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LEADER 00000nz   2200205n  4500 
001    no2021129044 
003    DLC 
005    20211030064509.0 
008    211029n| azannaabn          |a aaa     c 
010    no2021129044 
035    (OCoLC)oca14094158 
040    ICrlF|beng|erda|cICrlF|dMvI 
100 1  Melville, Joshua 
370    |eLos Angeles (Calif.)|2naf 
372    Crime|aMusic|2lcsh 
374    Authors|2lcsh 
375    Males|2lcdgt 
377    eng 
500 1  |wr|iAlternative identity:|aAvalon, Moses,|d1962- 
670    Melville, Joshua. American time bomb, 2021:|btitle page 
       (Joshua Melville) back dust jacket (Joshua Melville is the
       author of five books, under the pen name Moses Avalon. His
       titles have become recommended reading in over fifty music
       business programs. He lives in Los Angeles, California)