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040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dDLC|dOCoLC|dOCl|dNmU|dIAhCCS|dTxCM
046    |f1908-09-17|g1973-06-09|2edtf 
053  0 PR6005.R517 
100 1  Creasey, John 
370    Southfields (London, England)|bSalisbury (England)|2naf 
374    Authors|2lcsh 
375    Males|2lcdgt 
377    eng 
400 1  Cooke, M. E. 
400 1  Hope, Brian,|d1908-1973 
400 1  Hughes, Colin,|d1908-1973 
400 1  Marsden, James 
400 1  Matheson, Rodney 
400 1  St. John, Henry,|d1908-1973 
400 1  Wilde, Jimmy 
400 1  קריזי, ג'ון 
500 0  |wnnnc|aCredo,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aFécamps, Elise,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aGill, Patrick,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aRanger, Ken,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aCooke, Margaret,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aAshe, Gordon,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aCooper, Henry St. John,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aDeane, Norman,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aFrazer, Robert Caine,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aHalliday, Michael,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aHunt, Kyle,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aMann, Abel,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aManton, Peter,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aMartin, Richard,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aMorton, Anthony,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aReilly, William K.,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aRiley, Tex,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aYork, Jeremy,|d1908-1973 
500 1  |wnnnc|aHogarth, Charles 
500 1  |wnnnc|aMarric, J. J. 
663    For works of this author written  under other names, 
       search also under|bAshe, Gordon, 1908-1973;|bCooper, Henry
       St. John, 1908-1973;|bDeane, Norman, 1908-1973;|bFrazer, 
       Robert Caine, 1908-1973;|bHalliday, Michael, 1908-1973;
       |bHunt, Kyle, 1908-1973;|bMann, Abel, 1908-1973;|bManton, 
       Peter, 1908-1973;|bMartin, Richard, 1908-1973;|bMorton, 
       Anthony, 1908-1973;|bReilly, William K., 1908-1973;|bRiley,
       Tex, 1908-1973;|bYork, Jeremy, 1908-1973;|bCooke, Margaret,
       1908-1973;|bCredo,1908-1973;|bFécamps, Elise,1908-1973;
       |bGill, Patrick,1908-1973;|bRanger, Ken,1908-1973.|aFor 
       works of this author written in collaboration with Ian 
       Bowen, search also under|bHogarth, Charles.|aFor works of 
       this author written under the shared pseudonym J.J. Marric,
       search also under|bMarric, J. J. 
667    Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project. 
667    Non-Latin script reference not evaluated. 
667    Pseudonyms not found on published works: Cooke, M. E.; 
       Hope, Brian; Hughes, Colin; Marsden, James; Matheson, 
       Rodney; St. John, Henry; Wilde, Jimmy 
670    His First came a murder, 1935? 
670    The drought, c1959:|bt.p. (John Creasey) 
670    Cont. auth. on CD, July 1998|b(Creasey, John; b. Sept. 17,
       1908 in Surrey, England; d. June 9, 1973; prolific author 
       with several pseudonyms, including J.J. Marric) 
670    Literature Resource Centre www site, 19 July 2007:|bJohn 
       Creasey page (founder of All Party Alliance Movement, 
670    Wikipedia, April 6, 2020|b(John Creasey; John Creasey MBE 
       (born 17 September 1908 in Southfields, Surrey, England; 
       died 9 June 1973 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England) was an 
       English crime writer, also writing romance and western 
       novels, who wrote more than six hundred novels using 
       twenty-eight different pseudonyms; he created several 
       characters who are now famous, such as The Toff (The 
       Honourable Richard Rollison), Commander George Gideon of 
       Scotland Yard, Inspector Roger West, The Baron (John 
       Mannering), Doctor Emmanuel Cellini and Doctor Stanislaus 
       Alexander Palfrey; the most popular of these was Gideon of
       Scotland Yard, who was the basis for the television series
       Gideon's Way and for the John Ford movie Gideon's Day 
       (1958); the Baron character was also made into a 1960s TV 
       series starring Steve Forrest as The Baron; in 1953, John 
       Creasey founded the Crime Writers' Association (CWA) in 
       the UK; John's son Richard Creasey is also an author as 
       well as a distinguished television producer, having served
       both in the private sector and at the BBC, and as the 
       British producer of Patrick Watson's worldwide Canadian 
       television documentary series The Struggle for Democracy)