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P R C -- See China


P R China -- See China


P50 Evoked Potential -- See Evoked Potentials

Electrical responses recorded from nerve, muscle, SENSORY RECEPTOR, or area of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM following stimulation. They range from less than a microvolt to several microvolts. The evoked potential can be auditory (EVOKED POTENTIALS, AUDITORY), somatosensory (EVOKED POTENTIALS, SOMATOSENSORY), visual (EVOKED POTENTIALS, VISUAL), or motor (EVOKED POTENTIALS, MOTOR), or other modalities that have been reported.

Pa -- See Philadelphia (Pa.)

Pacemaker Artificial Popular Works : Sonnenburg, David,  1982 1

Pacemakers Biological -- See Biological Clocks

The physiological mechanisms that govern the rhythmic occurrence of certain biochemical, physiological, and behavioral phenomena.

Pachymeningitis -- See Meningitis

Inflammation of the coverings of the brain and/or spinal cord, which consist of the PIA MATER; ARACHNOID; and DURA MATER. Infections (viral, bacterial, and fungal) are the most common causes of this condition, but subarachnoid hemorrhage (HEMORRHAGES, SUBARACHNOID), chemical irritation (chemical MENINGITIS), granulomatous conditions, neoplastic conditions (CARCINOMATOUS MENINGITIS), and other inflammatory conditions may produce this syndrome. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1994, Ch24, p6)

Pachyonychia Congenita -- See Also Nails, Malformed

Deformities in nail structure or appearance, including hypertrophy, splitting, clubbing, furrowing, etc. Genetic diseases such as PACHYONYCHIA CONGENITA can result in malformed nails.

Pacific Island Americans -- See Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands.
Pacific Islands Conflict Psychological Congresses   2005 1
Pacific Islands Social Change Congresses   2005 1
Pacific Islands Social Conditions Congresses   2005 1
Pacifiers Contraindications   2012 1

Packaging Drug -- See Drug Packaging

Containers, packaging, and packaging materials for drugs and BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS. These include those in ampule, capsule, tablet, solution or other forms. Packaging includes immediate-containers, secondary-containers, and cartons. In the United States, such packaging is controlled under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act which also stipulates requirements for tamper-resistance and child-resistance. Similar laws govern use elsewhere. (From Code of Federal Regulations, 21 CFR 1 Section 210, 1993) DRUG LABELING is also available.

Pagophilus Groenlandicus -- See Seals, Earless

The family Phocidae, suborder PINNIPEDIA, order CARNIVORA, comprising the true seals. They lack external ears and are unable to use their hind flippers to walk. It includes over 18 species including the harp seal, probably the best known seal species in the world.
  Pain -- 3 Related Mesh Subjects   3
Pain   8

Pain Assessment -- See Pain Measurement

Scales, questionnaires, tests, and other methods used to assess pain severity and duration in patients or experimental animals to aid in diagnosis, therapy, and physiological studies.
Pain Diagnosis   1988 1

Pain Disorder -- See Somatoform Disorders

Disorders having the presence of physical symptoms that suggest a general medical condition but that are not fully explained by another medical condition, by the direct effects of a substance, or by another mental disorder. The MEDICALLY UNEXPLAINED SYMPTOMS must cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other areas of functioning. In contrast to FACTITIOUS DISORDERS and MALINGERING, the physical symptoms are not under voluntary control. (APA, DSM-V)
Pain Drug Therapy : Pasero, Chris.  2011 1
Pain Etiology Personal Narratives   2

Pain Facial -- See Facial Pain

Pain in the facial region including orofacial pain and craniofacial pain. Associated conditions include local inflammatory and neoplastic disorders and neuralgic syndromes involving the trigeminal, facial, and glossopharyngeal nerves. Conditions which feature recurrent or persistent facial pain as the primary manifestation of disease are referred to as FACIAL PAIN SYNDROMES.
Pain History   2

Pain Insensitivity Congenital -- See Also Pain

An unpleasant sensation induced by noxious stimuli which are detected by NERVE ENDINGS of NOCICEPTIVE NEURONS.

Pain Intensity -- See Pain Measurement

Scales, questionnaires, tests, and other methods used to assess pain severity and duration in patients or experimental animals to aid in diagnosis, therapy, and physiological studies.
Pain Interview : Rosenfeld, Arthur.  2003 1
Pain Intractable Psychology : Roy, Ranjan.  2008 1
Pain Intractable Surgery   2
Pain Intractable Therapy : Roy, Ranjan.  2008 1

Pain Management -- See Also Chronic Disease

Diseases which have one or more of the following characteristics: they are permanent, leave residual disability, are caused by nonreversible pathological alteration, require special training of the patient for rehabilitation, or may be expected to require a long period of supervision, observation, or care (Dictionary of Health Services Management, 2d ed). For epidemiological studies chronic disease often includes HEART DISEASES; STROKE; CANCER; and diabetes (DIABETES MELLITUS, TYPE 2).
Pain Management   31
Pain Management Handbooks   1996 1
Pain Management History   2
Pain Management Methods   2
Pain Management Personal Narratives   2
Pain Management Popular Works   6
Pain Management Psychology : Darnall, Beth,  2019 1
Pain Measurement   2
Pain Measurement Methods : Pasero, Chris.  2011 1
Pain Nursing   2
Pain Perception : Cervero, Fernando.  2012 1
Pain Personal Narratives   2
Pain Physiopathology : Biro, David,  2010 1
Pain Popular Works   5
Pain Postoperative Therapy : Brown, Matthew  2021 1
Pain Prevention And Contol Popular Works : Turk, Dennis C,  2006 1
Pain Prevention And Control   2
Pain Prevention And Control Popular Works : Aaslid, Elisabeth,  2001 1
Pain Psychology   11
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