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LEADER 00000cz   2200000n  4500 
001    no2012088053 
003    DLC 
005    20140430073908.0 
008    120628n| azannaabn          |a ana     c 
010    no2012088053 
035    (OCoLC)oca09236263 
040    IOrQBI|beng|erda|cIOrQBI|dICrlF|dMvI 
110 2  Paleo Parents 
368    |cJoint pseudonym 
377    eng 
500 1  |wnnnc|aToth, Stacy 
500 1  |wnnnc|aMcCarry, Matthew 
663    Joint pseudonym of Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry. For 
       works of these authors written under their own names, 
       search also under:|bToth, Stacy|bMcCarry, Matthew 
670    Eat like a dinosaur, 2012:|bt.p. (the Paleo Parents) p. 
       facing t.p. (Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry) 
670    Toth, Stacy. Beyond bacon, 2013:|bt.p. (by Stacy Toth and 
       Matthew McCarry)