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Performance Anxiety : McGrath, Casey,  2017 1

Performance Appraisal Employee -- See Employee Performance Appraisal

The assessment of the functioning of an employee in relation to work.

Performance Enhancing Substances -- See Also Doping in Sports

Illegitimate use of substances for a desired effect in competitive sports. It includes humans and animals.
Performance Enhancing Substances Adverse Effects : Cooper, Chris E.  2012 1
Performance Enhancing Substances Pharmacology : Gregory, David F.,  2020 1
Performance Enhancing Substances Therapeutic Use : Gregory, David F.,  2020 1
Perfume : McCartney, Sarah,  2021 1

Perfusion Pumps -- See Infusion Pumps

Fluid propulsion systems driven mechanically, electrically, or osmotically that are used to inject (or infuse) over time agents into a patient or experimental animal; used routinely in hospitals to maintain a patent intravenous line, to administer antineoplastic agents and other drugs in thromboembolism, heart disease, diabetes mellitus (INSULIN INFUSION SYSTEMS is also available), and other disorders.

Periapical Diseases -- See Also Dental Pulp Diseases

Endodontic diseases of the DENTAL PULP inside the tooth, which is distinguished from PERIAPICAL DISEASES of the tissue surrounding the root.
Perinatal Care   3
Perinatal Care Methods   3
Perinatal Care Methods Handbooks : Nagtalon-Ramos, Jamille,  2014 1

Perinatal Death -- See Also Fetal Death

Death of the developing young in utero. BIRTH of a dead FETUS is STILLBIRTH.
Perinatal Death   2018 1

Perinatal Information System -- See Information Systems

Integrated set of files, procedures, and equipment for the storage, manipulation, and retrieval of information.
  Perinatal Mortality -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2

Perinatal Nursing -- See Neonatal Nursing

The nursing specialty that deals with the care of newborn infants during the first four weeks after birth.
  Perinatology -- 4 Related Mesh Subjects   4

Perineurium -- See Peripheral Nerves

The nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord, including the autonomic, cranial, and spinal nerves. Peripheral nerves contain non-neuronal cells and connective tissue as well as axons. The connective tissue layers include, from the outside to the inside, the epineurium, the perineurium, and the endoneurium.
Periodical   26

Periodicals -- See Periodical

Publication intended to be issued on an ongoing basis, generally more frequently than annually, containing separate articles, stories, or writings.
Periodicals   6
Periodicals As Topic   3
Periodicals As Topic Canada Directory   1986 1
Periodicals As Topic Directory   2
Periodicals As Topic History : Coyer, Megan J.,  2017 1
Periodicals As Topic Indexes   3
Periodicals As Topic Nurses Instruction : Oermann, Marilyn H.  2010 1
Periodicals As Topic United States : Dworkin, Shari L.  2009 1
Periodicity   4
Periodicity Popular Works : Smolensky, Michael H.  2004 1
Periodontal Diseases : Blicher, Brooke,  2016 1
Periodontal Diseases Diagnosis : Robbins, J. William,  2016 1
Perioperative Care   4
Perioperative Care Handbooks   3
Perioperative Care Methods   2007 1
Perioperative Care Nursing : Wicker, Paul.  2006 1
  Perioperative Nursing -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2
Perioperative Nursing   19
Perioperative Nursing Education   2016 1
Perioperative Nursing Handbooks   2011 1
Perioperative Nursing Methods   4
Perioperative Nursing Programmed Instruction : Goodman, Terri.  2014 1
Perioperative Nursing Standards   4

Peripheral Angiopathies -- See Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Pathological processes involving any one of the BLOOD VESSELS in the vasculature outside the HEART.

Peripheral Autoimmune Demyelinating Disease -- See Polyradiculoneuropathy

Diseases characterized by injury or dysfunction involving multiple peripheral nerves and nerve roots. The process may primarily affect myelin or nerve axons. Two of the more common demyelinating forms are acute inflammatory polyradiculopathy (GUILLAIN-BARRE SYNDROME) and POLYRADICULONEUROPATHY, CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEMYELINATING. Polyradiculoneuritis refers to inflammation of multiple peripheral nerves and spinal nerve roots.

Peripheral Nerve Diseases -- See Peripheral Nervous System Diseases

Diseases of the peripheral nerves external to the brain and spinal cord, which includes diseases of the nerve roots, ganglia, plexi, autonomic nerves, sensory nerves, and motor nerves.
Peripheral Nerves Pathology : Senneff, John A.  1999 1

Peripheral Nervous System -- See Also Neural Pathways

Neural tracts connecting one part of the nervous system with another.
Peripheral Nervous System Diseases   3
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