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003    DLC 
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040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dDLC|dMiEM|dDLC|dIEN|dMvI 
046    |s189u|t1982|2edtf 
110 2  Sudan Interior Mission 
370    |eNew York (N.Y.)|2naf 
372    Missions--Africa|aEvangelistic work|2lcsh 
410 2  S.I.M. (Sudan Interior Mission) 
410 2  SIM (Sudan Interior Mission) 
510 2  |wr|iSuccessor:|aSIM (Organization) 
670    Bingham, R. V. Seven sevens of years, 1943 
670    NUCMC data from Wheaton College, B. Graham Center Archives
       for Hursh, D. Papers, 1942-1982|b(Sudan Interior Mission) 
670    LC manual auth. cd.|b(hdg.: Sudan Interior Mission; 
       variant: SIM; S.I.M.; official address in 1893: 18 John 
       St., Bedford Row, London, W.C. 1; 366 Bay St., Toronto; 
       296 Garfield Pl., Brooklyn; fields: North Africa (Anglo-
       Egyptian Sudan); Africa (Nigeria, Fr. West Afr., 
670    Rice, G. Ritchie, and E. Ralph Hooper. Ethiopia, 1933:
       |btitle page (Sudan Interior Mission, 296 Garfield Place, 
       Brooklyn, New York) last page (Brooklyn one of 6 offices; 
       also in Toronto (366 Bay Street), London (18 John Street, 
       Bedford Row), Sydney (Box 3832, T., G.P.O.), Auckland 
       ("Ellesmere", Donovan Street, Avondale S.), and Melbourne 
       (315 Collins Street); S.I.M.; a united effort of 
       Christians of all denominations, organized to meet the 
       spiritual crisis in the Sudan and Ethiopia; its doctrinal 
       basis is evangelical, and it accepts and sends forth 
       consecrated workers from any Church, sound in the 
       fundamental truths of the Bible; supported by voluntary 
       offerings, its missionaries having no guaranteed salary) 
670    Fuller, W.H. Tie down the sun, c1990:|bp. 351 (SIM is an 
       amalgamation of three missions which had their roots in 
       the 1890s: Andes Evangelical Mission (South America), 
       International Christian Fellowship (Asia), Sudan Interior 
       Mission (Africa)) 
670    75 Years of IFMA, 1917-1992, 1992:|bpage 166 (Sudan 
       Interior Mission merged with Andes Evangelical Mission to 
       become SIM in 1982)