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245 00 Women writing Africa.|pWest Africa and the Sahel /|cedited
       by Esi Sutherland-Addy and Aminata Diaw. 
250    First edition. 
264  1 New York :|bFeminist Press at the City University of New 
300    xxxi, 477 pages ;|c23 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  The Women writing Africa project ;|vv. 2 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 71-83) and 
505 00 |tRitual and ceremonial words --|tOya, or the wind behind 
       the lightning /|rEde Court Historians --|tPraise poem for 
       Osun /|rOlorisa Osun --|tMaïéto, or the battle of the 
       sexes /|rBéatrice Djedja --|tThe plump woman's song /
       |rCommunal --|tMarriage song cycles --|tDyula songs /
       |rYoung women of Kong --|tHausa songs /|rCommunal --|tShe 
       who destroys her harp /|rDior Konate --|tArrival of the 
       new bride --|tXaxar, or satirical song /|rCommunal --
       |tWelcoming the bride /|rCommunal --|tCelebrating birth --
       |tWhere is it from /|rCommunal --|tIf not for childbirth /
       |rCommunal --|tKanyeleng, or childless /|rBinita Bojang --
       |tLamentations --|tNyaako /|rAfua Siaa (Fofie) --|tWe 
       offer you condolences /|rManhyia Tete Nwonkoro Group --
       |tDry your tears, little orphan doe /|rCommunal --|tNtam, 
       an oath /|rNanahemmaa Toaa Ampofo Tua III --|tThirteenth 
       century to 1916: the age of African empires --|tTwo songs 
       for Sunjata /|rCommunal --|tElegy for Inikpi /|rCommunal -
       -|tLetter of petition /|rMadalena Van Poppos --|tPoems /
       |rNana Asma'u --|tGive us victory --|tBe sure of God's 
       truth --|tElegy for Zaharatu --|tMakori, or the triumph of
       slaves /|rNditi Ba --|tThe warring hosts /|rOla Bentsir 
       Adzewa group --|tLetter from a former slave /|rMalinda Rex
       --|tLetters of Queen Victoria's wards --|tLetters of Sarah
       Forbes Bonetta --|tLetters of Victoria Davies --|tLetter 
       from the women of Senehun /|rMame Yoko and others --|tTwo 
       letters to the editor /|rAnonymous --|tLullabies and songs
       of young women --|tLullabies --|tAyo, my baby /|rSamba Tew
       Sew --|tLullaby /|rCommunal --|tHindatou /|rMaman Ibrah 
       Hinda --|tWho did my baby wrong /|rMiriam Gaye --|tI'd 
       like to stay /|rCommunal --|tAn old man /|rCommunal --
       |tCarry on and have fun /|rCommunal --|tCircle songs --
       |tEven if you beat me /|rCommunal --|tI will buy you a 
       shirt /|rCommunal --|tMaidens in a group /|rCommunal -- 
505 00 |t1916 to 1970: the rise of nationalism --|tA mother's 
       plea: two letters /|rN'della Sey --|tAnit-colonial songs /
       |rWomen of Passoré and Ladre --|tThe white man has come --
       |tBamko --|tPoko --|tA petition /|rHouleye Diop --|tThe 
       Aba women's war --|rNwanyeruwa --|tSatire from the 
       "Women's corner" --|tTo Miss Bridget Thomas /|rYaa 
       Ampongah --|tStupefied /|rOdarley Koshie --|tWhat we women
       can do /|rEfwa Kato --|tChampion of twins /|rElizabeth 
       Mgbeke Ezumah --|tMy little country /|rMariama Bâ --
       |tNothing so sweet /|rP.A. Itayemi Ogundipe --|tThe march 
       on Grand Bassam --|tThat is how the women woke up /|rAnne-
       Marie Raggi --|tMy name is Lucie Traoré /|rLucie Traoré 
       Kaboré --|tFrom the "Women's column" /|rMabel Dove-Danquah
       and others --|tThe blackman's burden /|rAdjua Mensah --
       |tAn ode /|rAkua Amaku --|tI have tamed my wife /|rAkosua 
       Dzatsui|g(pseud. for Mabel Dove-Danquah) --|tMother and 
       daughter --|tProfile of Gladys /|rAdelaide Casely-Hayford 
       --|tAfrican schoolgirls' song /|rGladys Caseley-Hayford --
       |tNew life /|rEfua Sutherland --|tThe roadmakers --
       |tForiwa --|tWe women of the Upper Volta /|rCelestine 
       Ouezzin Coulibaly --|tOn widowhood /|rKate Abbam --|tWe 
       were with you, dedicated to Ethel Kennedy --|tWe shall 
       overcome --|tChristianity and widowhood rites --|tMayor of
       Freetown /|rConstance Agatha Cummings-John --
       |tAffirmations and remembrances /|rOlufunmilayo Ransome-
