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LEADER 00000cjm  2200000Ia 4500 
001    ocn182942608 
003    OCoLC 
005    20100603105159.0 
007    sd fungnn|||ed 
008    071207r20071956gaufmnn  z        n eng d 
024 1  880226000820 
028 02 DTD-08|bDust-to-Digital 
035    (OCoLC)182942608 
040    IF9|beng|cIF9|dOCL|dIXA|dRBN|dVP@|dIBI|dOIP|dVRC|dCKE 
049    CKEA 
050 14 M1629|b.A77 2007 
245 00 Art of field recording.|nVolume I :|bfifty years of 
       traditional American music /|cdocumented by Art Rosenbaum.
246 30 Fifty years of traditional American music 
264  1 Atlanta, Ga. :|bDust-to-Digital,|c2007. 
264  4 |c℗1956 
300    4 audio discs :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. +|e1 book (95 pages 
       : illustrations ; 25 cm.) 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
500    Title from container. 
500    Compact discs. 
500    Issued as a boxed set in container (12 x 12 in.) with an 
       accompanying book: Art of field recording. Volume I : 
       fifty years of traditional American music documented by 
       Art Rosenbaum : field recordings (1956-2007) / text, 
       drawings and paintings, Art Rosenbaum ; photographs, Margo
       Newmark Rosenbaum. 
500    GMD: sound recording. 
505 00 |gDisk I. Survey:|tSatan your kingdom must come down
       |r(Sister Fleeta Mitchell and Rev. Willie Mae Eberhart) --
       |tFred Adams|r(Ray Rhodes) --|tBilly in the low ground
       |r(Gordon Tanner and Smokey Joe Miller) --|tFrankie and 
       Johnnie [Laws 13] ;|tTwenty froggies go to school
       |r(Margaret Kimmett) --|tCup of faith ;|tBeaudoin 
       quadrille|r(Fidel Martin) --|tThe drowsy sleeper (Laws M4)
       |r(Mary Lomax) --|tLittle red rooster|r(The Myers Sisters)
       --|tTony gave a picnic|r(Ralph Sheckel) --|tMama whoopin' 
       the blues|r(Neal Patman) --|tOld John Henry died on the 
       mountain|r(Henry Grady Terrell) --|tGoing down the road 
       feeling bad|r(Golden River Grass) --|tHambone|rThe 
       Phillips Wonders --|tDarby's ram|r(Bobby McMillon) --
       |tDarlin' Corey|r(Shorty Ralph Reynolds) --|tCarabina 
       treinta-treinta (30-30 rifle)|r(Epifanio Sanchez and 
       Group) --|tI'm dying, mother|r(Bert Hare) --|tEternal day
       |r(Sacred Harp Singing Group) --|tTom Watson tune|r(Mabel 
       Cawthorn) --|tA melancholy sound|r(Arthur Vandeveer) --
       |tWhat you gonna name that pretty baby?|r(Laethe Eller) --
       |tWho killed poor Robin?|r(Ollie Gilbert) --|tFree go Lily
       |r(Brady "Doc" and Lucy Barnes) --|tBrickyard Joe|r(John 
       W. Summers) --|tLord Randolph [Child 12]|r(Mary Heekin) --
       |tFly around my blue-eyed gal|r(Lawrence Eller and Vaughn 
       Eller) --|tIrish washerwoman|r(Old Threshers' Fife and 
       Drum Band) --|tLord Daniel [Child 81]|r(Mary Lomax) --
       |tSong of fifty cents|r(Jack Bean) --|tOne Saturday night 
       when I come home [Child 274]|r(Dr. David Rosenbaum). 
505 00 |gDisk 2. Religious:|tDon't you let nobody turn you 'round
       |r(Silver Light Gospel Singers) --|tMedley|r(Rev. Howard 
       Finster) --|tAssurance|r(Sacred Harp Singing Group) --|tIn
       the silence of the midnight|r(Bonnie Loggins and Mary 
       Lomax) --|tLet me fly|r(Sister Fleeta Mitchell, Rev. 
       Nathaniel Mitchell, and Lucy Barnes) --|tOver yonder where
       Jesus is|r(Leona Ruth) --|tGuide me, thou great Jehovah
       |r(Rev. Willie Gresham and Group) --|tTeach me, master
       |r(Brady "Doc" and Lucy Barnes and the Gilmore Family) --
       |tLonesome valley|r(Lawrence Eller, Vaughn Eller, and Ross
       Brown) --|tWalk with me|r(Brady "Doc" Barnes and Lucy 
       Barnes) --|tJubilee|r(Lawrence McKiver and the McIntosh 
       County Shouters) --|tWade the water to my knees|r(Lucille 
       Holloway and Basers) --|tThe Lord is risen|r(Deacon Tommy 
       Tookes and Congregation) --|tSit down, servant|r(Ida 
       Craig) --|tI am on the battlefield for my lord|r(Sister 
       Fleeta Mitchell, Rev. Nathaniel Mitchell, and Lucy Barnes)
       --|tIdumea|r(Richard and Elula Moss) --|tAn address to all
       |r(Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church) --|tWalking along
       the heavenly road ;|tI am a poor pilgrim of sorrow|r(The 
       Phillips Wonders) --|tLenox|r(Tickanetley Primitive 
       Baptist Church) --|tScarlet purple robe|r(Georgia Jean 
       Eversole) --|tWhere the soul of man never dies|r(Smokey 
       Joe Miller and Newman Young) --|tBlow, Gabriel|r(Nathan 
       Palmer) --|tDo, lord, remember me|r(Gospel Supremes) --
       |tMy number will be changed|r(Naomi Bradford and Macedonia
       Baptist Church) --|tHush and listen|r(Rev. Willie Gresham 
       and Macedonia Baptist Church). 
