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Alzheimer Disease Prevention And Control Popular Works   2
Alzheimer Disease Psychology   8
Alzheimer Disease Psychology Popular Works   2002 1
Alzheimer Disease Rehabilitation   4
Alzheimer Disease Therapy   11
Alzheimer Disease Therapy Popular Works   2
Alzheimer Disease United States : Kosik, K. S.  2010 1

Alzheimers Diseases -- See Alzheimer Disease

A degenerative disease of the BRAIN characterized by the insidious onset of DEMENTIA. Impairment of MEMORY, judgment, attention span, and problem solving skills are followed by severe APRAXIAS and a global loss of cognitive abilities. The condition primarily occurs after age 60, and is marked pathologically by severe cortical atrophy and the triad of SENILE PLAQUES; NEUROFIBRILLARY TANGLES; and NEUROPIL THREADS. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1049-57)

Amaurosis -- See Blindness

The inability to see or the loss or absence of perception of visual stimuli. This condition may be the result of EYE DISEASES; OPTIC NERVE DISEASES; OPTIC CHIASM diseases; or BRAIN DISEASES affecting the VISUAL PATHWAYS or OCCIPITAL LOBE.

Amazon Dolphins -- See Dolphins

Mammals of the families Delphinidae (ocean dolphins), Iniidae, Lipotidae, Pontoporiidae, and Platanistidae (all river dolphins). Among the most well-known species are the BOTTLE-NOSED DOLPHIN and the KILLER WHALE (a dolphin). The common name dolphin is applied to small cetaceans having a beaklike snout and a slender, streamlined body, whereas PORPOISES are small cetaceans with a blunt snout and rather stocky body. (From Walker's Mammals of the World, 5th ed, pp978-9)
Ambassadors Ussr Biyography : Dobrynin, Anatoliń≠ Fedorovich,  1995 1

Ambidexterity -- See Functional Laterality

Behavioral manifestations of cerebral dominance in which there is preferential use and superior functioning of either the left or the right side, as in the preferred use of the right hand or right foot.
Ambulances : Evatt, G. J. H.  1884 1

Ambulances Air -- See Air Ambulances

Fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters equipped for air transport of patients.

Ambulation -- See Walking

An activity in which the body advances at a slow to moderate pace by moving the feet in a coordinated fashion. This includes recreational walking, walking for fitness, and competitive race-walking.
Ambulatory Care   10

Ambulatory Care Facilities Hospital -- See Outpatient Clinics, Hospital

Organized services in a hospital which provide medical care on an outpatient basis.
Ambulatory Care Facilities United States Directory : Neal-Schuman Publishers.  1980 1
Ambulatory Care Methods   2014 1

Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions -- See Also Quality of Health Care

The levels of excellence which characterize the health service or health care provided based on accepted standards of quality.
Ambulatory Care United States   2

Ambulatory Monitoring -- See Monitoring, Ambulatory

The use of electronic equipment to observe or record physiologic processes while the patient undergoes normal daily activities.

Ambulatory Surgery -- See Ambulatory Surgical Procedures

Surgery performed on an outpatient basis. It may be hospital-based or performed in an office or surgicenter.

Ameerika Uhendriigid -- See United States

Ameisen Olivier 1953 : Ameisen, Olivier,  2009 1

America -- See Americas

The general name for NORTH AMERICA; CENTRAL AMERICA; and SOUTH AMERICA unspecified or combined.

America Republic -- See United States

American Association On Mental Retardation   2006 1
American Cancer Society : Epstein, Samuel S.  2005 1
American Civil War   3

American Civil War 1861 1865 -- See United States History Civil War, 1861-1865

American Civil War Personal Narratives : Whitman, Walt,  2010 1
American Civil War United States : Devine, Shauna,  2014 1
American Cookery Simmons Amelia : Stavely, Keith W. F.,  2017 1
American Counseling Association : Herlihy, Barbara,  2015 1
American Fertility Society   1990 1
American Fiction New Mexico   1987 1

American Football -- See Football

A competitive team sport played on a rectangular field.This is the American version of the game. It does not include non-North American football (= SOCCER).
American Heart Association : Wheeler, Cass.  2009 1

American History -- See United States History

American Indian Or Alaska Native History : Erdrich, Louise,  2021 1
American Indian Or Alaska Native Legislation And Jurisprudence : Erdrich, Louise,  2021 1
American National Red Cross   2
American Native Continental Ancestry Group Genetics : Raff, Jennifer,  2022 1
American Pharmaceutical Association   2005 1
American Poetry : Prelutsky, Jack.  1986 1
American Poetry Men Authors   1983 1
American Psychological Association   2

American Recovery And Reinvestment Act -- See Also Medical Informatics

The field of information science concerned with the analysis and dissemination of medical data through the application of computers to various aspects of health care and medicine.

American Revolution 1775 1783 -- See United States History Revolution, 1775-1783

--subdivision History--Revolution, 1775-1783 under names of regions, states, cities, etc.
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