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245 00 Angles of ascent :|ba Norton anthology of contemporary 
       African American poetry /|cedited by Charles Henry Rowell.
250    First edition 
264  1 New York :|bW.W. Norton & Co.,|c©2013. 
300    liii, 617 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes index. 
504    Includes index. 
505 00 |gPart 1:|tPrecursors --|tModernists, 1940s to 1960s --
       |tGwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000) --|tThe Sundays of Satin-
       Legs Smith --|tRiot --|tBoy breaking glass --|gRobert 
       Hayden (1913-1980) --|tFor a young artist --|tElegies for 
       Paradise Valley --|tA letter from Phillis Wheatley --
       |tMelvin B. Tolson (1898-1966) --|gfrom|tHarlem Gallery --
       |tChi --|tThe 1960s and beyond --|tThe Black arts movement
       --|tAmiri Baraka (1934- ) --|tBlack art --|tIn memory of 
       radio --|tAn agony. as now. --|tA poem for Black hearts --
       |tAM/TRAK --|tMari Evans (1923- ) --|tI am a Black woman -
       -|tNikki Giovanni (1943- ) --|tNikki-Rosa --|tEgo tripping
       (there may be a reason why) --|tBobb Hamilton (1928-1998) 
       --|gPoem to a nigger cop --|tDavid Henderson (1942- ) --
       |tDowntown-boy uptown --|tCalvin C. Hernton (1932-2001) --
       |tThe distant drum --|tHaki Madhubuti (1942- ) --|tBut he 
       was cool, or : he even stopped for green lights --|tLarry 
       Neal (1937-1981) --|tMalcolm X -- an autobiography --
       |tCarolyn Rodgers (1940-2010) --|thow i got ovah --
       |tBreakthrough --|tSonia Sanchez (1934- ) --|tHomecoming -
       -|tMalcolm --|tblk/rhetoric --|tA poem for my father --
       |tPoem no. 3 --|tTowhomitmayconcern --|tA.B. Spellman 
       (1935- ) --|tI looked & saw history caught --|tEdward S. 
       Spriggs (1934- ) --|tFor Brother Malcolm. 
505 80 |tThe 1960s and beyond : outside the Black arts movement -
       -|tGerald Barrax (1933- ) --|tEagle. Tiger. Whale. --
       |tKing : April 4, 1968 --|tLucille Clifton (1936-2010) --
       |tlazarus --|tleda 1,2,3 --|tfar memory --|tJayne Cortez 
       (1936- ) --|tSolo finger solo --|tIn the morning --
       |tMichael S. Harper (1938- ) --|tThe yellow dishes --
       |tYaddo, Mrs. Ames & Black men --|tColiseum pool, 1960 
       (dream) --|tDon't explain : a ballad played by Dexter 
       Gordon --|tJune Jordan (1936-2002) --|tWhat would I do 
       white? --|tCurrent events --|tAdreinne's poem : on the 
       dialectics of the diatonic scale --|tBob Kaufman (1925-
       1986) --|gfrom|tJail poems --|tBattle report --|tI have 
       folded my sorrows --|tWalking Parker home --|tAfrican 
       dream --|tEtheridge Knight (1931-1991) --|tThe violent 
       space (or when your sister sleeps around for money) --
       |tThe idea of ancestry --|tHard rock returns to prison 
       from the hospital for the criminal insane --|tBelly song -
       -|tAudre Lorde (1934-1992) --|tCoal --|tTo my daughter the
       junkie on a train --|tFishing the white water --|tClarence
       Major (1936- ) --|tOn watching a caterpillar become a 
       butterfly --|tThe great horned owl --|tClay Bison in a 
       cave --|tTerritorial claims --|tColleen J. McElroy (1935- 
       ) --|tParis subway tango --|tCrossing the Rubicon at 
       Seventy --|tIshmael Reed (1938- ) --|tI am a cowboy in the
       boat of Ra --|tThe Pope replies to the Ayatollah Khomeini 
       --|tEd Roberson (1939- )|tSit in what city we're in --
       |tEclogue --|tNtozake Shange (1948- ) --|tmy father is a 
       retired magician --|tnappy edges (a cross country sojourn)
       --|tPrimus St. John (1939- ) --|tThe cigar maker --|tTrap 
       a Congo --|tCatch and release --|tLorenzo Thomas (1944-
       2005) --|tOnion bucket --|tDowntown boom --|tAlice Walker 
       (1944- ) --|tRevolutionary Petunias --|tOn stripping bark 
       from myself --|tSherley Anne Williams (1944-1999) --|gfrom
       |tletters from a New England Negro --|tMrs. Josiah Harris 
       / August 25, 1867 --|tMiss Ann Spencer / August 30, 1867 ;
       October 22, 1867 ; November 24, 1867 ; February 15, 1868 -
       -|tAl Young (1939- ) --|tThe song turning back into 
       itself₃ --|tRavel : Bolero --|tA dance for Ma Rainey. 
