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028 42 NATD3827DVD|bNational Film Preservation Foundation 
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050  4 PN1995.9.S62|bT74 2007 
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245 00 Treasures III :|bsocial issues in American film, 1900-1934
       /|cproducer, National Film Preservation Foundation. 
246 3  Treasures 3 
246 3  Treasures Three 
246 30 Social issues in American film, 1900-1934 
264  1 [San Francisco, CA] :|bNational Film Preservation 
       Foundation ;|aChatsworth, CA :|bDistributed by Image 
264  4 |c©2007 
300    4 videodiscs (approximately 738 min.) :|bsound, black and 
       white with color sequences ;|c4 3/4 in. +|e1 book (xv, 173
       pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.) 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier 
500    Special features: Commentary [optional audio feature with 
       each film ]; About the film [text feature]; Book includes 
       essay about each film by Scott Simmon, essay about the 
       music for each film by Martin Marks. 
500    GMD: videorecording. 
505 00 |gProgram 1. The city reformed :|tThe black hand /
       |rAmerican Mutoscope and Biograph Company|g(1906) (11 
       min.) --|tHow they rob men in Chicago /|rAmerican 
       Mutoscope and Biograph Company|g(1900) (25 sec.) --|tThe 
       voice of the violin /|rAmerican Mutoscope and Biograph 
       Company|g(1909) (16 min.) --|tThe usurer's grip /|rThomas 
       A. Edison, Inc.|g(1912) (15 min.) --|tFrom the submerged  
       /|rEssanay Film Manufacturing Co.|g(1912) (11 min.) --
       |tHope : a Red Cross seal story /|rThomas A. Edison, Inc.
       |g(1912) (14 min.) --|tThe cost of carelessness /
       |rUniversal Film Manufacturing Company|g(1913) (13 min.) -
       -|tLights and shadows in a city of a million /|rFord 
       Motion Picture Laboratories|g(1920) (7 min.) --|t6,000,000
       American children--are not in school /|rAssociated Screen 
       News Ltd.|g(1922) (2 min.) --|tThe soul of youth /
       |rRealart Pictures Corp.|g(1920) (80 min.) --|tA call for 
       help from Sing Sing! /|rHearst Metrotone News, Inc.
       |g(1934) (3 min.). 
505 00 |gProgram 2. New women :|tKansas saloon smashers /|rThomas
       A. Edison, Inc.|g(1901) (1 min.) --|tWhy Mr. Nation wants 
       a divorce /|rThomas A. Edison, Inc.|g(1901) (2 min.) --
       |tTrial marriages /|rAmerican Mutoscope and Biograph 
       Company|g(1907) (12 min.) --|tManhattan Trade School for 
       Girls|g(1911) (16 min.) --|tThe strong arm squad of the 
       future /|rMutual Film Corporation|g(1912) (1 min.) --|tA 
       lively affair|g(1912) (7 min.) --|tA suffragette in spite 
       of himself /|rThomas A. Edison, Inc.|g(1912) (8 min.) --
       |tOn to Washington /|rUniversal Film Manufacturing Company
       |g(1913) (80 sec.) --|tThe hazards of Helen : Episode 13 
       "The escape on the fast freight" /|rKalem Co.|g(1915) (13 
       min.) --|tWhere are my children? /|rUniversal Film 
       Manufacturing Company|g(1916) (65 min.) --|tThe courage of
       the commonplace /|rVitagraph Company of America|g(1913) 
       (13 min.) --|tPoor Mrs. Jones! /|rU.S. Dept. of 
       Agriculture|g(1926) (46 min.) --|tOffers herself as bride 
       for $10,000 /|rHearst Metrotone News, Inc.|g(1931) (2 
505 00 |gProgram 3. Toil and tyranny :|tUncle Sam and the 
       Bolsheviki-I.W.W. rat /|rFord Motion Picture Laboratories
       |g(1919) (40 sec.) --|tThe crime of carelessness /|rThomas
       A. Edison, Inc.|g(1912) (14 min.) --|tWho pays? Episode 12,
       "Toil and tyranny" /|rPathé Frères|g(1915) (35 min.) --
       |gSurviving reel of|tLabor's reward /|rRothacker Film 
       Manufacturing Co.|g(1925) (13 min.) --|tListen to some 
       words of wisdom /|rHearst Metrotone News, Inc.|g(1930) (2 
       min.) --|tThe godless girl /|rPathé|g(1928) (128 min.). 
