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Acute Pain -- See Also Chronic Pain

Aching sensation that persists for more than a few months. It may or may not be associated with trauma or disease, and may persist after the initial injury has healed. Its localization, character, and timing are more vague than with acute pain.

Acute Rheumatic Fever -- See Rheumatic Fever

A febrile disease occurring as a delayed sequela of infections with STREPTOCOCCUS PYOGENES. It is characterized by multiple focal inflammatory lesions of the connective tissue structures, such as the heart, blood vessels, and joints (POLYARTHRITIS) and brain, and by the presence of ASCHOFF BODIES in the myocardium and skin.

Adalimumab -- See Also Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha

Serum glycoprotein produced by activated MACROPHAGES and other mammalian MONONUCLEAR LEUKOCYTES. It has necrotizing activity against tumor cell lines and increases ability to reject tumor transplants. Also known as TNF-alpha, it is only 30% homologous to TNF-beta (LYMPHOTOXIN), but they share TNF RECEPTORS.
Adams John 1735 1826 Drama   2002 1
Adaptability Psychology   11
Adaptability Psychology Popular Works   3

Adaptation Biological -- See Also Adaptation, Physiological

The non-genetic biological changes of an organism in response to challenges in its ENVIRONMENT.
Adaptation Biological   4
Adaptation Biology : Moore, David Scott,  2002 1
Adaptation Physiological   10
Adaptation Physiological Physiology : Power, Michael L.  2009 1
Adaptation Physiology   2

Adaptation Psychological -- See Also Social Adjustment

Adaptation of the person to the social environment. Adjustment may take place by adapting the self to the environment or by changing the environment. (From Campbell, Psychiatric Dictionary, 1996).
Adaptation Psychological   167
Adaptation Psychological Bibliography : Rudman, Masha Kabakow.  1993 1
Adaptation Psychological Case Reports   2
Adaptation Psychological Congresses   3
Adaptation Psychological Nursing Texts : Garland, LaRetta M.  1982 1
Adaptation Psychological Personal Narratives   2
Adaptation Psychological Popular Works   5
Adaptation Psychological United States   3
Adaptation Psychological United States Directory   2000 1
Adaptation Psychological United States Personal Narratives : Jamison, Kay R.  2009 1
Adaptation Psychology : Felber, Marta.  2000 1
Adaptation Psychologycal : Hale, Pamela.  2012 1

Adaptive Immunity -- See Also Immunity, Innate

The capacity of a normal organism to remain unaffected by microorganisms and their toxins. It results from the presence of naturally occurring ANTI-INFECTIVE AGENTS, constitutional factors such as BODY TEMPERATURE and immediate acting immune cells such as NATURAL KILLER CELLS.
Adaptive Immunity   2015 1
Addiction Medicine Ethics : Pence, Gregory E.,  2020 1

Addictive Behavior -- See Behavior, Addictive

The observable, measurable, and often pathological activity of an organism that portrays its inability to overcome a habit resulting in an insatiable craving for a substance or for performing certain acts. The addictive behavior includes the emotional and physical overdependence on the object of habit in increasing amount or frequency.
Addison Disease Popular Works : Wilson, James L.  2001 1
Address : Huxley, Thomas Henry,  1863 1

Addresses -- See Address

Work consisting of speeches, orations, or written statements, usually formal, directed to a particular group of persons. These are different from a LECTURE that is usually delivered to classes for instructional purposes.
Addresses   2
Addresses Essays Lectures Educational Sociology Great Britain   1986 1

Adenohypophyseal Hormones -- See Pituitary Hormones, Anterior

Hormones secreted by the adenohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, ANTERIOR). Structurally, they include polypeptide, protein, and glycoprotein molecules.
  Adenoma Acidophil -- 2 Related Mesh Subjects   2

Adenoma Prostatic -- See Prostatic Hyperplasia

Increase in constituent cells in the PROSTATE, leading to enlargement of the organ (hypertrophy) and adverse impact on the lower urinary tract function. This can be caused by increased rate of cell proliferation, reduced rate of cell death, or both.

Adhd -- See Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity

A behavior disorder originating in childhood in which the essential features are signs of developmentally inappropriate inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Although most individuals have symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity, one or the other pattern may be predominant. The disorder is more frequent in males than females. Onset is in childhood. Symptoms often attenuate during late adolescence although a minority experience the full complement of symptoms into mid-adulthood. (From DSM-V)

Adipose Tissue -- See Also Lipectomy

Removal of localized SUBCUTANEOUS FAT deposits by SUCTION CURETTAGE or blunt CANNULATION in the cosmetic correction of OBESITY and other esthetic contour defects.
Adipose Tissue Metabolism   2
Adipose Tissue Physiology : Power, Michael L.  2009 1

Adjustment Disorders -- See Also Emotional Adjustment

Psychological process that occurs when an individual adapts to a significant emotional event or stimulus.
Adjustment Disorders   2
Adjustment Disorders Prevention And Control United States : Rickel, Annette U.,  1997 1
Adjustment Psychology : Antoni, Michael H.  2003 1

Adjustment Social -- See Social Adjustment

Adaptation of the person to the social environment. Adjustment may take place by adapting the self to the environment or by changing the environment. (From Campbell, Psychiatric Dictionary, 1996).

Adjuvant Chemotherapy -- See Chemotherapy, Adjuvant

Drug therapy given to augment or stimulate some other form of treatment such as surgery or radiation therapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy is commonly used in the therapy of cancer and can be administered before or after the primary treatment.

Adl -- See Activities of Daily Living

The performance of the basic activities of self care, such as dressing, ambulation, or eating.
Adler Alfred 1870 1937   4

Adme -- See Pharmacokinetics

Dynamic and kinetic mechanisms of exogenous chemical DRUG LIBERATION; ABSORPTION; BIOLOGICAL TRANSPORT; TISSUE DISTRIBUTION; BIOTRANSFORMATION; elimination; and DRUG TOXICITY as a function of dosage, and rate of METABOLISM. LADMER, ADME and ADMET are abbreviations for liberation, absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, and toxicology.
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