505 80 |gPart 2:|tHeirs --|tFirst wave, post-1960s --|tAi (1947-
       2010) --|tHoover, Edgar J. --|tConversations --|tThe 
       curious journey of Ulysses Paradeece after a hurricane --
       |tCyrus Cassells (1957- ) --|tSally Hemings to Thomas 
       Jefferson --|tWild Indigo, because --|tThe white iris 
       beautifies me --|tWanda Coleman (1946- ) --|tArs poetica -
       -|tBedtime story --|tAmerican Sonnet (17) --|tAmerican 
       sonnet (54) --|tToi Derricotte (1941- ) --|tHoly cross 
       hospital --|tThe weakness --|tInvisible dreams --|tThe 
       minks --|tMelvine Dixon (1950-1992) --|tClimbing 
       Montmartre --|tParing potatoes --|tTurning forty in the 
       90's --|tHeartbeats --|tRita Dove (1952- ) --|tNestor's 
       bathtub --|tHistory --|tThe fish in the stone --|tDaystar 
       --|tHeroes --|tAmerican smooth --|tHattie McDaniel arrives
       at the coconut grove --|tThe bridgetower --|tCornelius 
       Eady (1954- ) --|tPhoto of Miles Davis at Lennies-on-the-
       Turnpike, 1968 --|tCrows in a strong wind --|tChristopher 
       Gilbert (1949-2007) --|tShe --|tAbsentee landlord --
       |tTouching --|tC.S. Giscombe (1950- ) --|tThe northernmost
       road --|tThe 1200N road, going East --|tJewelle Gomez 
       (1948- ) --|tMy chakabuku mama (a comic tale) --|tEl beso 
       --|tAngela Jackson (1951- ) --|tThe love of travellers 
       (Doris, Sandra and Sheryl) --|tTwo trains --|tIda rewrites
       --|tGayl Jones (1949- ) --|tDeep song --|tFoxes --
       |tComposition with guitar and apples --|tPatricia Spears 
       Jones (1951- ) --|tWearing my red silk Chinese jacket --
       |tThanksgiving --|tYusef Komunyakaa (1947- ) --|tVenus's-
505 80 |tMy father's love letters --|t"You and I are 
       disappearing" --|tFacing it --|tBlue light lounge sutra 
       for the performance poets at Harold Park Hotel --|tLingo -
       -|g[The|tjawbone of an ass. a shank] --|tThe devil comes 
       on horseback --|tRequiem --|tNathaniel Mackey (1947- ) --
       |tSong of the andoumboulou : 16 --|tGlenn on Monk's 
       Mountain --|tSound and severance --|tThylias Moss (1954- )
       --|tThe day before Kindergarten : Taluca, Alabama, 1959 --
       |tTimex remembered --|tOne for all newborns --|tMulberry 
       breath as proof of the wave in form of question --|tThe 
       culture of near miss --|tMe and Bubble went to Memphis --
       |tHarryette Mullen (1953- ) --|tUnspoken --|tAll she wrote
       --|tBlack Nikes --|t[if your complexion is a mess] --|t[Of
       a girl, in white] --|tMarilyn Nelson (1946- ) --|tMama's 
       promise --|tDaughter's, 1900 --|tSecond wave, post-1960s -
       -|tElizabeth Alexander (1962- ) --|tThe Venus hottentot 
       (1825) --|tBoston year --|tThe blue whale --|tThomas 
       Sayers Ellis (1963- ) --|tSticks --|tView-master --
       |tBright moments --|tAll their stanzas look alike --|tMr. 
       Dynamite splits --|tFirst grade, all over again --
       |tGodzilla's avocado --|tForrest Hammer (1956- ) --
       |tLesson --|tIn the middle --|gfrom|tGoldsboro narratives,
       #4, #7, #28 --|tKendra Hamilton (1958- ) --|tThe science 
       of wearing a dress --|tBelle's promenade : Nassau Street, 
       Princeton --|tMyronn Hardy (1972- ) --|tUndertones --|tOn 
       a beach : my life --|tThe headless Saints --|tMaking stars
       with Jacob Lawrence --|tTerrance Hayes (1971- ) --|tWhat I
       am --|tAt Pegasus --|tDerrick poem (the lost world) --
       |tTouch --|tWind in a box --|tMajor Jackson (1968- ) --
       |tDon Pullen at the Zanzibar Blue Jazz Café --|tSome kind 
       of crazy --|gfrom|tUrban renewal :|gviii.|tBlock party ;
       |gxvi. ; xxi. 
