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100 1  Joachim, Jean C. 
245 10 151 quick ideas for advertising on a shoestring /|cby Jean
246 3  One hundred fifty-one quick ideas for advertising on a 
246 30 Advertising on a shoestring 
260    Franklin Lakes, NJ :|bCareer Press,|c©2008. 
300    189 pages ;|c21 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes index. 
505 00 |g1.|tFind New Products for Current Customers --|g2.
       |tStick to a Budget --|g3.|tConsultants on Commission? --
       |g4.|tOpportunity Budget --|g5.|tDefine Your Unique 
       Selling Proposition --|g6.|tBe the Best You Can Be --|g7.
       |tBig Ideas Mean Big Business --|g8.|tIncrease Payment 
       Options --|g9.|tExchange With Noncompetitive Businesses --
       |g10.|tDonate --|g11.|tGive a Break to Nonprofits --|g12.
       |tEstablish the Lifetime Value of Your Customers --|g13.
       |tMake Lemonade From Lemons --|g14.|tBuild Your Business 
       Carefully --|g15.|tMail Catalogs to Online Buyers --|g16.
       |tYour Cover Is More Than a Pretty Picture --|g17.|tCreate
       a Co-Op Bulletin Board --|g18.|tUse Strong Selling Words 
       for Success --|g19.|tLet Testimonials Sell for You --|g20.
       |tProblem/Solution Formula --|g21.|tNever Forget the 
       "P.S." --|g22.|tMulti-Purpose Brochure --|g23.|tFind Fresh
       Talent --|g24.|tStandard Formats Save Money --|g25.|tCopy 
       Do's and Don'ts --|g26.|tKeep It Personal --|g27.|tDesign 
       Do's and Don'ts --|g28.|tMake Your Banner Ads Rock --|g29.
       |tTurn Your Customer List Into a Database --|g30.|tEnhance
       Your Customer List --|g31.|tContests Grow Lists --|g32.
       |tTest New Offers in Every Mailing --|g33.|tList Exchanges
       Save Money --|g34.|t80/20 Rule --|g35.|tFollow Postal 
       Requirements --|g36.|tNegotiate List Prices --|g37.
       |tPromote Customers Often --|g38.|tMore List Negotiation -
       -|g39.|tCreate Multi-Buyers --|g40.|tRent Lists Carefully 
       --|g41.|tTo Pay or Not to Pay ... Postage --|g42.
       |tDuplicate Names Are Multi-Buyers --|g43.|tDirect Mail 
       for Lead Generation? --|g44.|tSave Money on National Cable
       --|g45.|tSoap Operas Aren't Responsive --|g46.
       |tInfomercials Are Expensive --|g47.|tBest Programming for
       DRTV Success --|g48.|tWhat Are the Best Times to Run DRTV 
       Advertising? --|g49.|tReduce DRTV Budget for Busy Retail 
       Seasons --|g50.|tRun Heavily in Best Seasons --|g51.|tRun-
       of-Station Is Cheapest --|g52.|tDRTV Is Best for 
       Demonstrations --|g53.|tAsk for the Order --|g54.|tNo DRTV
       Time Available --|g55.|tBroad Rotations Get the Best 
       Clearance --|g56.|tConsumer E-mail --|g57.|tBusiness-to-
       Business E-mail --|g58.|tNever Send an E-mail Without an 
       Offer --|g59.|tGetting E-mail Read --|g60.|tE-mail Is Free
       --|g61.|tE-mail Response Is Fast --|g62.|tE-mail 
       Electronic Gift Cards --|g63.|tE-mail Mistakes to Avoid --
       |g64.|tFoolproof Fulfillment --|g65.|tIncrease Your 
       Customers' Lifetime Value --|g66.|tUse Direct Marketing --
       |g67.|tEstablish Your Seasonality --|g68.|tIntegrate Your 
       Marketing, Maintain Your Image --|g69.|tCreate Separate 
       Pages for Internet Ads --|g70.|tHoliday Advertising on the
       Net --|g71.|tMagazine Remnants Save Money --|g72.|tUse of 
       Color in Magazine Ads --|g73.|tSmall Space Ad Units Make a
       Difference --|g74.|tInsert Cards Create Response --|g75.
