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LEADER 00000cz   2200361n  4500 
001    no2001022174 
003    DLC 
005    20211012064552.0 
008    010321n| azannaabn          |a aaa     c 
010    no2001022174 
035    (OCoLC)oca05443179 
040    PPi-MA|beng|erda|cPPi-MA|dTxHU|dMvI 
046    |f1976-05-17|2edtf 
100 0  Kandi 
368    |cAfrican Americans|2lcdgt 
370    East Point (Ga.)|cUnited States|eAtlanta (Ga.)|2naf 
372    Reality television programs|aRhythm and blues music|2lcgft
374    Actors|aLyricists|aSingers|2lcdgt 
374    Sound recording executives and producers|2lcsh 
375    Women|2lcdgt 
400 1  Barnes, Kandi 
400 1  Burruss, K.|q(Kandi) 
400 1  Burruss, Kandi 
400 1  Burruss-Tucker, Kandi Lenice 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aXscape (Musical group) 
670    Kandi. Hey Kandi--, 2000:|blabel (Kandi) insert (K. 
       Burruss; Kandi Burruss) 
670    MC Lyte. Everyday, 1996:|blabel (Kandi Barnes (of Xscape))
670    All Music Guide WWW site, October 11, 2021|b(Kandi; Kandi 
       Burruss; vocalist and songwriter)|uhttps:// 
670    Discogs WWW site, October 11, 2021|b(Kandi; real name: 
       Kandi Burruss; American R&B singer; starred in the Bravo 
       TV reality series, "Real housewives of Atlanta")|uhttps:// 
670    Kandi WWW site, October 11, 2021:|bBio (Kandi; Kandi 
       Burruss; founding member of the iconic multi-platinum 
       selling girl group, Xscape)|u 
670    OCLC database, March 20, 2001|b(hdgs.: Kandi (Musician); 
670    Wikipedia, October 11, 2021|b(Kandi Burruss; Kandi Lenice 
       Burruss-Tucker (born May 17, 1976, East Point, Georgia, 
       U.S.), known professionally by her mononym Kandi, is an 
       American singer, television personality, and actress. She 
       first gained notice in 1992 as a member of the female 
       vocal group Xscape. In 2000, she won a Grammy Award for 
       Best R&B Song for her writing contributions on the TLC hit
       song "No Scrubs"; singer, songwriter, producer, television
       personality, actress)|u
670    U.S. copyright file, March 20, 2001|b(Burruss, Kandi; 
       Burruss, Kandi L.)