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Mark   Year Entries
Aztec Art   5
Aztec Astrology : Moctezuma, Hipólito.  2010 1
Aztec Calendar   2

Aztec Cookery -- See Aztec cooking

Your entry Aztec cooking would be here -- Search as Words
Aztec Cosmology   2
Aztec Cosmology Fiction   2
Aztec Cosmology Juvenile Fiction : Forbes, Lani,  2022 1

Aztec Drama -- See Nahuatl drama


Aztec Goddesses -- See Also the narrower term Mictecacihuatl (Aztec deity)

Aztec Gods   2
Aztec Gods Comic Books Strips Etc   2
Aztec Gods Fiction   5
Aztec Gods Juvenile Fiction : Camper, Cathy,  2016 1
Aztec Goldwork Juvenile Fiction : Hunt, Elizabeth Singer.  2008 1

Aztec Hieroglyphics -- See Nahuatl language Writing

Aztec Human Alien Encounters New Mexico : Ramsey, Scott,  2016 1

Aztec Indians -- See Aztecs


Aztec Language -- See Nahuatl language


Aztec Literature -- See Nahuatl literature


Aztec Mythology -- See Also the narrower term Aztlán

Here are entered works on the mythical or prehistoric homelands of the Aztecs, generally considered to be located in northern Mexico or those parts of the Southwestern United States that were historically owned by Mexico. The term is also used as a symbol of the ethnic identity and political consciousness of Mexican-Americans.
Aztec Mythology   12
Aztec Mythology Dictionaries : Miller, Mary Ellen.  1997 1
Aztec Mythology Fiction   4
Aztec Mythology In Literature : Bowles, David  2016 1
Aztec Mythology Juvenile Fiction : Forbes, Lani,  2022 1
Aztec Mythology Juvenile Films   2021 1
Aztec Mythology Juvenile Literature   15
Aztec Painting : Gruzinski, Serge.  1992 1
Aztec Philosophy : León Portilla, Miguel.  1963 1

Aztec Poetry -- See Nahuatl poetry

Aztec Ruins National Monument N M   2019 1

Aztec Ruins Site N M -- See Aztec Ruins National Monument (N.M.)

Aztec Unidentified Flying Objects Sightings And Encounters New Mexico : Ramsey, Scott,  2016 1
Aztec Women Biography Juvenile Literature : Serrano, Francisco,  2012 1
Aztec Women Fiction   2

Azteca Indians -- See Aztecs


Aztecan Indians -- See Aztecs

Aztecas Historia   2
Aztecas Historia Militar : Ortiz, Enrique  2021 1
Aztecas Literatura Juvenil : Baquedano, Elizabeth.  2004 1
Aztecas Politica Y Gobierno : Guadarrama Collado, Sofía,  2015 1
Aztecas Religion Y Mitologia   1984 1

Aztecs -- See Also the narrower term Urban Aztecs

Here are entered general works on Aztecs living in urban areas. This heading may be divided geographically by names of individual regions, countries, states, etc. Works on Aztecs living in individual cities, city regions, or metropolitan areas are entered under the heading Aztecs with the appropriate geographic subdivision.
Aztecs   112
Aztecs Antiquities   17
Aztecs Antiquities Exhibitions   2008 1
Aztecs Antiquities Fiction   5
Aztecs Antiquities Juvenile Fiction   3
Aztecs Antiquities Juvenile Literature   3

Aztecs Architecture -- See Aztec architecture

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