       |tAre Special Issues Right for You? --|g76.|tTime Your Ads
       for Maximum Impact --|g77.|tUse Magazines to Create a 
       Leadership Program --|g78.|tSplit Testing in Magazines --
       |g79.|tTV Guide Is Great for Testing --|g80.|tHow to 
       Project Early --|g81.|tBingo Cards --|g82.|tSelect the 
       Right Media for Your Business --|g83.|tCreate a Take-One 
       Exchange --|g84.|tMake Money With Package Inserts --|g85.
       |tEvaluate Media Using CPM --|g86.|tAlways Negotiate Rates
       --|g87.|tUse Your Best Media First --|g88.|tStandby Space 
       Can Save You a Bundle --|g89.|tTiming Newspaper Ads Is Key
       --|g90.|tKnow What Days to Run Newspaper Ads --|g91.
       |tTarget by Newspaper Section --|g92.|tTarget by Newspaper
       Columns --|g93.|tShould You Use Color in Newspaper Ads? --
       |g94.|tNewspaper Frequency Discounts Save Money --|g95.
       |tPre-Printed Inserts in Newspapers --|g96.|tCoupon 
       Booklets Have Low Rates --|g97.|tLarger Newspapers Offer 
       More Options --|g98.|tWhat Ad Sizes Are Best? --|g99.
       |tDesign Is Paramount in Small-Space Ads? --|g100.|tKeep 
       Creativity Fresh --|g101.|tHire a Newspaper-Savvy Creative
       Team --|g102.|tOffer Testing: A Way of Life --|g103.|tAll-
       Important Guarantee --|g104.|tKeep Your Product the Star -
       -|g105.|tTry Newsletters-They're Inexpensive --|g106.
       |tVideo Offers Work on TV --|g107.|tSweepstakes and 
       Contests --|g108.|tInstallment Offers Boost Response --
       |g109.|tTailor Offers to Suit Customers --|g110.|tAdd a 
       Sticker for Last Minute Offers --|g111.|tFree Shipping-
       Always a Winning Offer --|g112.|tSend an Offer in an E-
       mail That Is Guaranteed to Be Read --|g113.|tWork With 
       Printer's Format --|g114.|tSaving Paper Saves Money --
       |g115.|tGang Up Printing and Save Big Money --|g116.|tSave
       Money by Folding Instead of Cutting --|g117.|tSamples Make
       Sales --|g118.|tBe Your Own Premium --|g119.|tCross-
       Promotion Saves Money --|g120.|tRide-Alongs Reduce Postage
       Pinch --|g121.|tBack Local Contests and Giveaways --|g122.
       |tNot Great for Direct Response --|g123.|tA.M./P.M. Drives
       for Awareness --|g124.|tBarter for Time to Save Money --
       |g125.|tVanity Phone Number: The Way to Go --|g126.|tTop-
       Notch Customer Service Increases Lifetime Value --|g127.
       |tLoyalty Cards Pay Off --|g128.|tGood Communication 
       Creates Loyalty --|g129.|tUse Research to Reduce Mistakes 
       --|g130.|tRun Contests in Your Store --|g131.|tUse 
       Technology to Drive Store Traffic --|g132.|tUse Your Store
       Window to Showcase Offers --|g133.|tIn-Store Pick-Up 
       Increases Sales --|g134.|tIn-Store Events for Online 
       Customers --|g135.|tUpselling on the Telephone Increases 
       Profit --|g136.|tVoice Messaging Creates Sales --|g137.
       |tKeep Landing Pages Uncluttered --|g138.|tWebsites: 
       Necessities, Not Luxuries --|g139.|tTest Offers on Your 
       Website --|g140.|tCreate Your Own Bulletin Board --|g141.
       |tKeep Your Website Fresh --|g142.|tToo Flashy With Flash 
       --|g143.|tEasy Site Navigation Is the Goal --|g144.|tUse 
       Pop-Ups to Upsell on Your Website --|g145.|tRun Ads for 
       Google --|g146.|tAdvertise With Google --|g147.|tAnalyze 
       Your Web Stats --|g148.|tWeb Success-Trial and Error --
       |g149.|tMake Your Web Content Strong --|g150.|tKeep It 
       Branded and Service-Oriented --|g151.|tCreate Web 
       Stickiness to Create Success. 
520    "Try 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring. This
       invaluable book will give your advertising the lift it 
       needs, at a lower cost. Inside you will learn how to find 
       good customers inexpensively and use superior relationship
       marketing to keep them buying your products. You?ll get 
       ideas in all aspects of advertising, from databases and 
       direct mail to Internet and e-mail. See where you can cut 
       corners, and how to get cheap and even free advertising"--
       Back cover. 
546    English. 
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