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Stem Cells -- See Also Stem Cell Research

Experimentation on STEM CELLS and on the use of stem cells.
2 Stem Cells   6
3 Stem Cells Cytology California : Bellomo, Michael.  2006 1
4 Stem Cells Cytology United States : Bellomo, Michael.  2006 1

Stem Cells Embryonic -- See Embryonic Stem Cells

Cells derived from the BLASTOCYST INNER CELL MASS which forms before implantation in the uterine wall. They retain the ability to divide, proliferate and provide progenitor cells that can differentiate into specialized cells.
6 Stem Cells Popular Works   2

Stem Cells Transplantation -- See Stem Cell Transplantation

The transfer of STEM CELLS from one individual to another within the same species (TRANSPLANTATION, HOMOLOGOUS) or between species (XENOTRANSPLANTATION), or transfer within the same individual (TRANSPLANTATION, AUTOLOGOUS). The source and location of the stem cells determines their potency or pluripotency to differentiate into various cell types.
8 Stem Cells United States   4
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