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245 00 Growing up Hispanic :|bhealth and development of children 
       of immigrants /|cedited by Nancy S. Landale, Susan McHale,
       and Alan Booth. 
264  1 Washington, DC :|bUrban Institute Press,|c[2010] 
264  4 |c©2010 
300    xvi, 388 pages :|billustrations, maps ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    " ... based on papers presented at the 16th Annual Penn 
       State Symposium on Family Issues in October 2008"--Pref. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  The Social Contexts of Children and Youth in Hispanic 
       Immigrant Families -- Nowhere near the same: the 
       neighborhoods of Latino children / Richard Alba ... [et 
       al.] -- Economic integration of Latino immigrants in new 
       and traditional rural destinations in the United States / 
       Randy Capps, Heather Koball, and William Kandel -- On the 
       intergenerational mobility of U.S. Hispanics / Stephen J. 
       Trejo -- Psychological implications of demographic trends 
       in Latino children's neighborhoods / Stephen M. Quintana -
       - Structure and Process in Hispanic Immigrant Families and
       Their Implications for the Development of Children and 
       Youth -- Structure and process in Mexican-origin families 
       and their implications for youth development / Kimberly A.
       Updegraff and Adriana J. Umana-Taylor -- Structure and 
       acculturation: explaining outcomes for children in Mexican
       American families / Jennifer Van Hook -- Moving beyond the
       mother-child dyad in prevention planning for Latino 
       families: dads and siblings matter, too! / Rosalie Corona 
       -- Mexican-origin children in the United States: language,
       family circumstances, and public policy / Donald J. 
       Hernandez ... [et al.] -- Schooling and the Development of
       Children and Youth in Hispanic Immigrant Families -- 
       Facing the challenges of educating Latino immigrant-origin
       students / Carola Suarez-Orozco, Francisco X. Gaytan, and 
       Ha Yeon Kim -- The challenges of educating Latino students
       : engaging parents as partners / Katharine M. Donato and 
       Melissa Marschall -- Latino academic achievement and 
       dropping out of school / Suet-ling Pong -- The academic 
       desire of students from Latin American backgrounds / 
       Andrew J. Fuligni -- Access to Health Care and Well-Being 
       of Children and Youth from Hispanic Immigrant Families -- 
       A sociocultural framework for understanding the mechanisms
       behind behavioral health and educational service 
       disparities in immigrant Hispanic children / Margarita 
       Alegria ... [et al.] -- Where policy intervenes: an 
       application of Alegria's sociocultural framework for 
       understanding health and service disparities of immigrant 
       Hispanic children / Deborah Roempke Graefe -- Observations
       on the mental health of Mexican American youth / Robert E.
       Roberts and Catherine R. Roberts -- Reducing the unequal 
       burden of mental health for Hispanic children in immigrant
       families / Cheryl Anne Boyce -- The bumpy road ahead for 
       Hispanic families /  Matthew Hall and Anna R. Soli. 
520    Hispanic children of immigrants are a diverse and fast 
       growing population in the United States. This book 
       explores the challenging environment in which these 
       children are raised, high poverty rates, low academic 
       achievement, limited access to health and social services,
       negative sentiments about immigrant families, and 
       uncertain political and legal support, and examines how 
       neighborhood, family, school, and community affect their 
       development and well being. A bold policy agenda can 
       improve these children's lives and help them thrive. This 
       volume is based on presentations and discussions from Penn
       State University's National Symposium on Family Issues, 
       "Development of Hispanic Children in Immigrant Families: 
       Challenges and Prospects."  Diverse scholars examine the 
       children's social ecologies, how families influence 
       children's adaptation to new environments, the effects of 
       education policies on children's school experiences, and 
       the roles of health care policies and social services in 
       children's well being. 
650  0 Latin Americans|zUnited States|xSocial conditions
650  0 Children of immigrants|zUnited States|xSocial conditions
650  0 Hispanic American children|xSocial conditions|vCongresses.
650 12 Delivery of Health Care|zUnited States. 
650 12 Hispanic Americans|zUnited States. 
650 22 Adolescent|zUnited States. 
650 22 Child|zUnited States. 
650 22 Residence Characteristics|zUnited States. 
650 22 Socioeconomic Factors|zUnited States. 
700 1  Landale, Nancy. 
700 1  McHale, Susan. 
700 1  Booth, Alan,|d1935-2015 
711 2  National Symposium on Family Issues|n(16th :|d2008 :
       |cPennsylvania State University) 
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