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100 1  Hakim, Catherine. 
245 10 Key Issues in Women's Work :|bFemale Diversity and the 
       Polarisation of Women's Employment. 
250    2nd ed. 
264  1 London :|bTaylor and Francis,|c2016. 
300    1 online resource (276 pages). 
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490 1  Contemporary Issues in Public Policy 
505 0  Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Series 
       Editors' Preface; List of Figures; List of Tables; List of
       Cases; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; 1 Explaining 
       Women's Subordination; Key issues in women's employment; 
       Theoretical perspectives; Patriarchy and male dominance: 
       Goldberg; Patriarchy, male organisation and job 
       segregation: Hartmann; Rational choices within families: 
       Becker; Preference theory: Hakim; Feminist debates; A 
       cross-national comparative review; 2 Marginal Employment, 
       Voluntary Work, Unpaid Household Work; Work and employment
       : the conceptual framework. 
505 8  Marginal market workFamily workers; Home-based work; The 
       informal economy; Seasonal and temporary work; Non-
       standard employment; Voluntary work and civic 
       participation; Household work; Reproductive and caring 
       work; Status of the housewife and househusband; 
       Conclusions; 3 Feminisation of the Workforce; The creation
       of a part-time workforce; Part-time workers and secondary 
       earners; Globalisation and the demasculinisation of work; 
       Childcare services and homecare allowances; Do welfare 
       states matter?; Conclusions; 4 Work Values, Work Plans and
       Social Interaction in the Workplace. 
505 8  Attitudes to the sexual division of labourWork-life 
       balance; Work orientations; Work commitment and work 
       centrality; Workplans; Attitudes to authority and male 
       dominance; Social interaction; Do attitudes determine 
       behaviour?; Conclusions; 5 Labour Mobility and Women's 
       Employment Profiles; Changing perspectives; The sources of
       change; The impact of childbirth on employment; Sample 
       selection bias; Movement in and out of the labour force; 
       Continuity of employment over the life cycle: three 
       employment profiles; The implications of intermittent 
       employment; Conclusions. 
505 8  6 Occupational Segregation and the Pay GapJob segregation 
       and labour market segmentation; Vertical job segregation 
       and the pay gap; The impact of equal opportunities laws; 
       Measures of occupational segregation; The new pattern of 
       occupational segregation; Masculine and feminine work 
       cultures; A segregated part-time workforce; Long term 
       trends 1891-1991; The sex differential in earnings; Cross-
       national comparisons; The devaluation of women's work; The
       returns to education; Contextual factors; The glass 
       ceiling and the glass escalator; Conclusions; 7 Social 
       Engineering: The Role of the Law. 
505 8  Four mechanisms of social engineeringThe development of 
       discrimination law; Social science evidence on indirect 
       discrimination; The problem of female heterogeneity; 
       Conclusions; 8 Conclusions: Female Diversity and Workforce
       Polarisation; True lies; Sex and gender; Female 
       heterogeneity; Polarisation within the workforce; Sex 
       differentials; Feminism and public attitude; Rethinking 
       patriarchy and male dominance; Explaining women's 
       subordination; Looking ahead; Bibliography; Author Index; 
       Subject Index. 
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650  0 Women|xEmployment|zGreat Britain. 
650  0 Sex discrimination in employment|zGreat Britain. 
650  0 Sex role in the work environment|zGreat Britain. 
650  0 Labor policy|zGreat Britain. 
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650  7 POLITICAL SCIENCE|xLabor & Industrial Relations.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Labor policy.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00990116 
650  7 Sex discrimination in employment.|2fast
650  7 Sex role in the work environment.|2fast
650  7 Women|xEmployment.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01176715 
651  7 Great Britain.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01204623 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aHakim, Catherine.|tKey Issues in Women's
       Work : Female Diversity and the Polarisation of Women's 
       Employment.|dLondon : Taylor and Francis, ©2016
830  0 Contemporary issues in public policy. 
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