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020    9781588394897|qThe Metropolitan Museum of Art 
020    1588394891|qThe Metropolitan Museum of Art 
020    9780300191851|qYale University Press 
020    0300191855|qYale University Press 
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050  4 TT504|b.B65 2013 
050  4 GT525|b.B64 2013 
082 04 391.009047|223 
100 1  Bolton, Andrew,|d1966-|eauthor. 
245 10 Punk :|bchaos to couture /|cAndrew Bolton, Richard Hell, 
       John Lydon, Jon Savage. 
246 30 Chaos to couture 
264  1 New York :|bMetropolitan Museum of Art,|c[2013] 
264  2 New Haven, Conn. :|bDistributed by Yale University Press,
264  4 |c©2013. 
300    239 pages :|billustrations (some color) ;|c33 cm. 
336    text|2rdacontent 
336    still image|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 0  Metropolitan Museum of Art series 
500    "Edited by Eugenia Bell"--Colophon. 
500    Published in conjunction with the exhibition "Punk : chaos
       to couture", held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 9
       -Aug. 14, 2013. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (page 232) and index. 
505 0  "Punk" couture: insides out / Richard Hell -- A beautiful 
       ugliness inside / John Lydon -- Symbols clashing 
       everywhere : punk fashion 1975-1980 / Jon Savage -- 
       Clothing for heroes -- D.I.Y. hardware -- D.I.Y bricolage 
       -- D.I.Y. graffiti and agitprop -- D.I.Y. destroy. 
520    Since its origins in the 1970s, punk has had an explosive 
       influence on fashion. With its eclectic mixing of 
       stylistic references, punk effectively introduced the 
       postmodern concept of bricolage to the elevated precincts 
       of haute couture and directional ready-to-wear. As a style,
       punk is about chaos, anarchy, and rebellion. Drawing on 
       provocative sexual and political imagery, punks made 
       fashion overtly hostile and threatening. This aesthetic of
       violence - even of cruelty - was intrinsic to the clothes 
       themselves, which were often customized with rips, tears, 
       and slashes, as well as studs, spikes, zippers, D-Rings, 
       safety pins, and razor blades, among other things.  This 
       extraordinary publication examines the impact of punk's 
       aesthetic of brutality on high fashion, focusing on its do
       -it-yourself, rip-it-to-shreds ethos, the antithesis of 
       couture's made-to-measure exactitude. Indeed, punk's 
       democracy stands in opposition to fashion's autocracy. Yet,
       as this book reveals, even haute couture has readily 
       appropriated the visual and symbolic language of punk, 
       replacing beads with studs, paillettes with safety pins, 
       and feathers with razor blades in an attempt to capture 
       the style's rebellious energy. Focusing on high fashion's 
       embrace of punk's aesthetic vocabulary, this book reveals 
       how designers have looked to the quintessential anti-
       establishment style to originate new ideals of beauty and 
650  0 Fashion|xHistory|y20th century|vExhibitions. 
650  0 Fashion|xSocial aspects|xHistory|y20th century
650  0 Clothing and dress|xSocial aspects|xHistory|y20th century
650  0 Punk culture|vExhibitions. 
650  0 Punk rock musicians|xInfluence|vExhibitions. 
650  0 Punk rock music|xInfluence|vExhibitions. 
700 1  Hell, Richard,|eauthor. 
700 1  Lydon, John,|d1956-|eauthor. 
700 1  Savage, Jon.,|eauthor. 
700 1  Bell, Eugenia,|eeditor. 
710 2  Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.),|ehost 
994    02|bWHP 
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