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LEADER 00000cgm  2200000Ka 4500 
001    ocn320909734 
003    OCoLC 
005    20090910160624.0 
007    vd cvaizq 
008    090513s2009    cau499            vaeng d 
024 1  024543589365 
028 42 2258936|b20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 
035    (OCoLC)320909734 
041 1  eng|beng|bfre|bspa|heng 
043    n-us-ri 
049    GPIA 
050 14 PN1992.77|b.F36 2009 
082 04 791.45/75|222 
245 00 Family guy.|nVolume seven /|c20th Century Fox Television ;
       Film Roman Productions ; Fuzzy Door Productions ; Hands 
       Down Entertainment. 
264  1 Beverly Hills, Calif. :|b20th Century Fox Home 
300    3 videodiscs (305 min.) :|bsound, color ;|c4 3/4 in. 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier 
500    Title from container. 
500    Originally broadcast on television during the 2008-2009 
500    Contains 13 episodes from the series. 
500    Special features: All episodes are uncensored audio with 
       broadcast version available; deleted scenes; animatics 
       with commentary; take me out to place tonight. 
500    Special features: Disc 1: "Back to the woods" commentary 
       by executive producers David A. Goodman and Danny Smith, 
       producer, Kara Vallow, writer, Tom Devanney, director 
       Brian Iles and actor Seth Green; "Play it again, Brian" 
       commentary by executive producer David A. Goodman, 
       executive producer/writer Danny Smith, consulting producer
       Tom Devanney, production supervisor Charles Song, director
       John Holmquist and actor Seth Green; "The former life of 
       Brian" commentary by executive producers Seth MacFarlane, 
       David A. Goodman and Danny Smith, director Pete Michels 
       and actor Mike Henry; "Long John Peter" commentary by 
       executive producers David A. Goodman and Danny Smith, 
       consulting producer Tom Devanney, co-producer Kim Fertman,
       director Dominic Polcino and actor Seth Green; "Love 
       blactually" commentary by executive producer Danny Smith, 
       producer Kara Vallow, animation producer Shannon Smith, 
       writer/actor Mike Henry and director Cyndi Tang. 
500    Special features: Disc 2: "I dream of Jesus" commentary by
       executive producer Danny Smith, co-executive producer/
       actor Alec Sulkin, co-producer Kim Fertman, writer Brian 
       Scully and assistant to Seth MacFarlane Spencer Porter; 
       "Road to Germany" commentary by executive producers Seth 
       MacFarlane and Chris Sheridan, writer Patrick Meighan, 
       director Greg Colton and composer Walter Murphy; "Baby not
       on board" commentary by executive producers Chris Sheridan
       and Danny Smith, co-executive producer/writer Mark 
       Hentemann, director Julius Wu and actor Alex Borstein; 
       "The man with two Brians" commentary by executive 
       producers David A. Goodman and Danny Smith, co-executive 
       producer Alec Sulkin, writer/actor John Viener and 
       director Dominic Bianchi; "Tales of a third grade nothing"
       commentary by executive producer Seth MacFarlane, writer 
       Alex Carter, director Jerry Langford, actor Frank Sinatra 
       Jr. and composer Walter Murphy; "Ocean's three and a half"
       commentary by executive producers Chris Sheridan and Danny
       Smith, co-executive producer Mark Hentemann, animation 
       producer Shannon Smith and writer Cherry 
500    Special features: "Family gay" commentary by executive 
       producers Seth MacFarlane and Danny Smith, co-executive 
       producer Mark Hentemann, writer Richard Appel and director
       Brian Iles; "The juice is loose!" commentary. 
500    GMD: videorecording. 
505 00 |gDisc 1:|tBack to the woods /|rproducer, Kara Vallow ; 
       writer, Tom Devanney ; director, Brian Iles ;|g(23 min.) -
       -|tPlay it again, Brian /|rwriter, Danny Smith ; director,
       John Holmquist ;|g(23 min.) --|tThe former life of Brian /
       |rdirector, Pete Michels ;|g(23 min.) --|tLong John Peter 
       /|rco-producer, Kim Fertman ; director, Dominic Polcino ;
       |g(23 min.) --|tLove blacktually /|rproducer, Kara Vallow 
       ; wirter, Mike Henry ; director, Cyndi Tang. 
