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046    |s1945|t1986|2edtf 
110 2  Charlton Comics 
368    Publishers and publishing|2lcsh 
370    |eDerby (Conn.)|2naf 
372    Comic books, strips, etc.|2lcsh 
373    T.W.O. Charles Company 
410 2  Charlton Comics, Inc. 
410 2  Charlton Publication 
410 2  |wnne|aCharlton Comics Group 
500 1  |wr|iEmployee:|aAparo, Jim 
500 1  |wr|iEmployee:|aByrne, John,|d1950- 
500 1  |wr|iEmployee:|aDitko, Steve 
500 1  |wr|iEmployee:|aGiordano, Dick 
500 1  |wr|iEditor:|aGiordano, Dick 
500 1  |wr|iEmployee:|aStaton, Joe 
500 1  |wr|iEmployee:|aMorisi, Pete,|d1928-2003 
510 2  |wr|iHierarchical superior:|aCharlton Publications 
670    Billy the Kid (Derby, Conn.), Sept. 1958:|bmasthead 
       (Charlton Comics Group; Charton Building, Derby Conn.) 
       page 1 (Charlton Comics) 
670    E-Man (Derby, Conn.), Oct. 1973:|bcover (Charlton Comics) 
       page 1 (Charlton Publications, Inc.) 
670    Wikipedia, viewed April 7, 2016:|b(Charlton Comics; an 
       American comic book publishing company; existed from 1945 
       to 1986; based in Derby, Connecticut; the comic-book line 
       was a division of Charlton Publications; published a wide 
       variety of genres, including crime, science fiction, 
       Western, horror, war and romance comics, as well as funny 
       animal and superhero titles; founder John Santangelo, Sr.,
       and Ed Levy; begun under under a different name T.W.O. 
       Charles Company in 1944) 
670    ComicVine webpage, viewed 4/21/2016|b( ... under founders 
       John Santangelo, Sr. & Edward Levy, the company was 
       originally called T.W.O. Charles Company, named for the 
       two sons of the co-founders, both of whom were named 
       Charles. The company renamed itself in 1945.) 
678    Charlton Comics was a family run business out of Derby CT.
       They produced a lot of magazines from the 40s through the 
       60s that printed the lyrics of pop tunes.Since they owned 
       their own printing press, they went into the comics 
       business to keep the presses running around the clock ... 
       Steve Ditko worked there a lot in the late 50s/early 60s 
       when he created Captain Atom. Later on, he returned there 
       after leaving Marvel, where he created The Question and 
       the "new" Blue Beetle. Of course, he turned out a number 
       of great sci-fi, horror and movie monster books there as 
       well. Waaay back in the 50s, he worked on a book called 
       "Tales of the Mysterious Traveller," based on a then 
       defunct radio show! He also worked on the Konga and Gorgo 
       books.|bOther notable artists there included Rocke 
       Masteroserio, who was a truly talented and relatively 
       unsung great in the business, as well as the team of 
       Montes and Bache, who did great war stories and "The 
       Fightin' Five," Nicholas and Alascia, Dick Giordano, who 
       did terrific covers for years, and eventually became 
       editor there, where he created an intriguingly terrific 
       but short lived line of experimental books ... Jim Aparo 
       started there, as did Sam Grainger. Also working there 
       were people like Pete Morisi ("P.A.M.") and the 
       incomparable Sam Glanzman, who did the highly collectible 
       "Jungle Tales of Tarzan" series, "Hercules" "The Iron 
       Corporal," "Devil's Brigade" and the ultimate masterpiece 
       of comic book story telling, "Thje Lonely War of Willy 
       Shulz." Much later on,Joe Staton created E-Man there, 
       which remained his property. Also towards the end were 
       Morisi's "Vengeance Squad," and an assortment of very 
       early John Byrne comics such as "Doomsday + 1" and 
       "Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch".|u