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245 10 Lords of the land, lords of the sea; Conflict and 
       adaptation in early colonial Timor, 1600-1800. 
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520    European traders and soldiers established a foothold on 
       Timor in the course of theseventeenth century, motivated 
       by the quest for the commercially vital sandalwood and the
       intense competition between the Dutch and the Portuguese. 
       Lords of the land, lords of the sea focuses on two 
       centuries of contacts between the indigenous polities on 
       Timor and the early colonials, and covers the period 1600-
       1800. In contrast with most previous studies, the book 
       treats Timor as a historical region in its own right, 
       using a wide array of Dutch, Portuguese and other original
       sources, which are compared with the comprehensive corpus 
       of oral tradition recorded on the island. From this rich 
       material, a lively picture emerges of life and death in 
       early Timorese society, the forms of trade, slavery, 
       warfare, alliances, social life, and so forth. The 
       investigation demonstrates that the European groups, 
       although having a role as ordering political forces, were 
       only part of the political landscape of Timor. They relied
       on alliances where the distinction between ally and vassal
       was moot, and led to frequent conflicts and uprisings. 
       During a slow and complicated process, the often turbulent
       political conditions involving Europeans, Eurasians, and 
       Timorese polities, paved the way for the later division of
       Timor into two spheres of roughly equal size. Hans H. 
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