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001    ocm38425992 
003    OCoLC 
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035    (OCoLC)38425992 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dOCL|dNOR 
043    e-uk---|an-us--- 
049    WE3A 
050 00 PE1617.O94|bW56 1998 
082 00 423/.092|221 
100 1  Winchester, Simon. 
245 14 The professor and the madman :|ba tale of murder, insanity,
       and the making of the Oxford English dictionary /|cSimon 
250    First edition. 
264  1 New York :|bHarperCollins Publishers,|c[1998] 
264  4 |c©1998 
300    xi, 242 pages :|billustrations ;|c22 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages [239]-242). 
505 00 |g1. The|tdead of night in Lambeth Marsh --|g2. The|tman 
       who taught Latin to cattle --|g3. The|tmadness of war --
       |g4.|tGathering Earth's daughters --|g5. The|tbig 
       dictionary conceived --|g6. The|tscholar in cell block two
       --|g7.|tEntering the lists --|g8.|tAnnulated, art, brick-
       tea, buckwheat --|g9. The|tmeeting of minds --|g10. The
       |tunkindest cut --|g11.|tThen only the monuments. 
520    The creation of the Oxford English Dictionary began in 
       1857, took seventy years to complete, drew from tens of 
       thousands of brilliant minds, and organized the sprawling 
       language into 414,825 precise definitions. But hidden 
       within the rituals of its creation is a fascinating and 
       mysterious story - a story of two remarkable men whose 
       strange twenty-year relationship lies at the core of this 
       historic undertaking. Professor James Murray, an 
       astonishingly learned former schoolmaster and bank clerk, 
       was the distinguished editor of the OED project. Dr. 
       William Chester Minor, an American surgeon from New Haven,
       Connecticut, who had served in the Civil War, was one of 
       thousands of contributors who submitted illustrative 
       quotations of words to be used in the dictionary. But 
       Minor was no ordinary contributor. He was remarkably 
       prolific, sending thousands of neat, handwritten 
       quotations from his home in the small village of 
       Crowthorne, fifty miles from Oxford. On numerous occasions
       Murray invited Minor to visit Oxford and celebrate his 
       work, but Murray's offer was regularly - and mysteriously 
       - refused. Thus the two men, for two decades, maintained a
       close relationship only through correspondence. Finally, 
       in 1896, after Minor had sent nearly ten thousand 
       definitions to the dictionary but had still never traveled
       from his home, a puzzled Murray set out to visit him. It 
       was then that Murray finally learned the truth about Minor
       - that, in addition to being a masterful wordsmith, Minor 
       was also a murderer, clinically insane - and locked up in 
       Broadmoor, England's harshest asylum for criminal 
600 10 Murray, James A. H.|q(James Augustus Henry),|d1837-1915
       |xFriends and associates. 
600 10 Minor, William Chester. 
600 17 Minor, William Chester.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00412394   
600 17 Murray, James A. H.|q(James Augustus Henry),|d1837-1915
630 00 Oxford English dictionary. 
630 00 New English dictionary on historical principles. 
630 07 New English dictionary on historical principles.|2fast
630 07 Oxford English dictionary.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01363319   
650  0 English language|xLexicography|xHistory|y19th century. 
650  0 Psychiatric hospital patients|zGreat Britain|vBiography. 
650  0 Encyclopedias and dictionaries|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 Lexicographers|zGreat Britain|vBiography. 
650  0 English language|xEtymology. 
650  7 English language|xEtymology.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00911149  
650  7 English language|xLexicography.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00911326 
650  7 Lexicographers.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00997019  
650  7 Psychiatric hospital patients.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01081030  
650  7 Veterans.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01165710  
651  0 United States|xHistory|yCivil War, 1861-1865|xVeterans
651  7 Great Britain.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204623   
651  7 United States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204155   
655  7 Biographies.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01919896   
655  7 Biography.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423686   
655  7 History.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01411628   
914    FARM62392 
994    90|bWE3 

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