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100 1  Nattrass, Nicoli. 
245 14 The AIDS conspiracy :|bscience fights back /|cNicoli 
264  1 New York :|bColumbia University Press,|c[2012] 
264  4 |c©2012 
300    viii, 225 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages [165]-216) and 
505 0  The conspiratorial move against HIV science and its 
       consequences -- AIDS origin conspiracy theories in the 
       United States and South Africa -- Who believes AIDS 
       conspiracy theories and why leadership matters -- Science,
       politics, and credibility : David Gilbert fights AIDS 
       conspiracy beliefs in US prisons -- Science, conspiracy 
       theory, and the South African AIDS policy tragedy -- Hero 
       scientists, cultropreneurs, living icons, and praise-
       singers : AIDS denialism as community -- Defending the 
       imprimatur of science : Duesberg and the medical 
       hypotheses saga -- The conspiratorial move and the 
       struggle for evidence-based medicine. 
520    Since the early days of the AIDS epidemic, many bizarre 
       and dangerous hypotheses have been advanced to explain the
       origins of the disease. In this compelling book, Nicoli 
       Nattrass explores the social and political factors 
       prolonging the erroneous belief that the American 
       government manufactured the human immunodeficiency virus 
       (HIV) to be used as a biological weapon, as well as the 
       myth's consequences for behavior, especially within 
       African American and black South African communities. 
       Contemporary AIDS denialism, the belief that HIV is 
       harmless and that antiretroviral drugs are the true cause 
       of AIDS, is a more insidious AIDS conspiracy theory. 
       Advocates of this position make a "conspiratorial move" 
       against HIV science by implying its methods cannot be 
       trusted and that untested, alternative therapies are safer
       than antiretrovirals. These claims are genuinely life-
       threatening, as tragically demonstrated in South Africa 
       when the delay of antiretroviral treatment resulted in 
       nearly 333,000 AIDS deaths and 180,000 HIV infections -- a
       tragedy of stunning proportions. Nattrass identifies four 
       symbolically powerful figures ensuring the lifespan of 
       AIDS denialism: the hero scientist (dissident scientists 
       who lend credibility to the movement); the cultropreneur 
       (alternative therapists who exploit the conspiratorial 
       move as a marketing mechanism); the living icon 
       (individuals who claim to be living proof of AIDS 
       denialism's legitimacy); and the praise-singer 
       (journalists who broadcast movement messages to the 
       public). Nattrass also describes how pro-science activists
       have fought back by deploying empirical evidence and 
       political credibility to resist AIDS conspiracy theories, 
       which is part of the crucial project to defend evidence-
       based medicine.--|provided by publisher. 
650  0 AIDS (Disease)|xTransmission. 
650  0 HIV infections|zUnited States. 
650  0 HIV infections|zSouth Africa. 
650  0 AIDS (Disease)|zUnited States. 
650  0 AIDS (Disease)|zSouth Africa. 
650  0 Medical policy|zUnited States. 
650  0 Medical policy|zSouth Africa. 
650  0 Conspiracy theories. 
650  0 Public opinion|zUnited States. 
650  0 Public opinion|zSouth Africa. 
650 12 HIV Infections|zSouth Africa. 
650 12 HIV Infections|zUnited States. 
650 22 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome|zSouth Africa. 
650 22 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome|zUnited States. 
650 22 Health Policy|zSouth Africa. 
650 22 Health Policy|zUnited States. 
650 22 Public Opinion|zSouth Africa. 
650 22 Public Opinion|zUnited States. 
710 2  Columbia University.|bPress. 
994    02|bWHP 
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