       Kuti --|tThe status of women in Nigeria --
       |tAutobiographical notes --|tThe causes for revolt 
       remembered --|tWork songs --|tGreetings and Praise --|tYou
       of the house /|rCommunal|tOne single measure /|rCommunal -
       -|tInvocation at milking /|rCommunal --|tPraise song /
       |rZebuglo of Loho --|tSongs of migration --|tThe beauty of
       Kumasi /|rCommunal --|tThese west-coasters are liars /
       |rCommunal --|tThe non-migrant's song /|rCommunal --
       |tSongs of insult --|tTabardé, or blanket making /
       |rCommunal --|tThe sisters-in-law Diedhiou /|rCommunal --
       |tSeybata, or my backside, insult her /|rCommunal -- 
505 00 |tThe 1970s and 1980s: negotiating new social identities -
       -|tTanofia /|rSelma Al-Hassan --|tThe traveller /|rFlora 
       Nwapa --|tTwo poems /|rAdja Khady Diop --|tThe work of 
       Senegalese women --|tThe year we looked up at the balloon 
       --|tConversation with midwife Sokona Diaoune /|rAoua Keita
       --|tRural poems --|tTribute to Yaxa Ma Jam women /|rKhadi 
       Diop --|tEmigration terrifies me /|rNdeye Seck --|tA 
       necessary evil /|rBuchi Emecheta --|tTwo songs /
       |rDaughters of Divine Love --|tHow the Daughters of Divine
       Love congregation started in the year 1969 --|tWe love you,
       Jesus --|tAllah is the light in the darkness /|rHadjia 
       Coge --|tJesus of the deep forest /|rAfua Kuma --|tListen 
       to me, child of a Griot /|rToelo --|tLove poems for the 
       Sultan /|rShaïda Zarumey --|tIncense --|tTaka --|tNawa's 
       lament /|rNawa Kulibali --|tPresident Doe's prisoner /
       |rEllen Johnson-Sirleaf --|tSongs and tales of social 
       negotiation --|tThe man who dug up yams /|rNyano Bamana --
       |tName poems /|rCommunal --|tHasan --|tSîta --|tEyidi, or 
       naming /|rCommunal --|tRecitatives for drum and dancers --
       |tPlay for me, drummer man /|rSadi Habi --|tTaasu /
       |rMarame Seye --|tThe gazelle /|rCommunal --|tTypes of 
       wives and husbands /|rSalle-ka-ma-kani --|tFive types of 
       wives --|tThree types of husbands --|tThe poor orphan: a 
       folktale /|rNana Yaa Tiakaa --|tBodies and babies: three 
       songs --|tThe torments of labor /|rCommunal --|tI have 
       hope /|rCommunal --|tDid you say I am old /|rKunak Bonat -
       -|tI am not a cow /|rBohintu Kulibali -- 
505 00 |tThe 1990s and the new century --|tEclectic connections /
       |rWerewere Liking --|tInterview --|tFrom Singuè Mura, or 
       given that a woman --|tA decent woman /|rBernadette Dao 
       Sanou --|tSpeaking as a woman /|rAma Ata Aidoo --|tThe 
       African woman today --|tA young woman's voice doesn't 
       break, it gets firmer --|tThe ugliest girl in the kingdom 
       /|rDeborah Nazi-Boni --|tA trader caught in ethnic 
       violence /|rAfua Kobi --|tRussians under Accra /|rAmma 
       Darko --|tRegrets for Rwanda --|tFrom There is no suitable
       word /|rTanella Boni --|tWhere to find the proper word --
       |tSilence came reluctantly --|tThousands of specks of dust
       we were --|tFrom The shadow of Imana /|rVéronique Tadjo --
       |tThe story of Cansolata --|tAnastasio and Anastasia --
       |tKapro, the royal gift /|rNana Adwoa Anokyewaa --|tThe 
       importance of work /|rAdja Dior Diop --|tTeaching the 
       Qur'an /|rAdja Mariama Niasse --|tA Wassoulou singer /
       |rOumou Sangare --|tA perfect wife /|rAnna Dao --|tChild 
       soldiering /|rIsatou Alwar Cham-Graham --|tThe hunger 
       project award speech /|rNagbila Aisseta --|tEn route to 
       the twenty first century /|rMariama Ndoye --|tAfrica is 
       not poor: an interview with Debra S. Boyd /|rAminata 
650  0 West African literature|xWomen authors. 
650  0 Folk literature, African. 
650  0 Oral tradition|zAfrica, West. 
650  0 Women|zAfrica, West|vLiterary collections. 
650  0 Women|zAfrica, West|xHistory|vSources. 
651  0 Africa, West|vLiterary collections. 
651  0 Africa, West|xHistory|vSources. 
700 1  Sutherland-Addy, Esi. 
700 1  Diaw, Aminata. 
830  0 Women writing Africa project ;|vv. 2. 
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