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LEADER 00000cgm  2200000Ka 4500 
001    ocn809109155 
003    OCoLC 
005    20121116145035.0 
007    vd msaizq 
008    120904s2012    cau365 j          vaeng d 
020    0780692837 
020    9780780692831:|c$44.98 
024 1  883929236770 
028 42 1000271447|bWarner Home Video. 
035    (OCoLC)809109155 
035    (OCoLC)809109155 
040    TEFMT|beng|cTEFMT|dTEF|dJP3|dCIA|dGPI 
041 1  eng|aspa|jeng|jfre|heng 
049    GPIA 
050  4 PN1997.A1|bL66 2012 
082 04 791.43/75|223 
245 00 Looney tunes platinum collection.|nVolume 2 /|cWarner 
       Bros. Entertainment Inc. 
264  1 Burbank, CA :|bWarner Home Video,|c2012. 
300    3 videodiscs (365 min.) :|bsound, color with black and 
       white sequences ;|c4 3/4 in. + 1 booklet ([28] pages : 
       illustrations (some color) ; 15 cm.) 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier 
500    Title from sell sheet. 
500    Release date: Oct. 16, 2012. 
500    Booklet includes rare images and cartoon guide by 
       historian Jerry Beck. 
500    "Intended for the adult collector and may not be suitable 
       for children." 
500    GMD: videorecording. 
505 00 |gDisc 1.|tA wild hare --|tBuckaroo Bugs --|tLong-haired 
       hare --|tAli Baba bunny --|tShow biz Bugs --|tThe wise 
       quacking duck --|tWhat makes Daffy Duck? --|tBook revue --
       |tDeduce, you say --|tPorky in Wackyland --|tYou ought to 
       be in pictures --|tPorky in Egypt --|tBack alley oproar --
       |tLittle Red Rodent Hood --|tCanned feud --|tGift wrapped 
       --|tBirdy and the beast --|tHome, tweet home --|tGoing! 
       Going! Gosh! --|tZipping along --|tScent-imental Romeo --
       |tThe Foghorn Leghorn --|tThe high and the flighty --
       |tTabasco road --|tMexicali shmoes --|gBonus content.
       |tKing-size comedy: Tex Avery and the Looney tunes 
       revolution ;|tForever befuddled ;|tBosko, Buddy and the 
       best of black and white ;|tLeon Schlesinger: the merrie 
       cartoon mogul -- 
505 00 |gDisc 2.|gFan choice:|tWabbit twouble --|gThe hunting 
       trilogy:|tRabbit fire ;|tRabbit seasoning ;|tDuck! Rabbit,
       duck! --|gThe complete Nasty Canasta:|tDrip-along Daffy ;
       |tMy little duckaroo ;|tBarbary-Coast bunny --|gBugs Bunny
       vs. Cecil Turtle trilogy:|tTortoise beats hare ;|tTortoise
       wins by a hare ;|tRabbit transit --|gEarly wabbits:
       |tPorky's hare hunt ;|tHare-um scare-um ;|tPrest-o change-
       o ;|tElmer's candid camera --|gThe complete Beaky Buzzard:
       |tBugs Bunny gets the boid ;|tThe bashful buzzard ;|tThe 
       lion's busy ;|tStrife with father --|gThe complete A. Flea
       :|tAn itch in time ;|tA horsefly fleas --|gOne-shot 
       classics:|tHollywood steps out ;|tPage Miss Glory ;
       |tRocket-bye baby ;|tRussian rhapsody ;|tDough ray me-ow -
       -|gBonus content.|tA hunting we will go: Chuck Jones' 
       Wabbit season twilogy ;|tLooney tunes go Hollywood ;|tA 
       conversation with Tex Avery ;|tLooney tunes go to war! -- 
505 00 |gDisc 3.|gBonus content.|tTex Avery: the king of cartoons
       --|tFriz on film --|tToonheads: the lost cartoons --|tReal
       American zero: the adventures of Private Snafu --|gThe 
       best of the rest of Tex:|tBlitz wolf ;|tRed hot Riding 
       Hood ;|tScrewball Squirrel ;|tSwing shift Cinderella ;
       |tKing-size canary ;|tBad luck Blackie ;|tSeñor Droopy ;
       |tWags to riches ;|tSymphony in slang ;|tMagical maestro ;
       |tRock-a-bye bear --|gFriz at MGM:|tPoultry pirates ;|tA 
       day at the beach ;|tThe captain's Christmas ;|tSeal 
       skinners ;|tMama's new hat --|gThe world of Leon 
       Schlesinger:|tBosko, the talk-ink kid ;|tSinkin' in the 
       bathtub ;|tCrying for the Carolines ;|tIt's got me again ;
       |tHaunted gold title sequence ;|tSchlesinger productions 
       Christmas party --|gPrivate Snafu:|tComing!! Snafu ;
       |tGripes ;|tSpies ;|tThe goldbrick ;|tThe home front ;
       |tRumors ;|tSnafuperman ;|tCensored --|gMr. Hook:|tThe 
       good egg ;|tThe return of Mr. Hook ;|tTokyo woes. 
520    Make way for Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 2 
       with 50 animated theatrical shorts remastered in stellar 
       hi-def Blu-ray in all their stellar silliness. Selections 
       include the core characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy 
       Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety and Sylvester, Pepé Le Pew and 
       Foghorn Leghorn. While Disc Two offers one-shot classics, 
       and disc three serves up great fun and insider info with 
       its wild array of bonus programs saluting legendary 
       animators and historical gems. 
521    Not rated; Canadian Home Video rating: PG. 
538    Blu-ray (requires Blu-ray player); 1080p High Definition 
       1.33:1; 4x3 full frame; Dolby Digital 1.0 
546    English and Spanish; French subtitles; subtitled for the 
       deaf and hard of hearing (English). 
600 10 Avery, Tex,|d1908-1980. 
600 10 Schlesinger, Leon,|d1884-1949. 
600 10 Jones, Chuck,|d1912-2002. 
600 10 Freleng, Friz,|d1905-1995. 
650  0 Bugs Bunny (Fictitious character)|vJuvenile films. 
650  0 Daffy Duck (Fictitious character)|vJuvenile films. 
650  0 Porky Pig (Fictitious character)|vJuvenile films. 
650  1 Bugs Bunny (Fictitious character)|vDrama. 
650  1 Daffy Duck (Fictitious character)|vDrama. 
650  1 Porky Pig (Fictitious character)|vDrama. 
655  7 Short films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Animated films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Comedy films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Children's films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Video recordings for the hearing impaired.|2lcgft 
700 1  Avery, Tex,|d1908-1980. 
700 1  Schlesinger, Leon,|d1884-1949. 
700 1  Jones, Chuck,|d1912-2002. 
700 1  Freleng, Friz,|d1905-1995. 
710 2  Warner Bros. Entertainment. 
710 2  Warner Home Video (Firm) 
730 0  Looney tunes. 
994    02|bGPI 
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