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LEADER 00000cam  2200000 a 4500 
001    ocm27225853 
003    OCoLC 
005    20100922010013.0 
008    921217s1993    nyu           000 0aeng   
010       92046264 
015    GB94-65006 
020    0670840785 
020    9780670840786 
035    (OCoLC)27225853 
041 1  eng|hspa 
043    nwcu--- 
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050 00 PQ7390.A72|bZ46313 1993 
082 00 863|aB|220 
100 1  Arenas, Reinaldo,|d1943-1990. 
240 10 Antes que anochezca.|lEnglish 
245 10 Before night falls /|cReinaldo Arenas ; translated by 
       Dolores M. Koch. 
264  1 New York :|bViking,|c1993. 
300    xvii, 317 pages ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tIntroduction: the End --|tThe Stones --|tThe Grove --
       |tThe River --|tSchool --|tThe Temple of the Spirits --
       |tThe Well --|tChristmas Eve --|tThe Harvest --|tThe 
       Downpour --|tThe Spectacle --|tEroticism --|tViolence --
       |tThe Morning Fog --|tThe Night, My Grandmother --|tThe 
       Earth --|tThe Sea --|tPolitics --|tHolguin --|tThe Rub Pub
       --|tChristmas --|tRebel --|tThe Revolution --|tA Student -
       -|tHavana --|tFidel Castro --|tHymns --|tThe Fire --
       |tTheatrics and the Chicken Farm --|tRaul --|tGood-Bye to 
       the Chicken Farm --|tThe Library --|tThe Cuban Book 
       Institute --|tThe Four Categories of Gays --|tVirgilio 
       Pinera --|tLezama Lima --|tMy Generation --|tA Trip --
       |tEroticism --|tJorge and Margarita --|tSanta Marica 
       (Saint Queer) --|tThe Abreu Brothers --|tSuper-Stalinism -
       -|tThe Sugar Mill --|tOlga Andreu --|tThe Padilla "Case" -
       -|tA Trip to Holguin --|tNelson Rodriguez --|tThe Wedding 
       --|tThe Arrest --|tThe Flight --|tThe Capture --|tPrison -
       -|tVilla Marista --|tAgain at el Morro --|tAn "Open" Jail 
       --|tOut on the Street --|tThe Monserrate Hotel --|tGood-
       Bye to Virgilio --|tMariel --|tKey West --|tMiami --
       |tExile --|tWitches --|tMariel Magazine --|tTravels --
       |tMadness --|tThe Eviction --|tThe Announcement --|tDreams
520 1  "Before Night Fall is Reinaldo Arenas's stunning 
       autobiography - a bold and unrestrained account of his 
       life as a writer and a homosexual. Arenas, acknowledged as
       one of the great twentieth-century Cuban writers, was born
       in 1943 into a poor, rural Cuban family. At the age of 
       fifteen he joined Castro's guerrillas against Batista's 
       right-wing regime, only to discover that repression under 
       Castro would be on a monumental scale. Reinaldo Arenas 
       spent twenty years of his life trying to survive his "re-
       education," to safeguard his manuscripts, and to maintain 
       his sanity when he was imprisoned in El Morro prison in 
       Havana. But despite everything that happened to him, 
       including betrayal by his aunt and some of his closest 
       "friends," Arenas triumphed, finally leaving Cuba during 
       the Mariel exodus in 1980." "But America could never 
       replace his beloved Cuba, and his anti-Castro stance made 
       him unsympathetic to many American intellectuals. The 
       final irony was his battle with AIDS, which dominated the 
       last years of his life until he committed suicide on 
       December 7, 1990, at the age of forty-seven." "Before 
       Night Falls was begun before Arenas left Cuba and was 
       completed in the last stage of the disease. It is an 
       extraordinary document - a compelling and moving account 
       of the hell that Arenas experienced in Cuba and the 
       purgatory he endured in the United States. It is a book 
       both raw and fierce, tender and lyrical, particularly 
       about the Cuban landscape. In it you will discover a man 
       of enormous vitality, resilience, and courage. Arenas 
       writes of his own book, "I tell my truth like a Jew who 
       has suffered from racism, a Russian who has been in the 
       Gulag, or any human being who has eyes to see things as 
       they are: I cry out: therefore I am.""--BOOK JACKET. 
530    Also issued online. 
600 10 Arenas, Reinaldo,|d1943-1990. 
650  0 Authors, Cuban|y20th century|vBiography. 
653 00 Spanish fiction 
653 00 Cuba 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aArenas, Reinaldo, 1943-1990.|sAntes que
       anochezca. English.|tBefore night falls.|dNew York, N.Y., 
       U.S.A. : Viking, 1993|w(OCoLC)622348200 
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