505 00 |gDisc 2:|tI dream of Jesus /|rco-producer, Kim Fertman ; 
       writer, Brian Scully ;|g(23 min.) --|tRoad to Germany /
       |rwriter, Patrick Meighan ; director, Greg Colton ;|g(23 
       min.) --|tBaby not on board /|rwriter, Mark Hentemann ; 
       director, Julius Wu ;|g(23 min.) --|tThe man with two 
       Brians /|rwriter, John Viener ; director, Dominic Bianchi 
       ;|g(23 min.) --|tTales of a third grade nothing /|rwriter,
       Alex Carter ; director Jerry Langford ;|g(23 min.) --
       |tOcean's three and a half /|rwriter, Cherry 
       Chevapravatdumrong ;|g(23 min.). 
505 00 |gDisc 3:|tFamily gay /|rwriter, Richard Appel ; director,
       Brian Iles ;|g(23 min.) --|tThe juice is loose! ;|g(23 
508    Composer, Walter Murphy. 
511 0  Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila 
       Kunis, Mike Henry, Danny Smith, Patrick Warburton. 
520    The occasionally irreverent misadventures of Rhode Island 
       family, the Griffin's. The household includes parents 
       Peter and Lois, their teenage son Chris and teenage 
       daughter Megan. Brian is the family dog who is smarter 
       than everyone in the house. Mutant baby Stewie makes 
       numerous attemps to eradicate his parents and siblings. 
521    Not rated; contains language not suitable for all ages. 
538    DVD, full screen (1.33:1); Dolby Digital 5.1 surround; 
       NTSC, region 1. 
546    English dialogue, English, French or Spanish subtitles; 
650  0 Families|zRhode Island|vDrama. 
650  0 Married people|zRhode Island|vDrama. 
650  0 Teenagers|zRhode Island|vDrama. 
650  0 Parent and child|zRhode Island|vDrama. 
650  0 Dogs|zRhode Island|vDrama. 
655  7 Television comedies.|2lcgft 
655  7 Video recordings for the hearing impaired.|2lcgft 
655  7 Television series.|2lcgft 
700 1  MacFarlane, Seth,|d1973- 
700 1  Borstein, Alex. 
700 1  Green, Seth,|d1974- 
700 1  Kunis, Mila,|d1983- 
700 1  Henry, Mike. 
700 1  Smith, Danny. 
700 1  Warburton, Patrick. 
700 1  Murphy, Walter,|d1952- 
700 1  Vallow, Kara. 
700 1  Devanney, Tom. 
700 1  Iles, Brian. 
700 1  Holmquist, John. 
700 1  Michels, Pete. 
700 1  Fertman, Kim. 
700 1  Polcino, Dominic. 
700 1  Tang, Cyndi. 
700 1  Scully, Brian. 
700 1  Meighan, Patrick|c(Animation writer) 
700 1  Colton, Greg. 
700 1  Hentemann, Mark. 
700 1  Wu, Julius. 
700 1  Viener, John. 
700 1  Bianchi, Dominic. 
700 1  Carter, Alex,|d1964- 
700 1  Langford, Jerry. 
700 1  Chevapravatdumrong, Cherry. 
700 1  Appel, Richard,|d1963- 
710 2  Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc. 
710 2  Film Roman (Firm) 
710 2  Fuzzy Door Productions (Firm) 
710 2  Hands Down Entertainment (Firm) 
710 2  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc. 
730 0  Family guy (Television program) 
994    02|bGPI 
Location Call No. Status
 East Hartford, Raymond Library - Adult Department  DVD SERIES FAMILY VOLUME 7 DISCS 1-3    DUE 09-17-19 Billed