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Cell Phones Sweden Popular Works : Nordström, Gunni,  2004 1
Cell Physiological Phenomena   7
Cell Physiological Phenomena Genetics : Clark, David P.,  2019 1
Cell Physiological Phenomena Juvenile Literature : DuPrau, Jeanne.  2002 1
Cell Physiological Phenomena Physiology   2011 1

Cell Physiological Processes -- See Cell Physiological Phenomena

Cellular processes, properties, and characteristics.

Cell Physiology -- See Cell Physiological Phenomena

Cellular processes, properties, and characteristics.

Cell Plasticity -- See Also Neuronal Plasticity

The capacity of the NERVOUS SYSTEM to change its reactivity as the result of successive activations.
Cell Proliferation   2009 1
Cell Proliferation Ethics   2009 1

Cell Self Renewal -- See Also Stem Cells

Relatively undifferentiated cells that retain the ability to divide and proliferate throughout postnatal life to provide progenitor cells that can differentiate into specialized cells.

Cell Signaling -- See Signal Transduction

The intracellular transfer of information (biological activation/inhibition) through a signal pathway. In each signal transduction system, an activation/inhibition signal from a biologically active molecule (hormone, neurotransmitter) is mediated via the coupling of a receptor/enzyme to a second messenger system or to an ion channel. Signal transduction plays an important role in activating cellular functions, cell differentiation, and cell proliferation. Examples of signal transduction systems are the GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID-postsynaptic receptor-calcium ion channel system, the receptor-mediated T-cell activation pathway, and the receptor-mediated activation of phospholipases. Those coupled to membrane depolarization or intracellular release of calcium include the receptor-mediated activation of cytotoxic functions in granulocytes and the synaptic potentiation of protein kinase activation. Some signal transduction pathways may be part of larger signal transduction pathways; for example, protein kinase activation is part of the platelet activation signal pathway.
Cell Survival   2009 1

Cell Therapy -- See Cell- and Tissue-Based Therapy

Therapies that involve the TRANSPLANTATION of CELLS or TISSUES developed for the purpose of restoring the function of diseased or dysfunctional cells or tissues.

Cell To Cell Interaction -- See Cell Communication

Any of several ways in which living cells of an organism communicate with one another, whether by direct contact between cells or by means of chemical signals carried by neurotransmitter substances, hormones, and cyclic AMP.
Cell Transformation Neoplastic   3
Cell Transformation Neoplastic Genetics : Pecorino, Lauren.  2005 1

Cell Transplantation -- See Also Transplantation Immunology

A general term for the complex phenomena involved in allo- and xenograft rejection by a host and graft vs host reaction. Although the reactions involved in transplantation immunology are primarily thymus-dependent phenomena of cellular immunity, humoral factors also play a part in late rejection.

Cell Transplants -- See Transplants

Organs, tissues, or cells taken from the body for grafting into another area of the same body or into another individual.

Cell Viability -- See Cell Survival

The span of viability of a cell characterized by the capacity to perform certain functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, some form of responsiveness, and adaptability.
Cells   14

Cells Cultured -- See Also Cell Culture Techniques

Methods for maintaining or growing CELLS in vitro.
Cells Cytology : Wolpert, L.  2009 1
Cells Juvenile Literature : DuPrau, Jeanne.  2002 1

Cells Physiology -- See Cell Physiological Phenomena

Cellular processes, properties, and characteristics.
Cells Problems And Exercises : Wilson, John.  2002 1

Cellular Apoptosis Susceptibility Protein -- See Also Apoptosis

A regulated cell death mechanism characterized by distinctive morphologic changes in the nucleus and cytoplasm, including the endonucleolytic cleavage of genomic DNA, at regularly spaced, internucleosomal sites, i.e., DNA FRAGMENTATION. It is genetically programmed and serves as a balance to mitosis in regulating the size of animal tissues and in mediating pathologic processes associated with tumor growth.

Cellular Neurobiology -- See Neurobiology

The study of the structure, growth, activities, and functions of NEURONS and the NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Cellular Phone -- See Cell Phone

Analog or digital communications device in which the user has a wireless connection from a telephone to a nearby transmitter. It is termed cellular because the service area is divided into multiple "cells." As the user moves from one cell area to another, the call is transferred to the local transmitter.

Cellular Proliferation -- See Cell Proliferation

All of the processes involved in increasing CELL NUMBER including CELL DIVISION.

Cellulose -- See Also Paper

Thin sheets made from wood pulp and other fibrous substances, used for writing, drawing, printing, image duplication or wrapping.
Cellulose Popular Works : Cavaiani, Mabel.  1987 1

Celss -- See Ecological Systems, Closed

Systems that provide for the maintenance of life in an isolated living chamber through reutilization of the material available, in particular, by means of a cycle wherein exhaled carbon dioxide, urine, and other waste matter are converted chemically or by photosynthesis into oxygen, water, and food. (NASA Thesaurus, 1988)

Cenia -- See Kenya


Censorship Research -- See Also Ethics

The philosophy or code pertaining to what is ideal in human character and conduct. Also, the field of study dealing with the principles of morality.
Censuses United States Statistics : United States.  2007 1
Centers For Disease Control U S : Panem, Sandra,  1988 1
Centers For Disease Control U S Epidemic Intelligence Service : Pendergrast, Mark.  2010 1
Centers For Disease Control U S Epidemic Intelligence Service History Popular Works : McKenna, Maryn.  2004 1
Central America   2002 1

Central America Federal Republic -- See Also Nicaragua


Central Government Of The Peoples Republic Of China -- See China

Central Nervous System Abnormalities In Infancy And Childhood : Bannister, Carys M.  1991 1
Central Nervous System Agents Metabolism : Howard, Sherrel G.,  2014 1
Central Nervous System Agents Pharmacokinetics   2
Central Nervous System Agents Pharmacology : Nestler, Eric J.  2009 1
Central Nervous System Agents Therapeutic Use   2009 1
Central Nervous System Agents Toxicity : Barceloux, Donald G.  2012 1
Central Nervous System Anatomy And Histology   3
Central Nervous System Anatomy And Histology Atlases : DeArmond, Stephen J.  1989 1
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