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100 1  Tanton, James,|d1966-|espeaker. 
245 14 The power of mathematical visualization. 
264  1 [United States] :|bThe Great Courses,|c2016. 
264  2 |bMade available through hoopla 
300    1 online resource (24 video files (approximately 720 
       min.)) :|bsound, color. 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
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490 1  Great courses. Science & mathematics. Mathematics 
505 00 |gEpisode 1|tThe Power of a Mathematical Picture|gEpisode 
       2|tVisualizing Negative Numbers|gEpisode 3|tVisualizing 
       Ratio Word Problems|gEpisode 4|tVisualizing Extraordinary 
       Ways to Multiply|gEpisode 5|tVisualizing Area Formulas
       |gEpisode 6|tThe Power of Place Value|gEpisode 7|tPushing 
       Long Division to New Heights|gEpisode 8|tPushing Long 
       Division to Infinity|gEpisode 9|tVisualizing Decimals
       |gEpisode 10|tPushing the Picture of Fractions|gEpisode 11
       |tVisualizing Mathematical Infinities|gEpisode 12
       |tSurprise! The Fractions Take Up No Space|gEpisode 13
       |tVisualizing Probability|gEpisode 14|tVisualizing 
       Combinatorics|gEpisode 15|tVisualizing Pascal's Triangle
       |gEpisode 16|tVisualizing Random Movement, Orderly Effect
       |gEpisode 17|tVisualizing Orderly Movement, Random Effect
       |gEpisode 18|tVisualizing the Fibonacci Numbers|gEpisode 
       19|tThe Visuals of Graphs|gEpisode 20|tSymmetry|gEpisode 
       21|tSymmetry|gEpisode 22|tVisualizing Balance Points in 
       Statistics|gEpisode 23|tVisualizing Fixed Points|gEpisode 
       24|tBringing Visual Mathematics Together. 
506    Digital content provided by hoopla. 
511 0  Lecturer: James S. Tanton. 
520    World-renowned math educator Dr. James Tanton shows you 
       how to think visually in mathematics, solving problems in 
       arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, and other 
       fields with the help of imaginative graphics that he 
       designed. Also featured are his fun do-it-yourself 
       projects using poker chips, marbles, paper, and other 
       props, designed to give you many eureka moments of 
       mathematical insight. 
521 8  Rated TVPG. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
650  0 Mathematics|xStudy and teaching (Higher) 
650  0 Mathematics|xGraphic methods. 
650  0 Mathematics|xStudy and teaching. 
700 1  Tanton, James,|d1966-|eauthor.|tPower of mathematical 
       visualization, course guidebook.|f©2016. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
730 02 |iContainer of (work):|aPower of mathematical 
       visualization, course guidebook. 
830  0 Great courses (DVD).|pScience & mathematics.|pMathematics.
914    MWT11863019 
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