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Mark   Year Entries
Cross Cultural Comparison North America   2008 1
Cross Cultural Comparison Northern Territory   2005 1
Cross Cultural Comparison Popular Works : Rodriguez, Richard,  1992 1
Cross Cultural Comparison Statistics   2006 1
Cross Cultural Comparison United States   19
Cross Cultural Comparison United States Congresses : Symposium on African American Perspectives in Bioethics  2007 1
Cross Cultural Studies   3
Cross Cultural Studies Popular Works : Roughgarden, Joan.  2004 1
  Cross Infection -- 3 Related Mesh Subjects   3
Cross Infection Prevention And Control   2
Cross Sectional Studies : Mumford, Michael D.  1990 1

Crossbite -- See Malocclusion

Such malposition and contact of the maxillary and mandibular teeth as to interfere with the highest efficiency during the excursive movements of the jaw that are essential for mastication. (Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982)

Crossbreeding -- See Hybridization, Genetic

The genetic process of crossbreeding between genetically dissimilar parents to produce a hybrid.
  Crosses Genetic -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2
Crowding : Le Bon, Gustave,  1908 1
Crows : Marzluff, John M.  2005 1

Cruciate Ligament Anterior -- See Anterior Cruciate Ligament

A strong ligament of the knee that originates from the posteromedial portion of the lateral condyle of the femur, passes anteriorly and inferiorly between the condyles, and attaches to the depression in front of the intercondylar eminence of the tibia.

Crude Death Rate -- See Mortality

All deaths reported in a given population.

Crude Mortality Rate -- See Mortality

All deaths reported in a given population.

Crude Oil -- See Petroleum

Naturally occurring complex liquid hydrocarbons which, after distillation, yield combustible fuels, petrochemicals, and lubricants.
Crutches Popular Works : Pryor, Sally R.,  1991 1
Crying   2
Crying Prevention And Control Popular Works : Karp, Harvey.  2003 1
Crystallography History : Sayre, Anne.  1975 1
Crystals : Bullis, Douglas.  1990 1

Csa Confederate States Of America -- See Confederate States of America


Ct Scan Radionuclide -- See Tomography, Emission-Computed

Tomography using radioactive emissions from injected RADIONUCLIDES and computer ALGORITHMS to reconstruct an image.

Ct Scan Single Photon Emission -- See Tomography, Emission-Computed, Single-Photon

A method of computed tomography that uses radionuclides which emit a single photon of a given energy. The camera is rotated 180 or 360 degrees around the patient to capture images at multiple positions along the arc. The computer is then used to reconstruct the transaxial, sagittal, and coronal images from the 3-dimensional distribution of radionuclides in the organ. The advantages of SPECT are that it can be used to observe biochemical and physiological processes as well as size and volume of the organ. The disadvantage is that, unlike positron-emission tomography where the positron-electron annihilation results in the emission of 2 photons at 180 degrees from each other, SPECT requires physical collimation to line up the photons, which results in the loss of many available photons and hence degrades the image.

Ct Scan X Ray -- See Tomography, X-Ray Computed

Tomography using x-ray transmission and a computer algorithm to reconstruct the image.

Ctg Antepartum -- See Cardiotocography

Monitoring of FETAL HEART frequency before birth in order to assess impending prematurity in relation to the pattern or intensity of antepartum UTERINE CONTRACTION.
Cuba : Wedel, Johan,  2004 1
Cuba Communism : Spooner, Mary Helen,  2014 1
Cuba Delivery Of Health Care : Spooner, Mary Helen,  2014 1
Cuba Health Policy : Spooner, Mary Helen,  2014 1
Cuba National Health Programs : Spooner, Mary Helen,  2014 1
Cuba Quality Of Health Care : Spooner, Mary Helen,  2014 1

Cuban Americans -- See Hispanic or Latino

A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race ( In the United States it is used for classification of federal government data on race and ethnicity. Race and ethnicity terms are self-identified social construct and may include terms outdated and offensive in MeSH to assist users who are interested in retrieving comprehensive search results for studies such as in longitudinal studies.

Cuff Rotator -- See Rotator Cuff

The musculotendinous sheath formed by the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor muscles. These help stabilize the HUMERAL HEAD in the GLENOID CAVITY of the SCAPULA and allow for rotation of the SHOULDER JOINT about its longitudinal axis.
Culkin Jennifer 1958 : Culkin, Jennifer,  2009 1

Cultural Body Modification -- See Body Modification, Non-Therapeutic

The wounding of the body or body parts by branding, cutting, piercing (BODY PIERCING), or TATTOOING as a cultural practice or expression of creativity or identity.

Cultural Characteristics -- See Also Cross-Cultural Comparison

Comparison of various psychological, sociological, or cultural factors in order to assess the similarities or diversities occurring in two or more different cultures or societies.
Cultural Characteristics   31
Cultural Characteristics Africa   2011 1
Cultural Characteristics Asia   1993 1
Cultural Characteristics Asia Southeastern Case Reports   2003 1
Cultural Characteristics California Popular Works : Rodriguez, Richard,  1992 1
Cultural Characteristics Case Reports : Pedersen, Paul,  1995 1
Cultural Characteristics China Personal Narratives : Kingston, Maxine Hong.  1989 1
Cultural Characteristics Encyclopedias English   2014 1
Cultural Characteristics Europe : Stuart, Tristram.  2007 1
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