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LEADER 00000cz   2200541n  4500 
001    n  83131637  
003    DLC 
005    20210131070040.0 
008    831213n| azannaabn          |a aaa       
010    n  83131637 
024 7  0000000080969276|2isni|1
024 7  17408121|2viaf|1 
024 7  Q273076|2wikidata|1 
035    (OCoLC)oca00964635 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dDLC|dVtMiM|dDLC|dUPB|dDLC|dUPB|dIAhCCS
046    |f1961-10-18|2edtf 
053  0 PS3613.A7696 
053  0 ML419.M3|cBiography 
100 1  Marsalis, Wynton,|d1961- 
368    |cAmericans|2lcdgt 
368    |cAfrican Americans|2lcdgt 
368    |cBlacks|2lcdgt 
370    New Orleans (La.)|2naf 
370    |cUnited States|2naf 
370    |fNew York (N.Y.)|2naf 
372    Jazz|2lcsh 
373    Juilliard School|2naf 
373    Jazz at Lincoln Center (Organization)|2naf 
373    Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra|2naf 
374    Trumpet players|2lcsh 
375    Males|2lcdgt 
378    |qWynton Learson 
400 1  Dankworth, E.,|d1961- 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Hot Seven 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Jazz Orchestra 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Quartet 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Quintet 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Septet 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Sextet 
510 2  |wr|iCorporate body:|aWynton Marsalis Trio 
510 2  |wr|iFounded corporate body of person:|aJazz at Lincoln 
       Center (Organization) 
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670    Haydn, J. Concerto in E-flat major for trumpet and 
       orchestra [SR] p1983:|blabel (Wynton Marsalis, trumpet) 
       biographical notes (b. 10-18-61) 
670    Roberts, M. Deep in the shed [SR] p1990:|binsert (E. 
       Dankworth, trumpet) 
670    All music guide WWW site, Mar. 4, 2004|b(under [album 
       title] Deep in the shed: E. Dankworth, pseudonym of Wynton
670    MusicWeb ency. of pop. mus. WWW site, Mar. 4, 2004|b(under
       Roberts, Marcus: ex-boss [i.e. Wynton Marsalis] billed as 
       E. Dankworth) 
670    Wikipedia, August 13, 2020:|bWynton Marsalis (Wynton 
       Learson Marsalis (born October 18, 1961) is an American 
       trumpeter, composer, teacher, and artistic director of 
       Jazz at Lincoln Center. Marsalis has won at least nine 
       Grammy Awards; and the Pulitzer Prize for Music. He is the
       only musician to win a Grammy Award in jazz and classical 
       during the same year; born in New Orleans, Louisiana; He 
       performed on trumpet publicly as the only black musician 
       in the New Orleans Civic Orchestra; In 1979, he moved to 
       New York City to attend Juilliard; In 1987, Marsalis 
       helped start the Classical Jazz summer concert series at 
       Lincoln Center in New York City. The success of the series
       led to Jazz at Lincoln Center becoming a department at 
       Lincoln Center, then to becoming an independent entity in 
       1996; Marsalis became artistic director of the Center and 
       the musical director of the band, the Jazz at Lincoln 
       Center Orchestra)|u
670    New York times, 17 Sept. 2021:|bin an obituary on page B12
       (Stanley Crouch; born Stanley Lawrence Crouch Dec. 14, 
       1945 in the South Central section of Los Angeles, died 
       Wednesday [Sept. 16] in the Bronx [N.Y.], aged 74; a 
       critic who saw American Democracy in Jazz; all the while 
       [Crouch] championed jazz,enlarging its presence in 
       American culture by helping to found Jazz at Lincoln 
       Center in New York, one of the country's premier showcases
       for that most American of musical genres, and by promoting
       the career of the celebrated trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, 
       who co-founded the jazz center in 1991 and remains its 
       artistic director)