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245 00 Caring in nursing classics :|ban essential resource /
       |cMarlaine C. Smith, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, Marian C. 
       Turkel, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Zane Robinson Wolf, PhD, RN,
       FAAN, editors. 
264  1 New York, NY :|bSpringer Pub.,|c[2013] 
264  4 |c©2013 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 535 pages) :|billustrations 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  pt. I. Caring and the discipline of nursing / Marlaine C. 
       Smith -- part II. Analyzing the concept of caring / Zane 
       Robinson Wolf -- Concepts of caring and caring as a 
       concept / Janice M. Morse, Shirley M. Solberg, Wendy L. 
       Neander, Joan L. Bottorff, and Joy L. Johnson -- Caring in
       nursing: analysis of extant theory / Anne Boykin and 
       Savina Schoenhofer -- Caring and the science of unitary 
       human beings / Marlaine C. Smith -- What is known about 
       caring in nursing science: a literary meta-analysis / 
       Kristen M. Swanson -- Metasynthesis of caring in nursing /
       Deborah Finfgeld-Connett -- part III. Theoretical 
       perspectives on caring / Marlaine C. Smith. Caring, an 
       essential human need: proceedings of three national caring
       conferences / Madeleine M. Leininger -- Nursing: the 
       philosophy and science of caring / Jean Watson -- 
       Foundations of humanistic nursing / Josephine G. Paterson 
       and Loretta T. Zderad -- Caring: the human mode of being /
       M. Simone Roach -- New dimensions of human caring theory /
       Jean Watson -- Caring science in a new key / Katie 
       Eriksson -- Five basic modes of being with another / 
       Sigridur Halldorsdottir -- Empirical development of a 
       middle range theory of caring / Kristen M. Swanson -- 
       Nursing as caring: a model for transforming practice / 
       Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer -- The theory of 
       human caring: retrospective and prospective / Jean Watson 
       -- Nursing: the philosophy and science of caring / Jean 
505 0  pt. IV. Seminal research related to caring / Zane Robinson
       Wolf. Development of a theoretically adequate description 
       of caring / Delores A. Gaut -- Important nurse caring 
       behaviors perceived by patients with cancer / Patricia J. 
       Larson -- Noncaring and caring in the clinical setting: 
       patients' descriptions / Doris Johnston Riemen -- Oncology
       nurses' versus cancer patients' perceptions of nurse 
       caring behaviors: a replication study / Deborah K. Mayer -
       - The theory of bureaucratic caring for nursing practice 
       in the organizational culture / Marilyn A. Ray -- Caring 
       about, caring for: moral obligations and work 
       responsibilities in intensive care nursing / Agneta 
       Cronqvist, Tores Theorell, Tom Burns, and Kim Lützén -- 
       part V. Research designs and methods for studying caring /
       Zane Robinson Wolf. Caring inquiry: the esthetic process 
       in the way of compassion / Marilyn A. Ray -- Dimensions of
       nurse caring / Zane Robinson Wolf, Eileen Riviello 
       Giardino, Patricia A. Osborne, and Marguerite Stahley 
       Ambrose -- Metasynthesis of qualitative analyses of caring
       : defining a therapeutic model of nursing / Gwen D. 
       Sherwood -- A standard of care for caring: a Delphi study 
       / Zane Robinson Wolf, Margaret Miller, Dawn Freshwater, 
       Rebecca A. Patronis Jones, and Gwen D. Sherwood -- part 
       VI. Caring-based nursing practice models / Marian C. 
       Turkel. The quality-caring model: blending dual paradigms 
       / Joanne R. Duffy and Lois M. Hoskins -- Creating a caring
       practice environment through self-renewal / Marian C. 
       Turkel and Marilyn A. Ray -- The attending nurse caring 
       model: integrating theory, evidence, and advanced caring-
       healing therapeutics for transforming professional 
       practice / Jean Watson and Roxie Foster -- part VII. 
       Caring, health policy, and the community / Marian C. 
       Turkel -- Watson's philosophy, science, and theory of 
       human caring as a conceptual framework for guiding 
       community health nursing practice / Adeline R. Falk Rafael
       -- Earth caring / Eleanor A. Schuster -- Caring on the 
       ragged edge: nursing persons who are disenfranchised / 
       Joyce V. Zerwekh -- part VIII. Caring leadership and 
       administration / Marian C. Turkel. The effects of care and
       economics on nursing practice / Jan Nyberg -- Struggling 
       to find a balance: the paradox between caring and 
       economics / Marian C. Turkel -- Exploration of the 
       relationship between caring and cost / Kathleen L. 
       Valentine -- Leading via caring-healing: the fourfold way 
       toward transformative leadership / Jean Watson -- Love and
       caring: ethics of face and hand, an invitation to return 
       to the heart and soul of nursing and our deep humanity / 
       Jean Watson -- part IX. Synthesis and epilogue / Marlaine 
       C. Smith, Marian C. Turkel, and Zane Robinson Wolf. 
520    This is a core resource for nursing educators and students
       at all levels who seek fundamental perspectives on the art
       and science of caring. The book is organized into nine 
       sections providing an in-depth analysis of the evolution 
       of caring scholarship, systematic reviews of the concept 
       of caring, theoretical perspectives, middle-range and 
       grand theories, seminal research studies, research designs
       and methods, practice models for the integration of caring
       within contemporary hospital-based practice environments, 
       caring in communities and for the environment, leadership 
       and administrative issues. 
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650 12 Empathy. 
650 12 Philosophy, Nursing. 
650 22 Holistic Nursing. 
650 22 Nursing Care. 
650 22 Nursing Theory. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
700 1  Smith, Marlaine C.|q(Marlaine Cappelli) 
700 1  Turkel, Marian C. 
700 1  Wolf, Zane Robinson. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tCaring in nursing classics.|dNew York : 
       Springer Pub. Company, [2013]|z9780826171115|w(DLC)  
914    ocn828150229 
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