505 00 |gProgram 4. Americans in the making :|tEmigrants landing 
       at Ellis Island /|rThomas A. Edison, Inc.|g(1903) (2 min.)
       --|tAn American in the making /|rUnited States Steel 
       Corporation|g(1913) (15 min.) --|tRamona /|rBiograph 
       Company|g(1910) (16 min.) --|tRedskin /|rParamount 
       Pictures|g(1929) (82 min.) --|tThe United Snakes of 
       America /|rFord Motion Picture Laboratories|g(1917) (80 
       sec.) --|tUncle Sam donates for Liberty Loans /|rFord 
       Motion Picture Laboratories|g(1919) (75 sec.) --|t100% 
       American|g(1918) (14 min.) --|tBud's recruit /|rGeneral 
       Film Company|g(1918) (26 min.) --|tThe reawakening /|rFord
       Motion Picture Laboratories|g(1919) (10 min.) --|tEight 
       Prohibition newsreels /|rHearst Metrotone News, Inc.
       |g(c1923-1933) (13 min.). 
508    Film curator, Scott Simmon ; music curator, Martin Marks ;
       contributing archives, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and 
       Sciences, George Eastman House, Library of Congress, 
       Museum of Modern Art, National Archives and Records 
       Administration, UCLA Film & Television Archive ; composers,
       Aardett Sextet, Allen Feinstein, Stephen Horne, Martin 
       Marks, Michael Miller, Brian Robison, Elena Ruehr, Charles
       Shadle, G. Scott Vercoe. 
511 0  Commentators include Richard Abel, Margaret Archuleta, 
       Blaine M. Bartell, Jennifer M. Bean, Lendol Calder, Donald
       Crafton, Margaret Finnegan, Jere Gulden, Tom Gunning, 
       Randy Haberkamp, Jennifer Horne, Patrick Loughney, Russell
       Merritt, Chon A. Noriega, Rick Prelinger, Cecilia deMille 
       Presley, Steven J. Ross, Shelley Stamp, Gregory A. Waller,
       Kristen Whissel. 
520    In the years before World War I, virtually no issue was 
       too controversial to bring to the screen.  The first 
       American movies were deeply engaged with society, coming 
       from an era when movies and entertainment were intimately 
       interwoven with public debate.  As such, they were shown 
       in commercial movie theaters but also in clubs, churches, 
       schools, and everywhere screens could be hung outdoors--
       from the sides of city tenements to country barns.  This 
       archive sends these treasures back into the world, where 
       they found their inspiration.  "The City Reformed" deals 
       with the urban problems: poverty, criminality, health, 
       safety, child welfare, and corruption.  Gender, family, 
       and the crusade for equal voting rights dominate in 
       program 2, "New Women."  Labor struggles and oppression 
       are central to program 3, "Toil and Tyranny."  The final 
       program, "Americans in the Making, " brings together films
       confronting immigration, race relations, and wartime home-
       front sacrifice. 
538    DVD; Region 0 (All), NTSC; Dolby digital sound. 
546    Silent with music and English intertitles. 
650  0 Social problems in motion pictures. 
650  0 Motion pictures|xSocial aspects|zUnited States. 
650  0 Motion pictures|zUnited States|xHistory. 
650  0 Motion picture film collections|zUnited States. 
650  0 Motion picture film|xPreservation. 
650  0 Silent films|zUnited States|xHistory. 
651  0 United States|xSocial conditions|y20th century. 
655  7 Silent films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Short films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Feature films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Social problem films.|2lcgft 
700 1  Simmon, Scott. 
700 1  Marks, Martin Miller. 
710 2  American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. 
710 2  Thomas A. Edison, Inc. 
710 2  Essanay Film Manufacturing Co. 
710 2  Universal Film Manufacturing Company. 
710 2  Ford Motion Picture Laboratories. 
710 2  Associated Screen News Ltd. 
710 2  Realart Pictures Corp. 
710 2  Hearst Metrotone News, Inc. 
710 2  Mutual Film Corporation. 
710 2  Kalem Company. 
710 2  Vitagraph Company of America. 
710 1  United States.|bExtension Service. 
710 2  Pathé Frères (U.S.) 
710 2  Rothacker Film Manufacturing Co. 
710 2  United States Steel Corporation. 
710 2  Biograph Company. 
710 2  General Film Company. 
710 2  National Film Preservation Foundation (U.S.) 
710 2  Image Entertainment (Firm) 
938    Baker and Taylor|bBTCP|nbe2007027958 
994    01|bSTJ 
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