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LEADER 00000cam  2200553 a 4500 
001    ocm24438221  
003    OCoLC 
005    20201005191609.0 
008    930831s1991    iaua     b    000 0 eng d 
010       91142794 
016 7  007788485|2Uk 
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035    (OCoLC)24438221|z(OCoLC)22356665 
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050 04 HV11|b.F42 1990 
055  3 HV 40.5|bF453 1991 
060  4 HV 11 F453 1991 
082 04 361.30711|220 
245 00 Field education in social work :|bcontemporary issues and 
       trends /|cedited by Dean Schneck, Bart Grossman, Urania 
       Glassman ; with an introduction by Alfred E. Kadushin. 
260    Dubuque, Iowa :|bKendall/Hunt Pub. Co.,|c©1991. 
300    335 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |gTABLE OF CONTENTS --|tField education in social work: 
       contemporary issues and trends / Alfred E. Kadushin --
       |tIdeal and reality in field education / Dean Schneck --
       |tThemes and variations: the political economy of field 
       instruction / Bart Grossman --|tFrom commitment to 
       curriculum: the humanistic foundations of field 
       instruction / Ellen Sue Mesbur, Urania Glassman --
       |tDeveloping a process model for field instruction / 
       Marion Bogo, Elaine Vayda --|tIntegration of learning in 
       field education: elusive goal and educational imperative /
       Dean Schneck --|tThe leadership opportunity in fieldwork 
       for responding to change / Dean Schneck --|tInnovative 
       models for field instruction: departing from traditional 
       methods / Elaine Marshak, Urania Glassman --|tA dual 
       matrix structure for field education / Wendy Norberg, Dean
       Schneck --|tField education units revisited: a model for 
       the 1990's / John J. Conklin, Mary C. Borecki --
       |tEvaluating a delayed entry model of first year field 
       work / Bart Grossman, Richard P. Barth --|tA model for 
       group supervision for social work: implications for the 
       profession / Theadora Kaplan --|tThe practice research 
       center: a field/class model to teach research, practice 
       and values / Ami Gantt [and others] --|tOverview of 
       baccalaureate field education: objectives and outcomes / 
       Ellen Sue Mesbur --|tDifferences and commonalities in BSW 
       and MSW field instruction: in search of continuity / Allie
       C. Kilpatrick --|tInnovation in field education / Robert 
       W. McClelland --|tEducational assessment in the field: an 
       opportunity for teacher-learner mutuality / Judith 
       Lemberger, Elaine F. Marshack --|tSharing power: student 
       feedback to field supervisors / Nancy Johnston, Ron Rooney,
       Mary Ann Reitmeir --|tWorking with student's emotional 
       reactions in the field: an educational framework / Bart 
       Grossman, Nancy Levine-Jordano, Paul Shearer --
       |tRecognizing the educational contributions of field 
       instructors / Judith Lacerte, JoAnn Ray --|tThe advanced 
       seminar for field instructors: content and process / 
       Helene Fishbein, Urania Glassman --|tArbiter of change in 
       field education: a critical role for faculty / Dean 
       Schneck --|tThe liaison role: a three phase study of the 
       schools, the field, the faculty / Cynthia Brownstein, 
       Harrison Y. Smith, Geraldine Faria --|tThe access vs. 
       quality dilemma in MSW work- study programs / Rose Starr, 
       Martha Haffey --|tDifferences in undergraduate and 
       graduate practicums: elitism, racism, and classism? / 
       Linda Cherrey Reeser, Robert A. Wertkin, Eddie Davis --
       |tThe implications of part-time programs for field work 
       models: provocative dilemmas and conceptual frameworks / 
       Sylvia Navari --|tEmployment setting as practicum site: a 
       field instruction dilemma / Marcia L. Martin --|tThe older
       student: social work's new majority / Elaine F. Marshack -
       -|tThe open expression of differences in the field 
       practicum: report of a pilot study / Frances B. Raphael, 
       Amy Frank Rosenblum --|tThe gatekeeper role in social work
       : a survey / Carl Hartman, Robert M. Wills --|tDirectors 
       in field education: critical dilemmas / Lillian Hawthorne,
       Reva Fine Holtzman. 
590    03 JUN 93 25.00/28.03 DEFRANCO 
590    03 JUN 93 25.00/28.03 DEFRANCO 
650  0 Social work education|zUnited States. 
650  0 Social service|xFieldwork|zUnited States. 
650  0 Fieldwork (Educational method) 
650  2 Social Work|xeducation|zUnited States. 
650  6 Service social|xÉtude et enseignement|zÉtats-Unis. 
650  6 Service social|zÉtats-Unis|xRecherche sur le terrain. 
650  6 Recherche sur le terrain (Méthode d'enseignement) 
650  7 Fieldwork (Educational method)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01715727 
650  7 Social service|xFieldwork.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01767771 
650  7 Social work education.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01123461 
651  7 United States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204155 
700 1  Schneck, Dean. 
700 1  Grossman, Bart. 
700 1  Glassman, Urania. 
994    C0|bSTJ 
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