0 Mycology|vCongresses. 
653 10 Environment 
700 1  Gadd, Geoffrey M. 
700 1  Watkinson, Sarah C. 
700 1  Dyer, Paul S. 
830  0 British Mycological Society symposium series ;|vv. 25. 
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