505 80 |tHonorée Fanonne Jeffers (1967- ) --|tThe gospel of 
       barbecue --|tFast skirt blues --|tHagar to Sarai --|tThe 
       wife of Lot before the fire --|tA. Van Jordan (1965- ) --
       |tRegina Brown hears voices, kills son week before 
       Christmas, December 18, 1996 --|tfrom --|tThe Flash 
       reverses time --|tBlack light --|gfrom|tthought clouds --
       |tMixed couple, 1908 --|tDiscovering the camera --|tCarl 
       Phillips (1959- ) --|tBlue --|tX --|tLeda, after the swan 
       --|tAs from a quiver of arrows --|tFretwork --|tSpeak low 
       --|tCivilization --|tReginald Shepherd (1963-2008) --
       |tOrpheus plays the Bronx --|tHow people disappear --
       |tSkin trade --|tIcarus on Fire island --|tHomeric interim
       --|tPatricia Smith (1955- ) --|tPrologue -- and then she 
       owns you --|tShe see what it sees --|tUp on the roof --
       |tDon't drink the water --|tSharan Strange (1959- ) --
       |tChildhood --|tFroggy's class --|tLast supper --|tNatasha
       Trethewey (1966- ) --|tFlounder --|tLimen --|tBellocq's 
       Ophelia --|tLetter home --|tElegy for the native guards --
       |tPastoral --|tIncident --|tMyth --|tKevin Young (1970- ) 
       --|tLetters from the North Star --|tEddie Priest's 
       barbershop & notary --|tThe game --|tFor the Confederate 
       dead --|tCrowning --|tThird wave, post-1960s --|tJericho 
       Brown (1976- ) --|tTrack 1 : lush life --|tPrayer of the 
       backhanded --|tTrack 4 : reflections --|tTrack 5 :
       |tSummertime --|tMichael Sibble Collins (1959- ) --|tSix 
       sketches : when a soul breaks --|tPoetry --|tBryan, Texas 
       procession --|tKyle Dargan (1980- ) --|tSearch for Robert 
       Hayden --|tMicrophone fiend --|tPalinode, once removed --
       |tMan of the family --|tCamille T. Dungy (1972- ) --|tWhat
       to eat, and what to drink, and what to leave for poison --
505 80 |tSwarm --|tThe killed rabbit --|tLyrae Van Clief-Stefanon
       (1971- ) --|tGarden --|tLost --|tBop : the North Star --
       |tCrystal Williams (1970- ) --|tThis parable, this body --
       |tExtinction --|tEnlightenment --|tRonaldo Wilson (1970- )
       --|tBrad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, and the Brown Boy's mother --
       |tSerena Williams, whiteness, and the act of writing --
       |tOn the C train the Black object ponders Amuzati's family
       eaten in the Congo. 
520    "This landmark anthology brings together for the first 
       time more than three hundred poems by over seventy African
       American poets, including Gwendolyn Brooks, Robert Hayden,
       Ai, Toi Derricotte, Rita Dove, Elizabeth Alexander, 
       Natasha Tretheway, Major Jackson, and Kevin Young. Angles 
       of Ascent looks to the immediate past of contemporary 
       African American poetry, including the influence of 
       Modernism in the 1950's and the Black Arts Movement of the
       1960's, before turning toward the current thriving 
       literary sceneand beyond. General readers and specialists 
       alike will treasure this collection for its diverse 
       readings of humanity by modern and contemporary African 
       American poets as well as its comprehensive introductions 
       and commentary."--|cProvided by publisher. 
648  0 Geschichte 1940-2010. 
648  7 2000 - 2099|2fast 
650  0 American poetry|xAfrican American authors. 
650  0 American poetry|y21st century. 
650  7 American poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00807348 
650  7 American poetry|xAfrican American authors.|2fast
650 07 Lyrik.|0(DE-588)4036774-5|2gnd 
650 07 Schwarze.|0(DE-588)4116433-7|2gnd 
651  7 United States.|0(DE-588)4078704-7|2gnd 
700 1  Rowell, Charles H. 
914    MID.b22474560 
994    02|bWHP 
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