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LEADER 00000nam  22000001a 4500 
001    ocm26259752 
003    OCoLC 
005    19930104104946.0 
008    920701t19921992miu      b    000 0 eng   
010       92024697 
020    0802837050|qhardcover 
035    (OCoLC)26259752 
040    DLC|beng|cDLC|dSTJ 
049    STJJ 
050 00 BV4011|b.P436 1992 
092    248.892|bP485U 
100 1  Peterson, Eugene H.,|d1932-2018 
245 10 Under the unpredictable plant :|ban exploration in 
       vocational holines /|cEugene H. Peterson. 
263    9210 
264  1 Grand Rapids, Mich. :|bW.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co.,|c[1992] 
264  4 |c©1992 
300    197 pages ;|c; 24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |t Undercapitalized Vocations. |t Vocational Idolatry. |t 
       The Jonah Story -- |g I. |t Buying Passage to Tarshish. |g
       1. |t Jonah Disobedient. |t Escape to Tarshish. |t Stay 
       Where You Are. |t Ecclesiastical Pornography. |t The 
       Travel Agent in Joppa. |g 2. |t Jonah Obedient. |t 
       Professionalized Obedience. |t The Kind of Pastor We in 
       Fact Are -- |g II. |t Escaping the Storm. |g 1. |t 
       Repudiating Tarshish Religion. |t What Do You Mean, You 
       Sleeper? |t The American Religious Ship. |t Throw Me into 
       the Sea! |g 2. |t Recovering a Gospel Vocation. |t Songs 
       and Stories and Red Bandannas. |t God and Passion. |t The 
       Cornfield. |t Vocational Holiness. |t A Slow Leak. |t The 
       Euclidean Threat. |t A Karamazov in Every Home. |t Seed-
       Planting Dostoevsky. |t Jonah's Sea Storm and Paul's 
       Shipwreck -- |g III. |t In the Belly of the Fish. |g 1. |t
       Conditions. |t The Bottom Line. |t The Golden Calf. |t 
       Hogging the Show. |g 2. |t Askesis. |t Three Days in the 
       Belly. |t Holy Saturday. |t Prettyfeather. |t Monastery 
       without Walls. |g 3. |t Prayer. |t The School of the 
       Psalms. |t Rule. |t The Contemplative Pastor -- |g IV. |t 
       Finding the Road to Nineveh. |g 1. |t Geography. |t James 
       Joyce's Ulysses. |t A Day's Journey into Nineveh. |t 
       Wendell Berry. |t The Congregation Is Topsoil. |t 
       Spiritual Growth versus Religious Cancer. |g 2. |t 
       Eschatology. |t Yet Forty Days. |t St. John's Revelation. 
       |t Equally Yoked. |t Eschatological Laundry List -- |g V. 
       |t Quarreling with God under the Unpredictable Plant. |g 
       1. |t The Stunted Imagination. |t Leonard Storm. |t A 
       Hugely Dimensioned Destiny. |t The Mess of Creativity. |t 
       Bruce. |g 2. |t The Recovered Vocation. |t Paradigm Shift.
       |t Messiahs, Managers, and Spiritual Directors. |t Reuben 
       Lance. |t Karen. |t Making an Ending.   
630 00 Bible.|pJonah|xCriticism, interpretation, etc. 
650  0 Pastoral theology. 
650  0 Clergy|xReligious life. 
898    qbibliographies 
910    CARL0000948449 
998  0 UNKNOWN|bMNT001     00/04/07  09:18:55 
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