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Inhalation Drug Administration -- See Administration, Inhalation

The administration of drugs by the respiratory route. It includes insufflation into the respiratory tract.
Inhalation Exposure History : Mitman, Gregg.  2007 1

Inhalation Of Drugs -- See Administration, Inhalation

The administration of drugs by the respiratory route. It includes insufflation into the respiratory tract.

Inhalation Therapy -- See Respiratory Therapy

Care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities associated with the cardiopulmonary system. It includes the therapeutic use of medical gases and their administrative apparatus, environmental control systems, humidification, aerosols, ventilatory support, bronchopulmonary drainage and exercise, respiratory rehabilitation, assistance with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and maintenance of natural, artificial, and mechanical airways.
Inhibition Psychological   9

Inhibition Psychology -- See Inhibition, Psychological

The interference with or prevention of a behavioral or verbal response even though the stimulus for that response is present; in psychoanalysis the unconscious restraining of an instinctual process.
Injections   2021 1
Injections Intravenous   3
Injections Intravenous Guideline   2
Injections Intravenous Handbooks   2008 1
Injections Intravenous Methods Handbooks   2011 1
Injections Intravenous Nurses Instruction   2008 1

Injuries -- See Wounds and Injuries

Damage inflicted on the body as the direct or indirect result of an external force, with or without disruption of structural continuity.
Injuries Mountaineering Personal Narratives : Van Tilburg, Christopher.  2007 1
Injuries Musculoskeletal System   2
Injuries Running : Micheli, Lyle J.,  1996 1
Ink Blot Tests : Holtzman, Wayne H.  1961 1

Innate Behavior -- See Instinct

Stereotyped patterns of response, characteristic of a given species, that have been phylogenetically adapted to a specific type of situation.

Innate Inflammatory Response -- See Inflammation

A pathological process characterized by injury or destruction of tissues caused by a variety of cytologic and chemical reactions. It is usually manifested by typical signs of pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function.

Inner Planets -- See Also the narrower term Mars (Planet)


Innovation Diffusion -- See Diffusion of Innovation

The broad dissemination of new ideas, procedures, techniques, materials, and devices and the degree to which these are accepted and used.

Innovativeness -- See Creativity

The ability to generate new ideas or images.

Inokuchi Mura Hiroshima Ken Japan -- See Also Hiroshima-shi (Japan)


Inorganic Phosphate -- See Phosphates

Inorganic salts of phosphoric acid.
Inpatients   5
Inpatients Psychology   2

Insanity Defense -- See Also Mental Competency

The ability to understand the nature and effect of the act in which the individual is engaged. (From Black's Law Dictionary, 6th ed).
Insanity Defense   5
Insanity Defense History : Burtinshaw, Kathryn M.,  2018 1
Insanity Defense United States   3
Insanity Defense United States Case Reports : Markman, Ronald,  1989 1
Insanity Defense United States Legislation : Perlin, Michael L.,  2000 1

Insect Control -- See Also Pest Control, Biological

Use of naturally-occuring or genetically-engineered organisms to reduce or eliminate populations of pests.
Insect Control   4
Insect Control Congresses   1987 1
Insect Control History : Russell, Edmund,  2001 1
Insect Vectors   2
Insecta   6
Insecta Classification : Borror, Donald J.  1970 1
Insecticides Organochlorine : Thornton, Joe.  2000 1

Insects -- See Insecta

Members of the phylum ARTHROPODA composed or organisms characterized by division into three parts: head, thorax, and abdomen. They are the dominant group of animals on earth with several hundred thousand different kinds. Three orders, HEMIPTERA; DIPTERA; and SIPHONAPTERA; are of medical interest in that they cause disease in humans and animals. (From Borror et al., An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 4th ed, p1).

Insemination Artificial -- See Also Fertilization in Vitro

An assisted reproductive technique that includes the direct handling and manipulation of oocytes and sperm to achieve fertilization in vitro.
Insemination Artificial   1990 1
Insemination Artificial Heterologous Ethics : Jacobson, Heather.  2016 1
Insemination Artificial Popular Works : Andrews, Lori B.,  1984 1
Inservice Training   4
Inservice Training Methods   3
Inservice Training Organization And Administration   2

Insignia -- See Emblems and Insignia

Figures or symbols identifying or representing organizations or societies.

Insomnia -- See Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders

Disorders characterized by impairment of the ability to initiate or maintain sleep. This may occur as a primary disorder or in association with another medical or psychiatric condition.
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