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245 00 Cancer caregiving in the United States :|bresearch, 
       practice, policy /|cRonda C. Talley, Ruth McCorkle, Walter
       F. Baile, editors. 
264  1 New York, NY :|bSpringer,|c[2012] 
264  4 |c©2012 
300    1 online resource. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Caregiving,|x2192-340X 
500    GMD: electronic resource. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tCaring for a Loved One with Cancer: Professional and 
       Family Issues /|rRuth McCorkle, Ronda C. Talley,Walter 
       Baile and Anna-leila Williams --|tDiagnostic Issues: 
       Family Dynamics and Caregiving for an Individual with 
       Cancer /|rDiana J. Wilkie and Stuart J. Farber --|tThe 
       Emotional Responses of Family Caregivers: Living with 
       Cancer and Helping Families Cope /|rRuth McCorkle and 
       Barbara Given --|tThe Impact of Health Disparities on 
       Cancer Caregivers /|rCarol D. Goodheart --|tEducation, 
       Training, and Support Programs for Caregivers of 
       Individuals with Cancer /|rMyra Glajchen --|tWhat 
       Professionals in Healthcare Can Do: Family Caregivers as 
       Members of the Treatment Team /|rWalter F. Baile, Phyddy 
       Tacchi and Joann Aaron --|tCaring for a Loved One with 
       Cancer: Professional and Family Issues /|rRuth McCorkle, 
       Ronda C. Talley and Walter Baile --|tIssues Faced by 
       Family Caregivers in Providing Appropriate Care for Cancer
       Patients with Short-Term/Intermittent Care Needs /|rRobert
       Bergamini and Karrie Cummings Hendrickson --|tIssues in 
       Caregiving for Cancer Patients with Long-Term Care Needs /
       |rBarry J. Jacobs --|tCaregiver End-of-Life Care of the 
       Person with Cancer /|rLodovico Balducci and Sheryl 
       LaCoursiere --|tAdvances in Cancer Care Impacting Familial
       Caregiving /|rVictoria H. Raveis --|tCaregiver Stress: The
       Role of Spirituality in the Lives of Family/Friends and 
       Professional Caregivers of Cancer Patients /|rChristina M.
       Puchalski --|tThe Economics of Cancer Care: Implications 
       for Family Caregivers /|rDee Baldwin --|tLegal Issues in 
       Cancer Caregiving /|rMarilyn Frank-Stromborg and Kenneth 
       R. Burns --|tCancer Caregiving: Policy and Advocacy /
       |rDale L. Kaufman, Ann O'Mara and Christine M. Schrauf --
       |tCaregivers of Patients with Cancer: Ethical Issues /
       |rMartin L. Smith and Mary Elizabeth Paulk --|tCancer and 
       Caregiving: Changed Lives and the Future of Cancer Care /
       |rRonda C. Talley, Ruth McCorkle and Walter F. Baile. 
520 8  Annotation|bDespite advances in detection and treatment, 
       cancer remains a source of pain and distress to patients 
       and of complex challenges to the loved ones caring for 
       them. The trend toward shorter hospital stays in 
       particular has increased the physical, psychological, and 
       financial burden on caregivers, often leading to adverse 
       effects on patients.Cancer Caregiving in the United States
       illuminates these complex concerns with authoritative 
       detail. This wide-ranging volume provides a comprehensive 
       survey of cancer-related issues, including those affecting
       the care triad (patients-family members- professionals) 
       and quality of care as well as the numerous physical, 
       emotional, and financial challenges that caregivers may 
       need to confront. Sources of caregiver difficulty at each 
       stage of the disease, from diagnosis to end of life, are 
       explored. Each chapter analyzes its topic in terms of 
       practice, research, education, and policy,providing a 
       wealth of literature reviews, assessment and care models, 
       interventions, and recommendations for future study and 
       practice. Coverage includes:Caregiving issues for cancer 
       patients with long-term, short-term, and intermittent 
       needs.Family caregivers as members of the treatment 
       team.The impact of health disparities on caregivers.Cancer
       care policy and advocacy.End-of-life issues for cancer 
       caregivers.Legal, financial, and ethical issues. Cancer 
       Caregiving in the United States is a core reference for 
       researchers, professionals/scientist-practitioners, and 
       graduate students in such caregiving fields as clinical 
       psychology, social work, nursing, public health and 
       medicine, social policy, and educational policy. 
650  0 Caregivers|zUnited States. 
650  0 Cancer|xPatients|xCare. 
650  7 HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Cancer|2bisacsh 
650  7 Cancer|xPatients|xCare.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00845414 
650  7 Caregivers.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00847331 
650 12 Caregivers|zUnited States. 
650 22 Neoplasms|xnursing|zUnited States. 
650 22 Patient Care|zUnited States. 
650 22 Public Policy|zUnited States. 
651  7 United States.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204155 
653  0 Medicine. 
653  0 Nursing. 
653  0 Social policy. 
653  0 Social work. 
653  0 Psychology, clinical. 
653  0 Health Psychology. 
653  0 Medicine/Public Health, general. 
653  0 Educational Policy and Politics. 
655  7 Electronic books.|2local 
700 1  Talley, Ronda C. 
700 1  McCorkle, Ruth,|d1941- 
700 1  Baile, Walter F. 
830  0 Caregiving (New York, N.Y.) 
994    01|bSTJ 
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