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245 04 The European landing obligation :|breducing discards in 
       complex, multi-species and multi-jurisdictional fisheries 
       /|cSven Sebastian Uhlmann, Clara Ulrich, Steven J. 
       Kennelly, editors. 
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bSpringer Open,|c[2019] 
300    1 online resource (xix, 431 pages) :|billustrations (some 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Part 1. Global and European perspectives on discard 
       policies.- 1. Strategies used throughout the world to 
       manage fisheries discards -- lessons for implementation of
       the EU Landing Obligation.- 2. Discards in the Common 
       Fisheries Policy: The evolution of the policy.- 3. 
       Requirements for documentation, data collection and 
       scientific evaluations.- Part II. Potential social, 
       economic and ecological impacts of the Landing Obligation.
       - 4. Fishing Industry perspectives on the EU Landing 
       Obligation.- 5. The implementation of the Landing 
       Obligation in small-scale fisheries of southern European 
       Union countries.- 6. Potential economic consequences of 
       the Landing Obligation.- 7. The impact of fisheries 
       discards on scavengers in the sea.- Part III. Cultural, 
       institutional and multi-jurisdictional challenges.- 8. How
       the implementation of the Landing Obligation was weakened.
       - 9. Muddying the waters of the Landing Obligation: how 
       multi-level governance structures can obscure policy 
       implementation.- 10. The Baltic cod trawl fishery: the 
       perfect fishery for a successful implementation of the 
       Landing Obligation?.- 11. Creating a breeding ground for 
       compliance and honest reporting under the Landing 
       Obligation: insights from behavioural science.- Part IV. 
       Tactical and technological options for reducing unwanted 
       catches.- 12. A Marine Spatial Planning approach to 
       minimize discards: challenges and opportunities of the 
       Landing Obligation in European waters.- 13. The best way 
       to reduce discards is by not catching them!.- 14. Discard 
       avoidance by improving fishing gear selectivity: helping 
       the fishing industry help itself.- 15. Mitigating slipping
       -related mortality from purse seine fisheries for small 
       pelagic fish: Case studies from European Atlantic waters.-
       16. Onboard and vessel layout modifications.- 17. What to 
       do with unwanted catches: valorisation options and 
       selection strategies.- Part V. Control, monitoring and 
       surveillance.- 18. Tools and technologies for the 
       monitoring, control and surveillance of unwanted catches.-
       19. Monitoring the implementation of the Landing 
       Obligation: The Last Haul programme.- 20. Possible uses of
       genetic methods in fisheries under the EU Landing 
506 0  Open access.|5GW5XE 
520    This open access book provides a comprehensive examination
       of the European Landing Obligation policy from many 
       relevant perspectives. It includes evaluations of its 
       impacts at economical, socio-cultural, ecological and 
       institutional levels. It also discusses the feasibility 
       and benefits of several potential mitigation strategies. 
       The book was timely published, exactly at the time where 
       the Landing Obligation was planned to be fully 
       implemented. This book is of significant interest to all 
       stakeholders involved, but also to the general public of 
       Europe and to other jurisdictions throughout the world 
       that are also searching for ways to deal with by-catch and
       discard issues. 
588 0  Online resource; title from digital title page (viewed on 
       January 23, 2019). 
590    SpringerLink|bSpringer Nature Open Access eBooks 
650  0 Fishery law and legislation|zEuropean Union countries. 
650  7 Fishery law and legislation.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00926220 
651  7 European Union countries.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01269470 
700 1  Uhlmann, Sven Sebastian,|eeditor. 
700 1  Ulrich, Clara,|eeditor. 
700 1  Kennelly, Steven J.|q(Steven James),|eeditor. 
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