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Depressive Disorder Personal Narratives   2
Depressive Disorder Popular Works   6
Depressive Disorder Prevention And Control   3
Depressive Disorder Psychology   8
Depressive Disorder Therapy   28
Depressive Disorder Therapy Case Reports   2
Depressive Disorder Therapy Personal Narratives : Thompson, Derek.  2011 1
Depressive Disorder Therapy United States   2008 1
Depressive Disorder Treatment Resistant Diagnosis : MacKinnon, Dean F.,  2016 1
Depressive Disorder Treatment Resistant Therapy : MacKinnon, Dean F.,  2016 1
Depressive Disorder United States   2013 1

Depressive Symptoms -- See Depression

Depressive states usually of moderate intensity in contrast with MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER present in neurotic and psychotic disorders.

Depressive Syndrome -- See Depressive Disorder

An affective disorder manifested by either a dysphoric mood or loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. The mood disturbance is prominent and relatively persistent.

Dermal Drug Administration -- See Administration, Cutaneous

The application of suitable drug dosage forms to the skin for either local or systemic effects.
  Dermal Fillers -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2
Dermatitis   2012 1

Dermatitis Actinic -- See Photosensitivity Disorders

Abnormal responses to sunlight or artificial light due to extreme reactivity of light-absorbing molecules in tissues. It refers almost exclusively to skin photosensitivity, including sunburn, reactions due to repeated prolonged exposure in the absence of photosensitizing factors, and reactions requiring photosensitizing factors such as photosensitizing agents and certain diseases. With restricted reference to skin tissue, it does not include photosensitivity of the eye to light, as in photophobia or photosensitive epilepsy.
Dermatitis Toxicodendron Therapy : Hauser, Susan,  2008 1
Dermatologic Agents Pharmacokinetics   2012 1
Dermatologic Agents Pharmacology : Baumann, Leslie,  2015 1
  Dermatologic Surgical Procedures -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2
Dermatologic Surgical Procedures   2018 1

Dermatology -- See Also Skin Diseases

Diseases involving the DERMIS or EPIDERMIS.
Dermatology   3
Dermatology Encyclopedias : Turkington, Carol.  1996 1
Dermatology Philadelphia : Hornblum, Allen M.  1998 1

Dermatosclerosis -- See Scleroderma, Localized

A term used to describe a variety of localized asymmetrical SKIN thickening that is similar to those of SYSTEMIC SCLERODERMA but without the disease features in the multiple internal organs and BLOOD VESSELS. Lesions may be characterized as patches or plaques (morphea), bands (linear), or nodules.

Dermatoses -- See Skin Diseases

Diseases involving the DERMIS or EPIDERMIS.
Description And Travel Austria   2007 1

Descriptors -- See Subject Headings

Terms or expressions which provide the major means of access by subject to the bibliographic unit.
Desensitization Psychologic : Dworkin, Mark,  2005 1
Desensitization Psychologic Methods   4

Deseret -- See Also Utah


Designer Drug -- See Designer Drugs

Drugs designed and synthesized, often for illegal street use, by modification of existing drug structures (e.g., amphetamines). Of special interest are MPTP (a reverse ester of meperidine), MDA (3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine), and MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Many drugs act on the aminergic system, the physiologically active biogenic amines.
  Designer Drugs -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2
Designer Drugs   2006 1
Designer Drugs Adverse Effects : Karch, Steven B.  2009 1
Designer Drugs Poisoning Handbooks   2006 1

Detained Persons -- See Prisoners

Persons deprived of their liberty; those held is against their will, or who are kept in confinement or custody.

Determination Of Health Care Needs -- See Needs Assessment

Systematic identification of a population's needs or the assessment of individuals to determine the proper level of services needed.
Deutsch Morton 1920   2011 1

Deutsches Reich -- See Germany


Deutschland -- See Germany

Developed Countries   2
Developed Countries History : Bourdelais, Patrice.  2006 1
Developed Countries United States : Reid, T. R.  2009 1
Developing Countries   23
Developing Countries Congresses   1990 1
Developing Countries Economics   2
Developing Countries Nepal : Relin, David Oliver.  2013 1
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