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Stroke Therapy   3

Structural Determinants Of Health -- See Social Determinants of Health

The circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work, and age, as well as the systems put in place to deal with illness. These circumstances are in turn shaped by a wider set of forces: economics, social policies, and politics (

Structural Genomics -- See Genomics

The systematic study of the complete DNA sequences (GENOME) of organisms. Included is construction of complete genetic, physical, and transcript maps, and the analysis of this structural genomic information on a global scale such as in GENOME WIDE ASSOCIATION STUDIES.

Structural Violence -- See Violence

Structure Activity Relationship   6

Structure Activity Relationship Quantitative -- See Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship

A quantitative prediction of the biological, ecotoxicological or pharmaceutical activity of a molecule. It is based upon structure and activity information gathered from a series of similar compounds.

Structure Molecular -- See Molecular Structure

The location of the atoms, groups or ions relative to one another in a molecule, as well as the number, type and location of covalent bonds.
Structure Of Scientific Revolutions Kuhn Thomas S : Fuller, Steve,  2000 1
Strychnine Pharmacology : Steiner, Lewis H.  1856 1
Student Health Services United States   2

Student Loans -- See Training Support

Financial support for training including both student stipends and loans and training grants to institutions.

Student Selection -- See School Admission Criteria

Requirements for the selection of students for admission to academic institutions.
Students   20
Students Biography   2

Students Dental Education -- See Education, Dental

Use for articles concerning dental education in general.

Students Education -- See Education

Acquisition of knowledge as a result of instruction in a formal course of study.
Students Medical   5
Students Medical Boston Personal Narratives   2

Students Medical Education -- See Education, Medical

Use for general articles concerning medical education.
Students Medical New England Fictional Works : Jewett, Sarah Orne,  2005 1
Students Nursing   2

Students Nursing Education -- See Education, Nursing

Use for general articles concerning nursing education.
Students Personal Narratives   2
Students Pharmacy   3

Students Pharmacy Education -- See Education, Pharmacy

Formal instruction, learning, or training in the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of drugs in the field of medicine.
Students Popular Works : Albers, Susan,  2006 1
Students Premedical : Mohan, Raakhi.  2007 1

Students Premedical Education -- See Education, Premedical

Introductory courses leading to an advance study in medicine.
Students Premedical United States Directory : Brown, Sanford Jay,  2011 1
Students Psychology   18
Students Psychology California : Lear, Dana.  1997 1
Students Psychology Fictional Works   2
Students Psychology United States : Rickgarn, Ralph L. V.  1994 1
Students Psychology United States Case Reports   2011 1
Students United States   5
Studien Uber Hysteria Freud Sigmund 1856 1939 : Breger, Louis,  2009 1
Studien Uber Hysterie Breuer Josef 1842 1925 : Skues, Richard A.,  2006 1
Study Commission On Pharmacy Pharmacists For The Future   2006 1
Study Guide   27

Stupor -- See Also Sleep Stages

Periods of sleep manifested by changes in EEG activity and certain behavioral correlates; they formerly included Stage 1: sleep onset, drowsy sleep; Stage 2: light sleep; Stages 3 and 4: delta sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, telencephalic sleep. In 2007, sleep stages were redefined by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) as: N1-N2 (sleep onset - light sleep), N3 (SLOW-WAVE SLEEP), and REM SLEEP.
Stuttering   9
Stuttering History : Bobrick, Benson,  1996 1
Stuttering Personal Narratives : Jonas, Gerald,  1977 1
Stuttering Physiopathology : Lavid, Nathan.  2003 1
Stuttering Psychology Personal Narratives : Preston, Katherine,  2013 1
Stuttering Rehabilitation Personal Narratives : Preston, Katherine,  2013 1
Stuttering Therapy   6
Styron William 1925 2006 : Styron, William,  1992 1

Su Lien -- See Soviet Union


Sua Stati Uniti Damerica -- See United States

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