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100 1  Mordden, Ethan,|d1947- 
370    |cUnited States|eManhattan (New York, N.Y.)|2naf 
372    Musical theater|aOpera|aFiction|aCreative nonfiction
       |aMotion pictures|acomic book editor|2lcsh 
374    Authors|2lcsh 
377    eng 
400 1  Mordden, Ethan C. 
500 1  |wr|iAlternate identity:|aVerlaine, M. J. 
670    Author's Better foot forward, 1976. 
670    His How long has this been going on, 1995:|bt.p. (Ethan 
       Mordden) about the author (has also written under the 
       pseud. of M.J. Verlaine) 
670    His Guest list, 2010:|bECIP t.p. (Ethan Mordden) data view
       (author of dozens of books, both fiction and nonfiction; 
       his writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New 
       Yorker and numerous other magazines and journals; lives in
670    Pick a pocket or two, 2021:|bdust jacket (Ethan Mordden is
       a recognized expert on American musical theatre. He lives 
       in Manhattan) 
670    Wikipedia viewed July 9, 2024:|bEthan Mordden page (In the
       1970s, he was assistant editor to Dorothy Woolfolk on DC 
       comics such as The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love)