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Dial Painters Watch -- See Watch dial painters

Dial Roman Travel Costa Rica Parque Nacional Corcovado : Dial, Roman,  2020 1
Dial Thornton 1928 : Russell, Charles,  2011 1

Dialect Coaches -- See Dialogue coaches

Your entry Dialect drama would be here -- Search as Words

Dialect Geography -- See Linguistic geography

--subdivisions Dialects and Maps under names of languages; also subdivision Languages--Maps under names of countries, regions, etc.

Dialect Literature -- See Also the narrower term Dialect drama


Dialect Literature American -- See Also English language Dialects United States

Dialect Literature American   2
Dialect Literature English : Dapping, William O.  2016 1
Dialect Literature English United States : Dapping, William O.  2016 1

Dialect Poems -- See Dialect poetry

Poems that incorporate the speech patterns of a particular region or social group.
Dialect Poetry : Barnes, William,  2011 1
Dialect Poetry English England Dorset : Barnes, William,  2011 1
Dialect Poetry Scottish   2
Dialecte : Green, Lisa J.,  2002 1
Dialecten   2
Dialectes Chinois Langue Phonologie   1997 1
Dialectes Kannada Langue Inde Nilgiri Monts Dictionnaires : Hockings, Paul.  1992 1
Dialectes Tibetain Langue Chine Lhassa : Denwood, Philip.  1999 1
Dialectes Urbains Varsovie Pologne : Wittlin, Tadeusz.  1990 1
  Dialectic -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Dialectic   5
Dialectic Early Works To 1800 : Plato.  1997 1
Dialectic History : Davis, Walter A.  1989 1

Dialectic Logic -- See Logic

Here are entered works on logic in general, deductive logic, and deductive and inductive logic combined. Works on inductive logic are entered under Induction (Logic).

Dialectic Religion -- See Dialectical theology

Dialectical Behavior Therapy   27
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Handbooks Manuals Etc   2
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Juvenile Literature   3
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Popular Works   5
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Problems Exercises Etc   2

Dialectical Materialism -- See Also the narrower term Historical materialism

Here are entered works on the Marxian theory of human history. Works on the writing of history from a historical materialist point of view are entered under Marxian historiography.
Dialectical Materialism   10
Dialectical Theology   2
Dialectiek   2
Dialectisch Materialisme : Womack, Brantly,  1982 1
  Dialectology -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Dialectology   3
Dialectology Arabic Language   2013 1
Dialectology Spanish Language   2
Dialectos Espanol Espana : Navarro Carrasco, Ana Isabel.  1998 1
Dialectos Espanol Mapas : Navarro Carrasco, Ana Isabel.  1998 1

Dialects -- See Dialectology

--subdivision Dialectology under names of languages and groups of languages, e.g. English language--Dialectology
Dialects Arabic Language   5
Dialects Arabic Language Africa North   2013 1
Dialects Arabic Language Audio Visual Aids   4
Dialects Arabic Language Egypt   9
Dialects Arabic Language Egypt Audio Visual Aids   3
Dialects Arabic Language Egypt Self Instruction   5
Dialects Arabic Language Egypt Sinai   2
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