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LEADER 00000cz   2200337n  4500 
001    n  50047233  
003    DLC 
005    20210116070113.0 
008    800811n| azannaabn          |a aaa       
010    n  50047233 
035    (OCoLC)oca00082320 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dDLC|dGVaS|dInU|dMvI 
046    |f1919-11-08|g2005-08-09|2edtf 
100 1  Klass, Philip J. 
370    Des Moines (Iowa)|bCocoa (Fla.)|cUnited States|eMerritt 
       Island (Fla.)|fWashington (D.C.)|2naf 
372    Aerospace engineering|aJournalism|aUnidentified flying 
373    Iowa State College|2naf|t1941 
373    General Electric Company|2naf|t1952 
373    Aviation Week (Firm)|2naf|s1952|t1986 
374    Aerospace engineers|aJournalists|aUfologists|2lcsh 
375    Males|2lcdgt 
377    eng 
378    |qPhilip Julian 
510 2  |wr|iEmployer:|aGeneral Electric Company 
510 2  |wr|iEmployer:|aAviation Week (Firm) 
670    His UFOs-identified, 1968. 
670    SDI--the technical challenge [MP] 1986:|bcredits 
       (editorial director and interviewer, Philip J. Klass) 
670    NUCMC data from Boston University, Dept. of Special 
       Collections for Philip J. Klass collection, 1968|b(Philip 
       J. Klass; b. 1919) 
670    Washington post WWW site, Aug. 12, 2005|b(in obituary 
       published Aug. 11: Philip J. Klass; b. in Des Moines; d. 
       Aug. 9, Cocoa, Fla., aged 85; aviation journalist who 
       investigated UFO sightings and wrote books debunking 
       reports of visits from outer space) 
670    Information from 678 converted Dec. 17, 2014|b(B.S.) 
670    Wikipedia, viewed March 12, 2020|b(Philip Julian Klass 
       (November 8, 1919-August 9, 2005); American journalist, 
       and UFO researcher; born in Des Moines, Iowa; graduated 
       Iowa State College in 1941 with a Bachelor of Science in 
       electrical engineering; moved to Washington, D.C. in 1952 
       to work for Aviation Week, retiring in 1986; worked for 
       General Electric as an engineer in aviation electronics; 
       1973 Klass was named a fellow of the Institute of 
       Electrical and Electronics Engineers; member of the 
       American Association for the Advancement of Science, the 
       now-defunct Aviation/Space Writers Association, the 
       National Press Club, and the National Aviation Club; died 
       of cancer in Cocoa, Florida, on August 9, 2005, after 
       moving the Merritt Island, Florida, in 2003)|uhttps://