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050 00 LB2806.15|b.S24 2008 
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245 04 The SAGE handbook of curriculum and instruction /|ceditor,
       F. Michael Connelly ; associate editors, Ming Fang He, 
       JoAnn Phillion. 
264  1 Los Angeles :|bSage Publications,|c[2008] 
264  4 |c©2008 
300    xv, 604 pages ;|c27 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 00 |tIntroduction: Planning the Handbook: Practice, Context, 
       and Theory /|rF. Michael Connelly, Ming Fang He, JoAnn 
       Phillion, and Candace Schlein --|gPart I:|tCurriculum in 
       Practice --|tIntroductory Essay /|rIan Westbury --
       |tCurriculum policy and the politics of what should be 
       learned in schools /|rBen Levin --|tCurriculum plannings: 
       content, form, and the politics of accountability /
       |rMichael W. Apple --|tMaking curricula: why do states 
       make curricula, and how? /|rIan Westbury --|tSubject 
       matter: defining and theorizing school subjects /|rZongyi 
       Deng and Allan Luke --|tStructuring curriculum: technical,
       normative, and political considerations /|rKevin G. Welner
       and Jeannie Oakes --|tCurriculum implementation and 
       sustainability /|rMichael Fullan --|tTechnology's role in 
       curriculum and instruction /|rBarbara Means --|gPart II:
       |tCurriculum in Context --|tIntroductory Essay /|rAllan 
       Luke --|tCurriculum and cultural diversity /|rGloria 
       Ladson-Billings and Keffrelyn Brown --|tIdentity, 
       community, and diversity: retheorizing multicultural 
       curriculum for the Postmodern Era /|rSonia Nieto, Patty 
       Bode, Eugenie Kang, and John Raible --|tStudents' 
       experience of school curriculum: the everyday 
       circumstances of granting and withholding assent to learn 
       /|rFrederick Erickson with Rishi Bagrodia, Alison Cook-
       Saither, Manuel Espinoza, Susan Jurow, Jeffrey J. Shultz, 
       and Joe Spencer--|tImmigrant students' experience of 
       curriculum /|rMing Fang He, JoAnn Phillion, Elaine Chan, 
       and Shijing Xu --|tTeaching for diversity: the next big 
       challenge /|rMel Ainscow --|tTeacher education as a 
       bridge? Unpacking curriculum controversies /|rMarilyn 
       Cochran-Smith and Kelly E. Demers --|tCultivating the 
       image of teacher as curriculum makers /|rCheyl J. Craig 
       and Vicki Ross --|tTeachers' experience of curriculum: 
       policy, pedagogy, and situation /|rWilliam Ayers, Therese 
       Quinn, David O. Stovall, and Libby Scheiern --|tIndigenous
       resistance and renewal: from colonizing practices to self-
       determination /|rDonna Deyhle, Karen Swisher, Tracy 
       Stevens, and Ruth Trinidad Galván --|tGlobalization and 
       curriculum /|rKathryn M. Anderson-Levitt  --|tCommunity 
       education in developing countries: the quiet revolution in
       schooling /|rJoseph P. Farrell --|gPart III:|tCurriculum 
       in Theory --|tIntroductory Essay /|rWilliam H. Schubert --
       |tCurriculum inquiry /|rWilliam H. Schubert --|tCurriculum
       policy research /|rEdmund C. Short --|tHidden research in 
       curriculum /|rRobin J. Enns --|tReenvisioning the 
       progressive tradition in curriculum /|rDavid T. Hansen, 
       Rodino Anderson, Jeffrey Frank, and Kiera Nieuwejaar --
       |tWhat the schools teach: a social history of the American
       curriculum since 1950 /|rBarry M. Franklin and Carla C. 
       Johnson --|tCurriculum development in historical 
       perspective /|rJ. Wesley Null --|tCurriculum theory since 
       1950: crisis, reconceptualization, internationalization /
       |rWilliam F. Pinar --|gThe|tlandscape of curriculum and 
       instruction: diversity and continuity /|rF. Michael 
       Connelly and Shijing Xu. 
650  0 Curriculum planning. 
650  0 Education and state. 
700 1  Connelly, F. Michael. 
700 1  He, Ming Fang. 
700 1  Phillion, JoAnn. 
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856 42 |3Publisher description|u
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