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100 1  Jackson, Theresa|espeaker. 
245 10 Dimension Essential Training: Workflows with Photoshop and
       Illustrator /|cwith Theresa Jackson 
264  1 Carpenteria, CA|,|c2019. 
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500    6/12/201912:00:00AM 
511 1  Presenter: Theresa Jackson 
520    Go beyond the basics with Adobe Dimension. Get practical 
       tips for more effectively leveraging Photoshop and 
       Illustrator with Dimension. 
520    Adobe Dimension is an easy-to-use 3D design application 
       created to help graphic artists and photographers-
       particularly those lacking previous 3D experience-achieve 
       photorealistic 3D effects. In this course, instructor 
       Theresa Jackson goes beyond the basics of what Dimension 
       can do, sharing practical tips designed to help 2D artists
       break into a 3D workflow. After covering basic concepts 
       about working with 3D models-including how to tackle 
       common challenges that can crop up when you're working 
       with third-party models-Theresa dives into Illustrator 
       workflows. Learn how to set up label designs and patterns 
       with Illustrator artboards and edit in Illustrator from 
       Dimension. Plus, learn about Photoshop workflows, 
       including how to create image materials and material 
       properties with Photoshop. 
538    Latest version of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, 
       Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Adobe Flash Player Plugin. 
       JavaScript and cookies must be enabled. A broadband 
       Internet connection. 
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