505 00 |gDisk 3. Blues:|tGeorgia bottleneck blues|r(Cecil 
       Barfield) --|tCarroll County blues|r(Gordon Tanner, Smokey
       Joe Miller, and Uncle John Patterson) --|tBrooks' blues
       |r(Brooks Berry and Scrapper Blackwell) --|tKey to the 
       highway|r(Neal Patman and Bill Giles) --|tRed river blues
       |r(J.T. Adams) --|tNobody's business|r(George Childers) --
       |tBowles' blues|r(Eddie Bowles) --|tGot the blues so bad
       |r(Cliff Sheats) --|tGuitar Pete's blues|r(Guitar Pete 
       Franklin) --|tPeach orchard mama|r(James "Yank" Rachel and
       Shirley Griffith) --|tBig leg women|r(James Easley, Guitar
       Pete Franklin, and Raymond Holloway) --|tLeaving here, 
       don't know where I'm going|r(Joe K. Rakestraw and Art 
       Rosenbaum) --|tThe mogul|r(Neal Patman) --|tDeep ellum 
       blues|r(Buford Boyd and Willard Benson) --|tRiver line 
       blues|r(Shirley Griffith) --|tGoing down the road feeling 
       bad|r(Jake Staggers) --|tI cried all night long|r(Harvie 
       Sims) --|tMaggie Campbell blues|r(Shirley Griffith) --
       |tHow long blues|r(Guitar Pete Franklin) --|t"A" blues
       |r(Scrapper Blackwell). 
505 00 |gDisk 4. Instrumental and dance:|tLost Indian|r(Dallas 
       Henderson) --|tFlat foot Charlie|r(Ben Entrekin, Uncle 
       John Patterson, and James Patterson) --|tDown the road
       |r(Lawrence Eller and Vaughn Eller) --|tSally, won't you 
       have me, do gal, do|r(Clester Hounchell) --|tFox chase
       |r(Coy Martin) --|tFox chase|r(Neal Patman) --|tMedley
       |r(Gordon Tanner, Smokey Joe Miller, and Uncle John 
       Patterson) --|tMandolin stomp|r(James "Yank" Rachel and 
       Shirley Griffith) --|tOmie wise|r(Albert Hash) --|tTrain 
       45|r(Albert Hash and Art Rosenbaum) --|tTurkey in the 
       straw|r(George Childers) --|tArkansas traveler|r(Louis and
       Larry Riendeau) --|tFynne's polka|r(Dwight "Red" Lamb) --
       |tPigtown fling|r(Newt Tolman) --|tStony point|r(John W. 
       Summers and Art Rosenbaum) --|tCowboy waltz|r(Earl Murphy 
       and Bill Ashley) --|tWalk, little Julie|r(Clester 
       Hounchell) --|tFive to my five|r(Rev. Howard Finster) --
       |tQuit kicking my dog around|r(Delbert Spray and Art 
       Rosenbaum) --|tYankee doodle|r(Old Threshers' Fife and 
       Drum Band) --|tJig medley|r(John W. Summers) --|tBig foot 
       feller|r(Buell Kazee) --|tDon't let your deal go down
       |r(Buford Boyd) --|tShout, Lulu|r(Uncle John Patterson) --
       |tShout, Lulu|r(Jake Staggers) --|tShout, Lulu|r(W. Guy 
       Bruce) --|tSally Ann|r(W. Guy Bruce and Guy Bruce, Jr.) --
       |tArkansas traveler|r(Gordon Tanner, Phil Tanner, Art 
       Rosenbaum, and Larry Nash) --|tBeaumont rag|r(Frosty Lamb 
       and Buzz Fountain) --|tWhistler's waltz|r(Kirk 
       Brandenberger and Art Rosenbaum) --|tShady grove|r(W. Guy 
       Bruce) --|tCoal creek march|r(Ross Brown) --|tCoal creek 
       march|r(Pete Steele) --|tJenny Nettles|r(Harry "Pappy" 
       Wells) --|tFourteen days in Georgia|r(Lyman Enloe and Bob 
       Black) --|tShe'll be coming 'round the mountain|r(Maude 
511 0  Various performers. 
518    Recorded 1956-2007. 
650  0 Folk music|zUnited States. 
650  0 Field recordings|zUnited States. 
700 1  Rosenbaum, Art. 
994    02|bCKE 
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